Now let's start with the first one and that is the lunge step so this is probably the most common one in the game when you're up at the non-volley zone and we are going to be lunging lunging either forward or to the left or to the right so obviously here I can you know dink all the balls here right but if the ball is way over to my left I don't want.

To be leaning okay and this is a footwork issue if you are leaning for the ball or you're stretching and reaching you're not going to have an accurate shot and that's how we make errors and pop up the ball so if the ball is way over here I can hit a lunge step where I just come and spread my out side leg out to my.

Left here most players can just with one step just get that ball right here or right here all right that was a good example there thanks so much for watching make sure you hit that subscribe button for more pickleball tips