Oh my God oh my God are you kidding me now It All released oh my goodness.

Some absolutely disgusting dude look at Schneiderman and Johnson even though they don't get that Point Lacey Stevens all about it Chad Stone to serve crisscross Chuck off the bounce another high caliber Point here notice the movement in their dinks they.

Are not standing still folks take some notes the attack the follow-up full neutral the lob and the overhead smash but handled by Stone that The Swinging and it's out you know it you know it Adam Stone perseveres sportsmanship doc because he's going up Center Mass right into the stun him.

Taylor pretty tall guy hard to get out of the way of that ball oh Wilson trying to get slippery in the middle oh and Hewitt read it so nicely incredible Point here he gets this crowd on their feet here they can appreciate.

Some good pickleball well it looks like it's gone three feet out and then just drops down great recovery from Arnold foreign baby all right.

never until get that ball in the corner are you kidding me right now that ball hit his hand he's saying he's got a mark for it to show as he shows Vicki Ryan fantastic yeah some can call him like the Highlight King foreign play continues.

Goodness is he still hitting the ball great defense oh my goodness oh staxford the reset they're at the neck out of the air in the house the crowd is going well Andre they asked you taking care of business unbelievable foreign.

ER from Kyle Yates to drop that back in and this one too unbelievable Chad why wouldn't we go to a dream breaker oh he went left-handed too he went left hand and between the woods.

No and then he slips the backhand by left hand between her and then a little slip backhand unbelievable what a play by deckle bar foreign.

you have to be kidding me that's the best shot I've ever seen foreign
Best of the best from Major League Pickleball’s last stop of 2022 in Colombus, Ohio

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