Here's one specific way to communicate with your partner so you guys can win more points if you're the one that's about to drive the ball there's a third shot drive now you can assume that your partner's gonna know okay that's a short ball they're probably going to drive it maybe I should approach the kitchen line with some aggressiveness looking for.

Possible shake and bake or a put away Ball but don't assume that communicate with your partner and here's one thing you can do as you're about to go to make the drive just murmur very softly right so your partner can hear it drive me and my partner do this occasionally and when we do it that just gives me the awareness that he's about to drive and.

Then I attack the kitchen line aggressively it sounds it looks a little bit like this go drive one thing we actually do this is kind of absurd but we like doing it is we have a good partnership relationship and so he won't just say drive go middle nice but he'll actually call out left middle or right so I know when I'm.

Poaching where that ball is going and now I'm not saying you got to do that because it's really hard to do with people you've never played with before but if you have a partner you could do that we like to do that's one of the things that we like you probably like to do it try it if you want to try we'll do it you do it we do it we do it we like.

To do it that's what we do just do whatever you want to do that's okay I'll do it