You got a couple of attorneys sharing the court here against each other and we are underway as kovalova gets it started so you got right in kovalova in the near Court Kohler and coop in the far Court and right down the Boulevard by Kohler just forced to sign out in his championship Sunday by the way which means these matches at least three are.

All going to be best three out of five not the traditional two out of three like they've played the rest of the tournament and the singles matches today will however be two out of three foreign Coupe going back and forth Lucy hits it long middle at Nationals in Indian Wells last week.

right tries to go for the back can and Kohler may be a little bit more than right but right we'll also throw one up now and again they also throw one down now and again yeah he'd much rather hit that than one of his uh patented lobs but uh we'll definitely see those we.

Definitely know that sun is a factor earlier in the day too it'll be in the there it is like two that she's staring right into the sun foreign injects himself into the action and then finishes It Off.

So this this little I'm gonna get there before you AJ in these cross courts to the side out foreign Lucy on opposite sides that Coupe finally hits it into the net so you saw the map right just like a Wallenda brother on the tightrope but the circus going across there and then.

Andrew Coop saw Lucy in front of her she fired away just didn't finish flying with lenders it's all about picking the right spot to speed it up that was not a good choice in the last point that one was all speed up yeah so we know once it gets settled down it's going to be cross-court.

Dinking from the ladies but if we never get bring the heat right is certainly bringing the heat Kohler puts it right at the feet of kovalova so Matt hasn't seen a forehand he can't drive and that was a millimeter too low off the tape.

AJ says thank you very much indeed Matt hits it wide and that shows you how to turn the opportunity Zone yeah the third did not bounce so that's gonna put you on defense from the get-go the ATP on a coop as a player those are your favorite because when they come off the tape they keep sliding wide in that and that's.

What we got you know the jury did not decide in the favor of the attorney that time the attorney that hit the ATP however yeah advised to try to get out of the way of that one that one looked like it might have been going out a lot of a lot of pace from kovaleva and then right he's gonna jump in there.

I bet you'll see coopco behind him at some point here church and the fire fight finally won by Kohler yeah he's got this unique grip that he can hit down like five one off the tape Kohler catches up to it oh you're here AJ say get in and it obliges so the dur is listening to uh Mr.

Kohler here that was a nice try by kovalova to keep him on life the whole point ends up winning it seven five Cooper Kohler with this modest lead for Beach Dave is there any advantage or disadvantage to being the first match of the day on Championship Court from a nurse perspective I would love.

I'd like 672 chance to draw even here for kovalovan right and it won't happen on that exchange here you see Coop on this next ball goes down the line to catch Matt Rice adjustment there for coop nice job getting out of the way for Kohler to take that too and you know.

That they're not looking like a team that is playing their first tournament ever together and the way that they've played this week in Newport Beach oh the Ernie and the back can't finish beautifully executed by Kohler so if you're falling away and you have your head down and then you watch with the paddle and he.

Goes instead of having the grip that would take it cross-court great read by Kohler there oh works the angle on that one nothing Matt Wright could do and a little finger wag at the end there okay AJ here it comes yeah and the lead for Coop and Kohler just second sir.

Well we've seen Matt Staying Alive 10-6-2 foreign Seven Ten one and Kohler finally puts it at the feet of kovalova.

Ball right there that makes mix because if you stick this great play by Kohler foreign right stuck on the Baseline finally do get up there to the kitchen and kovalova hits it long so that's good.

Has been solid on those cross-court tanks they force another side out start counting those in your head and you start getting nervous so let's see if they can get the ball back here that's been effective.

nice dig there by Coop and then it's hit out of bounds but that was all set up because he's got to make that at that point can't believe he missed it so game point number five game one we'll go A Difference Maker here in game number two they changed sides of the court and.

We are underway in game two all right let's that disguise what that looks like that's in his head early that's a great ball from Coop by the way we saw that challenge when it was 4-3 texted me to clarify he said a player does have a right to challenge their own call as a way to remove doubt if the call stands.

Though they lose the timeout so as we can even close to the line but he wanted to check maybe he wanted a quick breather as well and right with the back can't the feet of Kohler one zero two.

And then that time Kohler with the fat can down the boulevard again AJ brilliantly there great start for the eighth seed s oh right Miss fires begging to be crushed have been missed by right here one in game one and that.

One right there so four nothing Coop and Kohler Kohler twice in a row foreign right on the board two four one I want to force the second server down I'm ready.

Go how about the power on that one from Full extension to whip that forehand it is heavy and well struck there there's another one of those you alluded to what we saw yesterday this is a ball coming up here that a lot of people would have hit with a forehand right here either 18 or 19 when he was first.

Starting had just moved to Vegas for work and took it up at that time position I need to go behind him but the pace of the ball and the threat of that movement forces an error by right and the lead grows to 7-3 more precise placement of the ball from his partner Lucy kovalevo let's see if they can do that on the Timeout on the.

Other side Kohler taking everything right now quality of the third shots are making them have to defend as the receiving team that's a problem that'll take us to game point right just have not looked in sync you're gonna stop there though reluctantly has to take that one out.

310 it's a big hill to climb gotta get it one step at a time here and right able to put that one away Coop couldn't get her paddle up in time yeah Kohler chooses to attack Cross Court right into foreign.

not an easy shot it was open but you got to keep it inside the sideline well done yeah uh Kohler returns favor he Paints the sideline it's the stink coming up from kovalova that's too high so.

Great job by Coop to catch up with that and the point stays alive and Lucy catches up to one off the net Kohler finally ends The Exchange it's a lot of Roars like we're at a fireworks show in the ball and we are underway in game number three kovalova in rights are hanging on by a thread here.

As they try to see if they can turn things around and they two hit a clean winner down the line on the backhand side of Matt Wright that time he was ready kovalovan Coupe both keeping their male counterparts out of the exchange right now Kohler though how about the Finesse on that backhand.

So I love the play there and Matt thinks oh he's gonna come middle oh no he's not a doodle Right Down the Line flicking the wrists that great ball right at his feet really tough place to defend thank you and now right adds the point on to make it a two-point.

Advantage by Matt right of the attack from Kohler didn't try to do too much block it beautifully Wright couldn't catch up to that one Kohler's reach unable to do that there that's the Precision they're gonna have to have Coop goes right at Matt Wright and then.

The return was way too high so Kohler easily dispenses of it very unfortunate events for them foreign ER able to finish things off yeah that's tremendous defense on that ball right there because at the right like that and the pros Don't Panic right they're.

Looking at it and saying what can I do with this foreign there from Kohler yeah that's one of those where Coop left a dink up but you see how far back kovalova was she didn't hold her position online opportunity loss there for Wright and.

Kovaleva trip to that one and now right adds to the lead in the budget because you want to be that menacing presence in the middle two four one how about the long outstretched arm there of Kohler.

And again the fourth balls have put kovaleva in right in trouble that ball is way too high Kohler doesn't take it it's right there in the backhand wheelhouse for coop for sure that's why you got to put that ball on the ground and make it bounce right soberheads well defended.

Yeah it's frenetic points you're like I'm gonna finish this with a ridiculous angle unable to connect four four here in game three and Lucy friend on these last couple right side and not much I'm ahead in the point I need to do more of that.

I'm going to flip up on the lob by Kohler and then puts it away and another ball skids off the net here and that creates that problem she'll take more of those kitchen coach got quick hands but they weren't quick.

Enough that time no and there's an eye formation there in the middle of that where I don't think fourth ball from kovalova yeah second third and back in front for kovalovar actually isn't quite set.

Six five two caller had a thought for an Ernie nope and he misses he tries to paint it on below his knees just missed it wide nice backhand by Lucy from aware perspective to the one that was just being used.

Foreign Lucy trying to get out of the way and couldn't caught her in the face maybe hit her like that and you just gotta get back in it here nice job by Coop to keep the point alive and A better jump by Matt Wright to exploit the opportunity with them both.

Back such a smart shot and he disguised it that was the big and defended his partner's honor there too got the ball back without any more points a little missed Direction by Coop but right catches up right at kovalova.

And right in kovalova a mid-level stare down there he's got many more levels of that to come puts that one away and Matt's starting to feel it a little bit it's a great read you saw before that ball left coops PPA tournament she does have one bronze to her PPA career this tournament last year was the first.

Time when Matt and Lucy B Penn and Simone said Defender foreign ly patient right now Coop finally speeds it up.

And the flip up pie ing a little bit too quick for Kohler that oh yeah and now a point away from finishing off this third game yep we're nearing jet doesn't get over the decision not to.

Take the challenge which they would have lost they had a timeout and they they got a Miss on a game point we'll see if that's really a factor here well they get a point here to make it a 10. girl yeah nice work out of Kohler and Coop back on that Baseline.

And then the tape not the fall for sure and he said I lost it but the ball hit the line and we played on wow foreign ER comes in with the back can to change things up brown wants him to get there.

Where's you kidding me with the left hand at game point down watch this Insanity winner from Coop come on makes it game point number three at 1092 all right and there it is kovalova and right Coop and Kohler but you feel like momentum for kovalova and.

Wright is something that might be able to be continued here Lucy tries to get out of the way that one does get out of the way of that one and it ends up being the wrong decision yeah she had a two-nothing lead here now just smiling like the teacher said the homework doesn't do today.

AJ gets out of the way copyright polar and Cooper staring into the Sun so these are more difficult overheads but they're handling them well and they get to serve back and now Matt right up in the decibel level it's a good job by kovaleva that she wanted to do so good job by Kohler being.

A menace wow well placed shot there by Lucy saw purpose and that's a yes from Matt so one note AJ catches the line yeah Matt Wright was looking at Lucy like can this possibly please be wide but no right absolutely.

He's one of the Masters foreign that gives up the advantage he got from throwing up the perfect LOB ster foreign.

Really wanted to get in there but she kept them out for the most part not that time the safer place than that one oh it was probably gonna go out but Matt couldn't get out of the way I think he moved into the flight path here foreign.

To the right Global over and right they got to make some noise here wasn't he just on the side that was like a reverse turn yes that's what do you call that one Ah that's he's running across that that's a big ornery for sure oh no and now you saw the hands up in the air Matt looking back at Lucy here.

And it's still on the first server by the way so it's eight three one make it 9-3-1 and again this ball travels a little too far and it gives do not take place the recovery from Andrea poop on the ball she had to hit right there inside out and safe just ridiculous takes us to.

Champions 10-3-2 foreign a lot better about it nice ATP but followed by an HTP and an even better defense fight because Matt Wright did the right AJ Kohler brings it all the way back where.

Right vacated that's really well done by Kohler oh totally not well done by Cole away from the ball for just a second so will they have to take a timeout which they really don't want to do here four straight points here for kovalovan.

Right make it five straight it tend to put the side out out of the timeout champions for Point number two will not bear fruit it's good way too high from Kohler on the third so Matt is an Easy Pickins we'll play on.

That 11th Point always the most elusive and Matt Wright knew it not a place where he needs to jump in Coop's just fine in that Exchange 9 10 trying to draw even kovalova.

It does not land in one there it is Andrea Coop and AJ
AJ Koller / Andrea Koop VS Matt Wright / Lucy Kovalova – Pickleball Mixed Doubles Finals Newport Beach Tournament West Diamond Regional Full Match Game Highlights – Held in Newport Beach Pickleball Club, California – Gold Medal Pro Pickleball Match

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