In this video we're basically talking about the partner who's not the one hitting the third shot drop now of course there's Nuance to this so let's talk about it you do want to get to the kitchen line because you're more dangerous when you're there but how and when you get there is what we're talking about here so after your partner hits.

Their third shot remember these three words turn watch decide number one turn turn your head to get vision of your partner shots number two is watch you should turn and watch your partner hit you want to give your brain a time to process what's about to happen next which is going to lead to a veterans number three decision or decide do you a.

Run the kitchen line which you would if your partner hits a grade third or it's rising for a shaking big opportunity B do you stay where you are and this would be when it's not a perfect third but it's not super high so you feel confident defending in that mid-core transition area before moving to the kitchen which is fine or C do you move.

Back to the Baseline if your partner hits a really high third I'd recommend you move back then get balanced to give yourself a better chance to reset and recover now the reality is you're not going to hit a perfect third or drive every time so it's okay to be patient getting to the kitchen if patience is what's required but if you can get there.

Quickly do that I do think you should do what John Wooden once said be quick but don't hurry