Hey guys Connor here with enhanced pickleball and today we're going to go over the top eight mistakes that could be holding back your game if you're in the 30040 range I guarantee you're making a good amount of these even if you don't want to admit it so be honest with yourself and try to find the top view mistakes in here that you need to.

Focus on if you're making these and you don't stop there's a good chance you'll never make it out of 3-0 to 4-0 prison so take out the notepad and let's get into it so the first mistake is that players are unprepared or afraid at the net just know as you get better at pickleball.

Your reflex volleys and your reaction time with net is probably the most important skill that you need to get to a high level I see so many players in the 3.0 to 4.0 level that just aren't prepared for these fast hands exchanges they come up here and they're sort of just expecting to get an easy shot that they can put away but once you get to.

That 4045 level that's not going to happen they're all you're almost always going to have to put in some work in a fast hands exchange to win the point so when you get up here you need to make sure that you have your hands out in front Okay so that's first and foremost a lot of people say that you want to lean your paddle to the left you just.

Want to be in the best possible position to react for any volley okay so what that means is you're on balance with your legs your hands are out in front you're leaning your paddle slightly to the left so you can guard your body with the backhand because a lot of the time the ball comes right at your body what's important though to always remember is.

That you need to have a system when you're up here the best players don't just come up to the kitchen line and because they're so good they win every time they've practiced it time and time again with the right technique and the right mindset so everything out in front you don't want to take a big back swing you want to keep your backswing very.

Compact so you can react quickly you also want to have a close eye on your opponent right because if I'm just expecting them to dink it back to me over and over again eventually they're going to hit it really hard and I'm not gonna be ready for it so every time my opponent hits the ball I'm watching his backswing trying to see if he's going to.

Go for a dink or speed up see there took a bigger backswing and I'm more prepared now to counter attack the higher your level gets though the more your quick hands will matter so do not be making this mistake always have a system when you're at the kitchen to react quickly to any volley the next huge mistake that I see players making is they don't have.

A plan B they have one playing style that they use and they don't change it no matter what so let's say you're a banger or someone that generally hits harder and it's not working you need to be able to change that strategy and adjust so you can win or for instance if you're getting into a bunch of dinking rallies and you can't handle their speed.

UPS something needs to change the point is the best players have a plan B that's just as good as their plan a you don't want to be a one-dimensional player so if you solely rely on your soft game maybe work on being more aggressive and vice versa in closer matches this ideology could be what gets you to win so the number one way you see players.

Being one-dimensional is they are bangers they're trying to win every point with power and it's not working I can't come in because he's getting everything right at my feet so if this sounds like you what you can do is try to add a little bit of the soft game into your game and that doesn't mean that you have to even.

Drop guys if you can't drop your third shot that's totally fine but maybe I go for a drive I had a slightly lower ball that lets me come in to where I can be aggressive just something like that what's important guys is that you make adjustments if things aren't working so if a certain strategy isn't working for.

You it's important that you have the ability at least to change things up this goes hand in hand with our last mistake on the list so make sure to watch both to get the full benefit at number four the next mistake is that you move forward at the wrong time and you stay back when you should move forward okay.

So there's a few different examples of how you could get this wrong so the first example guys is I see a lot of players that use their drive and try to come in off of this okay so can't really come in off of a drive if you're giving them a high easy shot so if you hit a drive and you think it's good it stays low and it's powerful what.

You should do take a step in but don't go in all the way set yourself here and if they pop it up a little bit so if you get a pop-up you can move forward and Crush that shot this applies if your partner hits a good drive too okay so you're gonna move forward to about this area on the other hand they might actually be able to get it low and hard.

At your feet so if that happens by staying back here you give yourself an opportunity to stay in the point the other situation where players mess up moving forward is off of a drop so if you're hitting your drops the first thing you do after you get the ball is you're watching to see where it's going to land okay if I see that my ball is.

Going to land in a position where Drew has to hit up on the ball that's my cue to move forward he's going to be able to hit down on the ball that's my cue to stay back if it's somewhere in the middle I can move in a little bit to the transition zone okay so we'll go over some examples of that in real time here I'm gonna hit my drop.

In this next ball see that it's really low he's gonna pit up I'm straight into the kitchen okay what you don't want to do here and I see so many players do this at the 3040 level is you hit a good drop and you don't recognize it until too late and you stay back so it doesn't even matter so that would look something like this I.

Would hit my drop in this next ball it's gonna be good but I'm clueless so that he can go right at my feet which makes things really difficult so the second guys you see the second you even think that it's going to be good you need to start moving in right because you want to get there as quickly as you possibly can.

And right when he makes contact with that next shot split steps so you're on balance this all goes back to making the right decisions and being a smart player and so does our next mistake which is that you don't want to be trigger happy being trigger happy is essentially the opposite of being patient being patient is one of the you know the best ways to.

Win matches so the number one place that players can be trigger happy is at the kitchen in this situation at the kitchen when you're trigger happy you're generally you're trying to go for Speed UPS on balls but you don't really have the best opportunity and if you're playing players that don't have that good reflexes this actually can work but.

Against the best players they're going to kill you with counter attacks so we're thinking about playing at the kitchen we always think about every ball that we hit in three different zones okay so we got the Red Zone which is below here so in this area if you're getting a shot and you're making contact with it in this area you generally don't.

Really ever want to speed up on it you usually want to just get it into the kitchen with a dick the next area is the yellow zone which is right here here you're going to be able to go for more aggressive dinks and occasionally if the ball's sitting up a little bit more you can go go for a speed up okay so in this area is where you kind of have to make.

The decisions if you're getting involved in the Red Zone you pretty much never want to go for a speed if you're doing that you're definitely trigger happy the yellow zone you just need to be a little bit more selective and wait for the right ball okay so maybe that means it's a little higher maybe that means you see an opportunity to change direction but.

Just know that this is the area where you can decide whether to speed up or hit a dink okay when it's above here you generally want to go big for a speed up or a put away every single time okay so in the green zone up here you're going to go big no matter what it's actually bad if you were to dink that shot okay so if I'm digging here with Drew a.

Trigger happy person will look like this we're trying to speed up the ball in the red zone and when you speed the ball from a lower Point guys what happens is it goes up so when you go up with the shot like that you're potentially giving your opponent a high ball that they can kill right and you also might just hit it long given the trajectory of the ball.

You just can't hit it very hard from this angle okay so now I'm gonna get a shot in the yellow zone okay so that could be out of the air too that was actually a good opportunity to see so here when it's up this high I can actually draw a line directly to the ground so I can hit it pretty hard right so that gives me the.

Opportunity to speed up all right so whenever you're at the kitchen guys the higher your level gets the less opportunities you're going to get regardless you always want to wait for a shot that's in the at least the yellow zone so you can speed up and win the point in a smart way the.

Main lesson that you can take away from this section is that when you're in doubt when you aren't for sure that going big will win you the point just get it in the kitchen by doing that your opponent you neutralize the rally and your opponent can't do much okay so when in doubt go for the kitchen and guys if you're trying to improve your game make.

Sure to subscribe so that YouTube shows you our videos as you're learning pickleball it's important that you study and pick up on new knowledge that your game doesn't Plateau we upload pretty much every week so subscribe to make sure you don't miss our content the next mistake is a big one though it's more of a mental thing I'm talking about how.

When many players feel like they're playing bad they let it affect their level of effort an important thing to remember is that you're not always going to feel like you're playing your best even on your very best days certain shots are going to feel off so you never want to go out to play and try to play good so to speak so you don't want to.

Like start off maybe you're not feeling your best you don't want to be like working to try to make everything feel good what you want to do is focus on your footwork and your strategy and use that in conjunction to what you have in your game that day so maybe if your drop is really on that day you're going to go super hard into your soft game right.

You're going to use your drop as much as you can get it to the kitchen and try to win like that but if you're missing all of your drops you might have to adjust right you might have to use more drives you might have to be a little bit more creative in how you're winning your points right how you're strategizing and there's nothing wrong with that right.

The key is that on each given day you're going to feel different right and you take how you feel that day and you create the best possible strategy to win the next mistake though could be the biggest on the list that I see and it's that you aren't embracing a more advanced strategy driving every third shot and trying to win all your points.

From the back can only take you so far if this sounds like you eventually you're going to need to work into using your soft game more and start playing like a high level pickleball player I think a lot of players struggle with this because it seems really black and white in terms of using drives and then switching to a drop you don't have to.

Make such a drastic change okay but I like to tell my students is that if you're someone that uses a lot of drives on your third shots we can start to do is use slower more dippy shots you don't have transition to a drop so maybe you're using what's called a drop drive at first all that matters is that you're making your opponent hit up on the ball.

So right I can go for a shot more like this which is similar to a drive and kind of like a drop but it gives me a little bit more margin for air and that I don't have to make the ball land into the kitchen okay the better that you get at that shot you can sort of transition so I'll go through a progression of what it.

Looks like so I'm going to start off using my drive okay this is my drive drop I'll do another Drive drop and then I can just sort of change that into a normal drop like that okay so the better that you get at your drive drop that'll transition into your drop too see so you don't have to go straight.

From the drive to the drop okay I think that's a pretty tough transition go slowly start using your drive drop trying to dip the ball into the uh the kitchen area right it can go behind the kitchen though totally fine and then as you get better at that maybe start to throw in some drops and then that'll make it way easier for you.

To move forward the best players can win on their worst days and they do this by focusing on the fundamentals like their footwork and their strategy lack of footwork though is another one of the biggest mistakes that you can make every shot on the court depends on good footwork if you're not moving your feet well you'll struggle on every single.

Aspect of your game if you're at the 300 4.0 level you probably have a good idea of how to move your feet depending on where you are on the court key is that you just don't let your effort drop throughout the points and throughout your games throughout your games this is something that you're going to have to remind yourself of over.

And over again okay so focus on your footwork and I guarantee your level will go up I remember when I was a tennis player Young tennis player and I was maybe 10 11 12 years old my dad would tell me that before every point I want I needed to say to myself footwork footwork footwork because if you don't say that it's really easy to get lazy.

Right I mean naturally we don't want to be bouncing around you don't want to be taking a bunch of steps to get ready for the shots right when you're out the kitchen you don't want to stay low and take these big lunging steps to get yourself in the right position okay so this is something that you're going to need to constantly be instilling into.

Your brain that you need to be moving your feet well throughout every Point regardless of where you are on the court so focus on your footwork and your consistency on every shot will improve and if you guys want to learn the full strategy on how to beat bangers watch this.

Thank you foreign
In this video, I go over the top 8 mistakes that could be holding back your pickleball game. This video is perfect for players of all levels, but especially those in the 3.0-4.0 range who are looking to improve their game. I discuss the importance of having a plan at the net, the need for a Plan B, and the significance of working on your weaknesses. I also touch on when to come in and when to stay back, the dangers of being trigger happy, and the importance of not letting a bad day affect your level of effort. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more great pickleball tips and strategies!