Never straight pickleball nothing how long you been playing a little under a year that's pretty impressive dude thanks I drill a lot so that's good yeah keep that keep that grind going you know yeah go far yeah well good morning it is 6 53.

And we are on our way to school I have a small little morning thing I do I don't always eat breakfast but kind of boring so I didn't film it but usually I might just get like a breakfast shake or something or pack my lunch but not much to show there so I just thought I'd start out.

In the car there you go man I need to get a breakfast all right school lunch here got chocolate milk sandwich and tater tots with ketchup that's pretty much what I have two times a week do I get this like two.

Times a week around I don't know two or three something like that ceremony you can just like I don't want a donut all right you're dead what let's go upstairs so I'm currently at What's called the.

EIC and you see behind me there's a poster right there but it's pretty cool this is a entrepreneurship class I'm part of and we have a business here called Glory light which you might have seen when I was walking in but basically we learn about business here and we create our.

Own businesses so I'm a part of Glory light it's a Christian nightlife business where it projects Bible verses onto uh the ceiling or the wall wherever you project it but it's Christian and it's really cool it's me and five other students and two mentors and the mentors fund the business so really cool.

Anyways all right what's your name my name is Andrew Bramble and what grade are you in I am a junior in high school what do you like most about the EIC um I love the creativity and just the passion to make your own business what made you want to come to the EIC um pretty much I heard about it through.

An email and I was the whole way I figured out about it so it's great thanks man so if you could see here this is the EIC we have final pitches coming up so the final seven groups get a chance to win money kind of like shark tank but we have all the trifolds up because a bunch of people are going to come in to see.

All the businesses it's a little showcase but that's what it looks like all right yep okay you're still kind of just letting the ball come to you versus you going to it.

So although your your motion looks good and you're here and you're doing a transfer yeah kind of here but it's a little risky at the end okay go ahead and get wait there earlier the left leg so early okay okay all good.

Yup never straight pickleball nothing how long you been playing a little under a year it's pretty impressive dude thanks um I drill a lot so that's good yeah keep that keep that grind going you know yeah.

Yeah so I feel like you're waiting and you just use this Elite yep you're waiting for the leaf before you get your paddle here so it might just be the timing you prefer but it's really quick so you're like hearing them lifting real quick and then what's happening is when the ball comes back.

Deep you're you're still stuck here and you're just depending on I see yeah yep so I want to make sure the ball bounces out here forward yep to the ball two instead of Stand Back lifting yeah okay you come back forward and the reason why is you already kind of have the motion.

Of the yeah so as you come back you still don't want to be helicop on it here if you want to be out in front underneath using your using your legs to generate that this yep Dive In feels good no not really I just.

What do you mean by like you see something I'm doing you look right rushed so like waiting too long maybe waiting too long so kind of the same thing as a dink yeah it's okay yeah so you did fine on the forehand you went to the ball and you kept that moment yeah so it's the same thing but you just got to get the timing down to where you.

Can are you trying to hit slice or flat I don't know I'm trying to hit like a shot that has Spin and slows it down okay that's what I'm trying so maybe a slice I'm gonna stick with stick with slices okay and I can do a two-hander too I like doing that okay yeah and you can do either one okay.

Um it's it's up to you just make sure you're going to the ball on the boat through it yep so if you're yeah somebody told me a while ago like you should be set when you hit it and then go that's it what's your what's your weight transfer should be going through yeah I.

Think that's why I missed communicating so if I'm using this line um uh yep I've turned sideways right so probably gonna let's see if I'm coming to the line I'm going to get this left foot set yeah.

Now my goal is to go meet me yeah so I'm sick here out in front and then go yeah yeah so so first yeah it's not set swing but it's not like you're running and you hit it no it's still it's still smooth yeah okay if I'm hitting my slice I'll turn.

Through yeah okay okay thanks for watching that video y'all I hope that you got some good information from the lesson that I took because that was a lot of fun and it was great for me to learn a lot of things that I didn't expect to learn it's the simple things.

Just when I was dinking it was getting my paddle down before the ball gets there and same with the third shot drop or long dank whatever you want to call it and same with the return just get my paddle down sooner so that was super valuable for me learning um anyways if you like that video make sure you.

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Making my way toward pro is going to take a ton of work! I know this for sure. Watch this to see what I do daily to work my way toward playing professional pickleball.

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