Thank you it doesn't matter right okay 2019 thank you okay.

thank you today pretty good that's the way the way.

Um unbelievable foreign.

drops going back is here warming up for them everything thank you.

All right yeah okay zero let's go three zero.

Four zero stretch it out um.

pretty good thank you that looks way more distracting.

Thank you I hate this joke thank you I just need everybody.

How come the other side's all crowded in the middle and we're not allowed to do that that's what I said earlier well there's power in numbers we just take the court what can I do earlier things.

Yeah another time anything easy.

Thank you it's nice here all right.

All right not a problem all right.

seven five thank you thank you I'm 14.

Foreign close friends.

thank you um yeah thank you.

normal ity thank you.

Thank you time for the first argument that was it that was it you got it all right yeah it was fast the ref can't overrule I was alive that was lying that was lying.

I was lying man um where's my keys.

foreign all right.

no no one minute thank you 19 19 average.

Questions five nights we're coming back three years yeah yeah amazing.

Thank you thank you
Plantation Pickleball 2023 with Andre Agassi, Michael Chang, John McEnroe.