Hey I am Ben and this is a day in my life so this is where it all begins it's my home in the morning start off get up get a cup of coffee and then I'm either headed to the gym a physical training session or practice.

physical training sessions I do I work with a physical trainer and he puts me through a regimen what they all do twice a week with him it's an hour session a lot of dynamic movement there's strength training there's more cardio based stuff there's agility kind of explosive movement so it really kind of ties in a.

Lot of things to make it fairly Dynamic then on the other days when I'm not with him I'll mix in kind of some of my own workouts usually at the Lifetime Fitness typically with that stuff I might be doing anything from hip mobility to leg day it really just kind of depends on what I hit with the trainer in that week and what I feel I need to work on.

Typically I don't eat in the mornings for do my physical stuff first once I've done the training session and the practice session then I typically get a smoothie with some protein in it or I either come home and just make one of those and then I will lead that into lunch or sometimes I'll do this really in between the training session or the.

Practice session that can really vary but definitely important to get some protein in the body after a workout the important part of my day is probably the practice session which is just.

Practicing pickleball that's typically like two to three hours and it's just drilling um so I almost exclusively drill with with Colin my brother we get a force in going like once a month two to three hours of various drills and just stuff we think we need to work on that'll either be be close to before or after the the gym or the physical.

Training session after the practice session is done I typically either stretch there or I'll come home first and and stretch but either way it's important to stretch after any kind of practice session for me especially on Hardcore it definitely locks up the hips and stuff and once I'm done with that I'm pretty much done with most the.

Physical parts once I'm home I depending on the time typically it'll be around lunch time so I'll either make a smoothie or make lunch or something to replenish the body uh I just call it a gourmet sandwich there's really no other name for it it's sandwiched on stairway it's not your basic ham and cheese and whatever bread.

This is toasted sourdough with truffle aioli it gets very fancy so it's a gourmet sandwich so you gotta start with sourdough sourdough is the best bread that's just what it is and you toast it lightly toasted Brown perfect and we're gonna do a roast beef base on the meat of course you gotta have your condiments here got.

Some truffle aioli and some Dijon mustard lovely there's something I discovered recently a sliced goat cheese I love goat cheese but sliced form is harder to find but these days you can find it so that's what we're starting with and then we're going to cap it off with some spinach some tomato and some salt and pepper so let's take a look at.

The result and now we have our mildly toasted sourdough here ruffal aioli truffle is just it's just special it goes well with so many things it's crazy and aioli much fancier than mayonnaise it might be the same thing but I like all they only.

Just to make myself feel better a little Dijon to the spice moving on cheese first the base now we got our shaved roast beef and you know I like to say never be shy with the amount of meat you're putting on better to have too much and too little going back for more yes.

Salt and pepper a little added flavor put it on on the uh Jean so it sticks nicely practically Gordon Ramsay right now place a little fresh tomato We're Gonna Save the tomato spinach is also an important part not the most common sandwich Edition so and then we're going to use the tomatoes.

To pan down the spinach so it doesn't get all unruly on me that should just about do it Smash It Down here's a crispy crunch there it's lovely we are all done there you have my gourmet sandwich foreign a number of things after that usually I.

Try to relax because I'm pretty tired after doing uh the gym plus the practice but minimum I'll relax for a while could be playing Magic Gathering could be watching a TV show maybe even a nap so yeah or hey if I'm not playing and what maybe watching pickleball so yeah a number of things but the idea is to relax after a difficult training session.

So leading into the evening like most of that after training and practicing all that it's it's mostly just free time so I can do whatever but I typically try not to eat dinner too late I'd say I try to eat by seven or eight o'clock at the latest and usually earlier than that dinner wise there's a ton of options in Austin so I ate a number of things but.

More often than not it definitely includes some kind of meat or seafood a big fan of fish steak chicken anything like that and then after that again it's pretty flexible kind of be in bed by approximately 11 o'clock just because sleep is super important might take some some magnesium from jigsaw because that definitely helps with sleep especially.

If the body needs some recovery and usually I'll do later in the evening some some more protein type stuff if I didn't get enough at dinner again just for Muscle Recovery that is about the uh the evening routine that I do
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