This is the fastest growing sport in the nation right now how about to the tune of 4.8 million pickleballers in the U.S it's a sport nearly anyone can play growing at the fastest rate among seniors but if you look at the 26 courts that we have laid out here today uh you'll see all ages believe it or not pickleball's been around for nearly six.

Decades it's simply scaled down tennis in fact it's common for common courts that's the case for the city's inaugural Savannah doubles pickleball championships it's incredible to see the turnout over 200 attendees from as far away as Tennessee to Florida everything in between are coming here to participate in our pickleball tournament.

I think it's great that we do have bacon Park and the number of we have 16 tennis courts here so we'll be able to do this every year we expect that it'll grow every year it's our rec department reimagining building for the future come on give it up it's making best use of what you have adapt and overcome so this is a tennis.

Court facility that we've repurposed today as a pickleball court and for each of these courts that you have for every two tennis courts you can fit up to eight pickleball courts on the same very space we've got them spread out here today for the tournament to make best use of it but this is all about reusing and adapting City facilities to activate.

Them for the entire public so everyone can enjoy them pickleball is here to stay and so we want to be able to accommodate that here in the city of Savannah we want to make sure that we meet the people where they are there's super huge demand for this sport right now in the facilities as you can see right behind us we want to accommodate.

That well into the future and take a look at specific pickleball courts to add to our portfolio here in the city of Savannah we want to have everybody here 10 years from now this is going to grow and so we want to be prepared for it as that happens in the ensuing years so we're super proud to launch this effort look forward to it being an annual event.

Where we're bringing people together from Across the Nation to the hostess City to celebrate this new sport at the bacon Park Tennis complex Ken slats for sgtv's City spans
The City hosted its first Doubles Pickleball Tournament… with more than 200 participants at the Bacon Park Tennis Complex.