Anthony davis i'm kyle kuzuda we're about to get this underway good to see uh emily and ben john's playing again we got to watch one earlier today interesting to see what uh callie and aj can do you can bring to this match.

Net cord ball does land on the line hate to see that happen but um still a good shot still counts for a full point i gotta be honest with you i kind of like what happens when i'm one hitting it and that's true from from aj kohler's position there you might not like it yeah.

So uh kohler and smith able to zero one in their previous match beat arena tereshinko and chuck taylor 11 11 5 that's how they got here um as we know our last match the uh ben johns and annaleigh three zero one rachel redker.

And alex newman 6 11 6 11 1. so this should be a good match for two great teams two top top level teams point time out receivers four zero one so good at playing on their own terms.

And opposing their will um it's very difficult to deal with them i have no doubts that callie smith um and aj kohler will will find a way to make this match very competitive so yeah i called the wrong score we did get a wrong scores call there but the referees are gonna fix that and uh.

We'll replay that point no harm no foul four zero one high third there thank you puts it away four zero two four zero two does not pay off but i like to see emily make that move and.

Pose her two-handed um on her ponies oh another another let cord from annalee to kohler he uh he's starting to get a little bit annoyed with that now but i think we know it's underneath that smile some frustration kelly smith's third shot drive does not make it over the net and that will earn.

4-0 just relentlessly attacking off the ground really really not afraid to pull the trigger five zero one.

Second sir yeah we will see really contrasting styles uh in a lot of ways six year old waters in the way leaves just playing the previous match where at least jones would often reset that ball typically re-attacking every ball uh yeah that last attack must have clipped aj as it set out i just i didn't.

See it clutch his battle but uh i guess it did and and once again um dana lee relentlessly attacking it to the body 001. we're on a little tearaway here 701 i'd be surprised if we don't see a timeout soon here to stop the bleeding what a counter from anna lee that was.

That was pretty good i think i think she kind of bailed john's out there he went for one attack right at the middle that they read well great exchange here off the net wow and elites steps in takes the overhead away from ben johns puts the ball away she says why do i even need.

Ben johns i'm the number one player in the world please relinquish my court nine zero one nine zero one off to a flyer here against a very good team this is not an easy team relentless attacking from italy finally hits the net she has no fear she smiles.

She shakes it off nine zero two we have a second serve here we're able to roll that forehand below the reach of ben john's yolo paddle uh great little roll they're gonna have a chance to make this first game competitive here at callie smith to serve zero nine one.

Unable to put a point on the board thus far they're gonna have a second chance zero nine two zero return a little bit of confusion there um on who's going to take that third ball um that's why it's great to kind of return to the middle you know yeah i like it a little bit.

Uh third shot doesn't make it over and they do get the side out again again for the third time all right we're back at the peachtree classic in atlanta georgia ben johnson will be watching looks like emily wanted to step over a little bit there but it was a little bit out of reach.

Keeping it alive best point of the match so far uh cali steps in and jackson pace and they're gonna give themselves a chance to make a comeback here uh they do have a long way to go zero ten one it's the better of uh aj kohler going.

Straight at the body with that two-handed backhand really important power and pace giving the net a little bit of love there um it's not been his friend thus far in the match 10-0-1 10-0-1 another game point for john well it does a great job with that that.

Um second third ball there to put it right on ben john's and they're gonna have another chance here as soon as the uh some great fan retrieves the ball for us which has gone into the stadium we're to take it out here for 10-000 here we go yeah i have to say i didn't expect that in the first game and i do.

Expect uh aj and cali to make this one a little bit more competitive here but it's tough to deal with what italy and evan jones are putting on the court right now out then with a few uh creative little forehand forehand roll inside out rolls there misses zero zero one.

aj keeps it in play with a lot from the baseline wow that one not gonna come back uh once uh ben jones to get out of her way a little bit that's two-handed backhand she is rude.

Pancake and smith uh do a great job in that uh hand speed exchange and they put a point on the board one zero two they need to believe that they can win this game early oh.

Confusion there uh comes over to cover uh aj standing there in that real estate and the ball bounces twice side out zero one does a great job of leaning into the kitchen and getting that ball down in benjamin 01-2.

Third shot drive from ben john's falls short hits top and record and uh kelly smith and aj cole are going to have another chance to put some points in one zero one second sir third shot does fail should fall short one zero two inside out.

Feeling feeling the pressure uh tight everybody's a little bit tight at the moment here a couple enforcers and like keeping them all alive but that's what happened you keep the ball alive you extend the point and then a lot of times it leads to a ball into the net or a ball out and so a great job one one defense annalee waters and ben.

Johns that one's not going to come back uh ben does a great job of stepping over after setting himself up yeah it's interesting we're not we're not seeing very many long team rallies yeah frank yeah um very well i think came out with a very.

Particular plan to attack and they are relentless with it and um it's going their way so far again anna lee attacks the ball off the ground great to see they're really playing on their terms um it probably seems like from kohler and smith's perspective like this is just going by faster you want to.

Control it's very important to uh slow this down here and kind of get some rhythm i think they're really struggling for rhythm at the moment timeout receiver 4-1-1 here we go.

first inking rally we've seen the match so far and john misses the inside forehanding well maybe that's the strategy dink with ben jones he's not good at it i don't know i don't know if i would go as far to say he's not good at it but uh.

He seems to be great at everything else so you might as well give it a try emily stepping in with the forehand overhead looking to attack early and often yeah been uh doing a great job to put that dink in play and and it's tough in these situations i feel like um.

Callie and aj may be over playing a little bit feeling the frustration feeling rushed difficult situation to deal with when a team is playing this well annalise stepping in front of ben johns again reverse stack here don't get to see it.

Too often so enjoy it relentlessly attacking off the ground and lee um just it had to happen one of them had to hit the net and not go over floater sails wide from kohler yeah they will have a second serve here this game is not out of reach yet it's 162. they're not it feels a lot worse than it is so they.

Can they can make a rally here great hands does just say why they're kohler smith big point great point to put him on the board here callie and aj also keeping it positive trying to give themselves a.

Chance to make a run in this game black cord played well does not go callie smith's way as it hits the top of the net chord and ben and italy will earn that six two one.

Aj and callie gonna have to really keep it close here boy because it's starting to it's starting to drift away from him yeah i think you're right i mean it's not out of reach yet but it's looking a little bit like that they just need to get more points in a row see if they can get a stop here yeah definitely playing playing with such.

Scoreboard freedom and and uh it's it's uh it's looking like they're not looking to slow down at all here because we got eight two one um hey two one everything's going their way big forehand from cali second third.

Aj with the overhead into the short court somehow catching the line i can't see how that's an amazing overhead put away second serve from ben john's here i can't earn from aj kohler great save from callie smith does sell long on the next one though now kyle the quality of points in the.

Past um a few minutes here has increased but they seem to still be going in the way it's a tricky spot to be and ben and elia you mentioned are playing so well you want to win it all back in one point you can't and we're just seeing it.

The match point here ben johns yeah and a return goes into not the match that callie ninja wanted to play but when the world number one comes out and plays that well both world number ones ben and italy it's very difficult to deal with um i'm sure callie smith and asia call will be a force to be reckoned with.

On the back draw and we'll look forward to seeing that good luck to them great match annalee and benjamins moving on to the next round
Ana Leigh Waters and Ben Johns face Callie Smith and A. Koller in the peachtree classic. One of the quickest game. #pickleball #pickleballpro #pickleballlife #analeighwaters #benjohns