answer back the defense oh my goodness.

throwing everything and the kitchen sink at simoni jargin and gay tardio quite well their intensity and their play dario flying across the line for that.

One what the heck what a point jw johnson a miraculous atp it goes over tardio's battle payback.

grab for mcmillan he's gonna look to counter pretty much most of those balls thank you what defense on the side of the floor to smash.

And how about that for a finish trying to chest bump jw johnson he's like don't worry about it man is jumping up and down so kawamoto handling the firepower.

Does it again oh my gosh this point oh my the fans on their feet jade kawamoto an equal participant in the fire fight supported by dylan frazier johnson.

What a rip from tardio oh my goodness and they come away with the point nobody thought that shot was coming out of his pocket right now yeah exactly that's a daniel de la rosa running around that glob and just crush it you
Round 2 of the 2022 MLP Season went down in Newport Beach this August. Check out the best points from the biggest stage!

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