Hi welcome to Brianna's pickleball my name is Jordan Briones and if you want to know what separates high-level players from the lower level Players let's Jump Right In all right so when we talk about higher level play the high level players have great skills great paddle control but one thing that really never gets talked.

About is their footwork in this video we are going to talk about how working on more efficient and better footwork will totally transform your game and help your consistency and overall confidence when you're hitting each shot now in this video we are going to specifically talk about footwork up at the non-volley zone line so when I am up here at the.

Non-volley zone line and I have my opponent right in front of me I have to get ready for really Two Shots either a dank or a volley so I'm going to be in a good athletic stance and as we're thinking up here obviously you're going to try to make your opponent move and put them in uncomfortable positions when you're hitting your dinks and that's.

What they're going to be trying to do to you as well so in this video we are going to go over three different movements up at the nonvolves Zone and really anytime you move your feet it's going to fall under one of these buckets so now let's start with the first one and that is the lunge step so this is probably the most common one in the game.

When you're up at the non-volley zone and we are going to be lunging lunging either forward or to the left or to the right so obviously here I can you know dink all the balls here right but if the ball is way over to my left I don't want to be leaning okay and this is a footwork issue if you are leaning for the ball or you're stretching and.

Reaching you're not going to have an accurate shot and that's how we make errors and pop up the ball so if the ball is way over here I can hit a lunge step where I just come and spread my out side leg out to my left here so if it's over here I can do this so just working on basic Footwear like this I can also with my right leg.

Go out and lunge step to my right so I could get closer to the ball I'm in balance and again this is going to take some flexibility when you're hitting a lunge step to get to the ball but this is something that you can practice so remember I'm gonna go either to the right lunge step and get balls out here and then I can go back into ready.

Position or go towards my left and get a ball out here now sometimes there's balls that are really short into the non-volley zone right there's no need to run in there and then get it and then pop back out right you can reasonably most players can just with one step just get that ball right here or right here okay so I'm doing that with my right.

Foot you can also do do it with your left foot the biggest thing that you want to do is you want to make sure that you're nice and balanced here we go okay all right that was a good example there we go there we go that was a really tough one okay.

There we go there we go okay now why don't you hit me a couple like really short ones and I'm gonna lunch step four even the really short ones right just in one lunge I can get to pretty much every Bowl all right so now let's go into the second footwork pattern and that is the.

Shuffle step now I would say this is the one that I use the most often because I like being light on my feet and I really like getting closer to the ball having a good contact point out in front which is really important and that I'm not reaching okay with the lunge step you you know I could get to these balls here and I could be well balanced but you.

Know that puts a lot of pressure on my quads and my leg muscles so you could definitely do that but for me I rather just Shuffle like this and then hit the ball right here and then after I hit the ball the only thing is you got to make sure that you Shuffle back if I'm moving here to my right I can just Shuffle here boom then Shuffle back okay so this is.

Called the shuffle step and you definitely want to be working on this start with your inside leg if you're moving left okay I'm going to move my right foot over towards my left foot so like this way and then I'm just going to slide and move my left foot out of the way so I'm bringing my right foot in and then I'm pushing my left leg out all.

Right so I'll show you one more time I'm moving my right foot in and I'm replacing it where my left foot was right right there just like that and then when I come back after I hit my shot it's just the opposite I'm going to move my left foot towards my right okay because I'm gonna have to go towards my right and I'm.

Going to replace where my right foot currently is and I'm going to move it in like that so it's going to look like this it's going to look like this hit it there boom and then if I have to go this way it's going to look like that okay okay so now you're going to move me here and we're going to work on our Shuffle step foot work here we go.

And I was lunged up there Shuffle okay Shuffle again Shuffle okay Shuffle back Shuffle that was a tough one Shuffle and a lunge you know sometimes you're gonna get balls that are really really wide to the.

Left or to the right you might have to use a combination like that last one I might have to shuffle and really lunge out here or Shuffle to my left and then get low and lunge out there show you a couple more here we go didn't have to move for that one really have to shuffle for that one.

Okay where you're gonna see this Shuffle step really come in handy is when you're digging Cross Court so in this example we are on the odd side and with the angle when you're dinking Cross Court the angle opens up and it could pull you across the non-volley zone and out you know towards the sidelines so with the lunge step if she's hitting that corner.

I'm not going to be able to get there the shovel step is the most efficient and the only way you're going to be able to get to really wide balls again if I could develop a more pronounced and more aggressive Shuffle step I could take a bigger even bigger Shuffle step so I could get further over get in good.

Position and then again I'm moving back okay so here we go back in the back man that was a good dink there a couple step there good Shuffle good okay Shuffle step there.

Shuffle again Shuffle and lunge okay here we go that was more of a lunge there Shuffle okay one last tip I do want to mention here is you can see me Shuffle get out in good position and well balanced and as I hit that dink on my.

Way back I'm using this momentum here to shuffle back so it should look like this boom you come out hit that ball and then you come back in okay I'm going to show you one more time here we go little Shuffle step there you go oh that was a tough one.

Good huh a little Shuffle step there was a good one okay so remember you're gonna be doing this a lot when you're dinging cross-court especially if players are going to be danking cross-court from you all right.

So now let's jump into the third and final footwork pattern and that is the drop step okay we handled what happens and how do we get to balls you know going to our left into our right we can use a lunge step or a shovel step but at times we are going to have to back off the non-volley zone line so when are we going to have to do this times when we.

Are getting balls really close and deep dinks to this non-volley zone line right sometimes players are going to be hitting us really deep aggressive dinks what you can do is either you can volume low like this or you can drop step back okay and what this will do if you drops up here so let's say a ball is bouncing somewhere over here and I'm coming back.

Like this this create space all right let the ball sit up a little bit so that I can control it here and the big thing here when you drop step back is you hit that ball and you get right back in front so let's focus here on the backhand it could look like this I could just drop this left foot back like this and then see I'm like kind of sliding my.

Right leg back so it could look like that like this like that and then here and back up or I can come back with my right leg first and then do that okay so on my forehand side on this side it could look like this where I could just drop back with my right leg and I have my momentum moving backwards and then the ball is.

Bouncing and then I can hit it out in front remember anytime we are using a drop step we got to make sure that we are going early as the ball is traveling and then we are balanced well balanced and we can hit it out in front of us because the contact Point needs to be here for maximum control so if you're going to use a drop step and let balls.

Bounce that's totally okay make sure you drop step early hit it and then again it's very important after that shot that you close back in here we go all right okay that one out of the air okay.

Didn't have to move for that one just couldn't move back a little on that one okay step in a little bit okay take that one out of the air okay okay that was a drop step there drops that back a little lunch stuff there okay here we go.

Okay drops that back that was nice and controlled out of the air here we go all right okay holding my position here at the line stepping in there little drop step there okay out of the air here we go.

Drop step there you go that was a good one okay out of the air there drop step back drop step back again okay here we go drop step back drop step back.

Okay notice how if I drop step back I'm going to come up immediately right after that shot right drop step back okay so this is definitely going to be a feel thing I'm seeing the ball come off my opponent's paddle and I'm judging how deep it's going to go and how high it's going to go sometimes I'll decide to.

Take it out of the air here but other times might be a little bit low and the drop step it might be a better choice because I'll have more time to hit it it's dropping I can let it get to the Apex I'm under control I hit the ball and then I come back up now we're going to show you one more time okay good out of the air.

Okay okay drop step back okay here we go there you go that was a good dink there but I closed back in even if I drop step back gotta make sure I close back in okay good out of the air oh net cord.

Here we go again drop step back uh the bounce another one off the bounce little drops that back okay so again it's going to be a little bit different each and every time so get out there and practice right we have the lunch step we have the shuffle step and we also have the drop step all right.

So now for the bonus footwork pattern and we are going to talk about the cross step you actually see a lot of this also on higher levels but there's a little bit of nuance and I'm going to help you you know decide and make good decisions on when you're going to cross steps so what does the cross step look like it looks like when we're here we're dinking.

You know Cross Court we're getting sent really wide balls and I actually cross over with my right foot and I'm in this position and I hit the ball like this and then I come back now a lot of players will ask me well you know is that a good thing I would say you know as long as you're doing it efficiently and it's not you.

Know setting yourself up to get in trouble that's okay now what I recommend and what I do myself is on really wide balls if I could get there with a shuffle step first I'd rather do that okay some balls are really really wide and if you have to cross step you go ahead and cross that now again this ball that you hit has to be you know you have.

To hit an unattackable ball ball back because if you cross step and then it pops up you know your backs to the net so you definitely need to keep the ball down if you're going to be cross stepping but we're going to dink Cross Court here I'm going to show you my Shuffle step and also some mixed in Cross steps so that you can see what I'm.

Talking about okay that was a really tough one here Shuffle step there Shuffle step there Shuffle step again crossed up there a little drop step there across that.

Shuffle step okay Shuffle step okay crossed up there Frost up there okay A little half Holly there Shuffle stuff there early okay across that Shuffle okay oh big big Shuffle okay so those are.

Some really tough dinks now this takes a lot of practice all right the biggest thing is we want to move early whether we're doing a shuffle step or a cross step we need to move early be well balanced hit the ball and then return back to our ready position all right so thanks so much for watching this video footwork is so important if.

You look at all the top players play they have exceptional footwork remember footwork is so that we could get closer to that ball have good contact points out in front and that were well balanced and there early so that we can execute our shot if we are leaning or we get to the ball late of course we're gonna have errors we're gonna pop the ball up or.

We're gonna hit the ball into the net remember if you work on these footwork patterns this game and dinking in general will become a lot easier and you're going to have more confidence in your shots again thanks so much for watching this video and we'll see you in the next one for exclusive pickleball content from me check out.

Briannaspickleball.com for awesome pickleball paddles like this one make sure to check the link in the description below thanks again for watching and we'll see you in the next video life within the moment moment and don't go wait until the morning morning.

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