This pickleball player is rehabilitating from right-sided patellar tendinopathy. He is in phase 2 of rehab and has improved his mobility and strength, and his pain has decreased. Improving his dynamic knee stability is critical to his success in physical therapy to maximize his performance and minimize his re-injury risk.

This video captures him performing overhead passes into a rebounder while wearing strobe eyewear (level three) while standing on an Airex balance pad. Senaptec strobe eyewear helps to improve dynamic joint stability by training the sensorimotor system. Training with the strobe eyewear enhances proprioception, which is a subcomponent of somatosensation.

The majority of the research and clinical commentary with the use of the strobe eyewear for knee rehabilitation has been with ACL patients. The research has been investigating neuroplasticity for visual-motor training.

The clinical reasoning is

❌ Disrupted afferent input
❌ Altered proprioception
❌ Altered efferent output
❌ Change in postural control
❌ Change in movement control

The change in movement control is the reliance on visual feedback to maintain neuromuscular control. Treatment with strobe eyewear is utilized for visual-motor training with criterion-based exercise progressions.

As always — train both legs!

Effective and efficient rehab is criterion-based, not time-based.

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