You know when the first time you played pickleball and you were like so pumped about it and they're you're out there and you're having fun all of a sudden there was all this terminology being thrown out but you had no idea what people were saying but you were like this is so fun I don't even care yeah then you left and you're like what was.

That thing they called it the ATC what was that thing you don't even know right and so what I'm about to teach in this video is the seven shots that every pickleball beginner must know because if you want to be in the conversation with people and you want to start to speak the lingo and also just know like what are the different shots in pickleball.

These are the seven shots that's what this video is about and I'm gonna teach you those seven shots and give you one tip to improve those seven shots over the course of this video are you ready let's go all right so welcome back everybody my name is Kyle this is my buddy Danny he's helping me out I hired him hit him a thousand bucks to be here.

Found him on Craigslist I was looking for a beginner pickleball player he showed up in my house he's a lot he's a lot okay I'm just kidding he's my buddy and so um but I'm I'm I'm I'm panicking right now I go buy that pickleball guy people call me that actually this is the name I gave myself but I'm on a journey to be a.

Professional pickleball player and I also make educational content for beginner pickleball players to help them improve of the game here we go shot number one is called the serve okay so here's the serve boom all right serve has to go across courts if I hit the serve down the same side that does not count if I hit the.

Serve and it either hits the opposite kitchen line or it lands inside the opposite kitchen line that would not count all right so the serve must land beyond the opposite kitchen line on the opposite side that's the rule so the first thing the thing about singles in serve is one to get it in of course and then number two is to try to hit it deep.

In the court beautiful um I can't tell if that was in or out we'll let you decide nope one of the worst things that you can do is hit a serve short or hit it into the net or hit it long and the main reason is you're just not giving yourself a chance to even win the point it's a it's a.

Giveaway all right and we're not doing a giveaway contest in this video and we definitely don't want to be doing a giveaway contest on our serve so that's our first shot all right here's the second one it's the return we're gonna race to the Baseline three two one go all right on the return there's a couple things you want to think about number.

One the deeper that you hit the return the better and part of the reason is you want your opponents to have a more difficult third shot right the first shots the serve the second shot's the return in their third shot is is what you want to create some difficulty with okay and so the farther you hit it back the more difficulty it creates because.

They're farther from the net they have to there's just a higher probability of error if you hit a really really short return then it's going to be an easier third shot for them now of course the most important thing is get the return in like we talked about with the serve but then the second part is hitting it deep.

Boom hit it deep and you get to the kitchen the most important thing after getting your return in is to get to the kitchen line quickly so ball gets hit to me I'm gonna hit my ball and I'm gonna run to the kitchen line and I'm gonna be ready to play the next point so that's the second shot here's the third shot the third shot is in pickleball it's.

Called a drive and essentially a drive is just hitting the ball hard so a drive is this right I hit a ball Danny hits it to me right and I try to hit it hard all right a drive is essentially me just hitting it hard here's the tip the one tip for how to hit a better drive and it's a little bit different if you play tennis a lot of similarities a couple.

Differences and one of the differences is this ball is like a wiffle ball it does not actually bounce that high so in tennis a lot of times what happens is the ball will bounce really high so you can start low and you can kind of rise up this is where my tennis friends tell me you can rise up to hit it whereas in pickleball because the ball is so low if.

You stand tall it's going to be a lot harder to generate the same amount of Top Spin and a lot of times that ball is just gonna it's gonna soar out so what you want to do is you want to actually be pretty low and what I learned as a younger player in tennis is I'm actually going to do a motion where I turn my body and I close.

My stance a bit and I swing through the ball so it's gonna look a little bit like this I'm down closed stance swing through the ball oop let's go again I'm down close stance swing through the ball my friend James ignatowicz who's one of the best singles players in the world he told me that when you go to hit your.

Shot stay down so start down stay down close stance and finish but start down stay down close stance and finish and look at that I almost just took Danny's head off here's the fourth shot you must know it's the drop shot and a lot of times the term that you will hear is a third shot drop because it's the most common drop shot that you'll hit you'll.

Serve it it could serve it as this first shot return is the second shot and then the third shot is the third shot drop I just recently made a video that you can see right here or maybe it's right here that uh talks about one of the biggest mistakes that beginner players make and I believe it's actually driving the ball too much which was the last shot I.

Taught and instead they should actually hit a drop more often all right so here's the drop the drop essentially is that you serve it ball comes back and I want to drop it so it lands right into this kitchen area that's considered a drop now what's the technique for a drop tennis players come in the first thing they do is they swing really big all the.

Time and even when they're attempting to hit drops they're dropping it with a close stance hitting it kind of high and that's possible but what I would recommend beginners do is they imagine in fact Danny is one of the best cornhole players I've ever seen that guy's won me a lot of money in cornhole yeah and it's actually you do more of a.

Corn hole toss method right so it's not a ton of wrist but instead it's like a push it's like a toss with a corn hole okay so the shots the drop the technique is the cornhole method boom and how you're seeing us hit these shots right now is the exact same way that you could work on it back at home hey Danny welcome back hey it's good to.

Have you here yeah okay November yeah all right so here's the here's the fifth one the fifth one is an interesting term it's actually called a dink it rhymes with sink it rhymes with holy cow it's not it does not rhyme with holy Castle okay it rhymes with blink so.

Here's the next shot's Dink and this is actually is the the higher levels you get into the more you'll see dings taking place really at beginner levels everyone's trying to hit the ball so dang hard all the time you don't even see a lot of dinking taking place but if you want to actually Excel past a lot of the players that you're playing with.

Right now slowing the game down and dinking is one of the quickest ways to win more games because you'll make fewer mistakes and you'll really just extend points and they'll make more mistakes and you're going to win more all right so here's what dinking is right so Danny's right across from me dinking is actually this a very similar method I.

Would suggest for you all as the cornhole method right it's not a big swing a lot of times I'll you see a lot of beginners taking these big swings when the ball is super low nothing good is coming from that except you're either going to hit somebody in the face hit the ball out or hit them into the net no option that I would like right so I'm.

Here I'm gonna hit up so my forehand is going to be a shovel method I'm staying strong at the kitchen line here I'm not back pedaling and I'm doing the same thing on my backhand if it comes over to my backhand boom down in the stance this is the dink.

So the sixth shot is actually called an ATP that stands for around around the post and around the post shot literally means we're hitting the ball around this post so the way a pickleball Court's set up it is um 20 by 44 feet and then these poles they come out what is about eight inches out maybe even an extra foot so a lot of times what happens when you're.

Dinking is you're dinking Cross Court and then all of a sudden the ball might go wide enough and when it goes wide enough you have the opportunity to hit it around the post just like that it's a really hard shot to defend in fact it's a six shot to do I remember the first time I ever got my first ATP I thought it was the coolest moment in the world.

You know that I got my first atpm video really ever that crazy yeah no one cares dude why are you sharing the thing is hard is like a lot of people they don't get atps very often because beginners don't get into dink games very much you know so if you're only hitting the ball hard you won't get.

The scenario very often this is definitely a Next Level move it's just a cool one to know about because eventually you're gonna get your first and you're gonna look back at this video and be like I remember when I heard and people at the courts will talk about atps forever it's like that's an ATP yeah here is the seventh shot that all.

Beginners must know it's called the Ernie named after a man named Ernie spelled e-r-n-e which I've mistyped that for years and um the way that this shot works it's also a very next level shot that you probably won't do for a while but again it's really cool to know what it is so when you finally do do it for the first time like I just earned it.

Right you see it at the pro level all the time okay so here's what an Ernie is a lot of times we'll be dinking I'll give you one tip on this and I'm uh Danny's actually gonna earn you me and so the trigger to know when to go Ernie um often times is if I ever get on kind of off balance and I just maybe stick my head down right so if I'm off balance.

And I stick my head down that's a trigger for this guy to say wow if he hits this down the line he can't see that I'm sneaking in boom nice okay and so Danny jumped the kitchen it's a it sucks to get earned on because you're like why did I do that yeah now click Next Level tip is if you ever do put your head down get the ball.

Back to the middle because anybody like Danny who this guy's actually an animal at Ernie's like this is no lies a compliment to you Danny's so good at Ernie's that like when I first started playing with him I I like wanted to Ernie but my biggest problem was I would go away too soon the opponent would see it and they would never hit it down the.

Line whereas Danny used to freaking piss me off because he has like the most amazing timing and so he would wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait some more and then he would go Ernie and you just feel like an idiot when you get earning on but you feel like an absolute beast when you do it as the best shot it's the best it's the best shot ATV is pretty.

Cool too okay I can't help myself I want to give up I want to give a bonus are you cool with that let's go let's give a freaking bonus there's another one coming up this one's very common at public courts this is very common public courts yeah in fact most people get so mad about this one I remember when I used to play my partner would do it I'd.

Be like dude what are you doing and I used to be all against this I'm actually all in on it now but that's because I've watched it I can't understand how to do it better studied it a little bit and it's the lob okay so imagine that you're dinking right and it's the lob from the kitchen you're dinking you're dinking and all of a sudden you see this.

Opportunity that you're gonna go and potentially lob the ball boom over your partner they've got a back pedal back and all of a sudden boom a little bit out but all of a sudden then you put yourself in the advantage and so one tip for lobbing is to do more lobs around the kitchen area rather than.

Lobs way back here because when you're around the kitchen the player you're playing against will often be thinking the next shots of dink or the next shots of hard speed up if you will rarely are they thinking oh that ball is going over my head so if they're thinking next shot's a dink or next shots of speed up that often means that they are leaning.

In the same thing I would encourage you to do lean in be on balance and if someone's leaning in and all of a sudden they get lobbed last second then they gotta turn around they're off balance and you put yourself in a position to really take advantage of the point all right so those are the seven actually eight because I gave a bonus shots that.

All beginner pickleball players should know and if you don't know them you're gonna like kind of go around pickleball courts and be confused at what people are talking about but if you do know I'm number one you'll have language for the shots that you're actually hitting and when you have language you oftentimes have learning and then when you have.

Learning you have Improvement and so what we all want to do is get better faster so understanding these different shots is really going to help that and then I also gave one tip for each of those so we have let's see if I can name them off my memory all right we have the serve return Drive drop oh dink yeah uh ATP.

Ernie and lob is he just in this moment I just toddle those things and it was a little bit hard for me to remember all of them right at once so my challenge for you is to just choose one or two of those shots next time you go play try to take the one or two tips that I gave on each of those shots one or two shots and do those next time you play You're gonna.

Find drastic improvement really quickly if you just do a few of these things if you like this video subscribe I've got a lot more stuff like this and also comment below and uh tell me uh the first time you ever hit an ATP if you've never hit an ATP I want you to put the date of the first time you're gonna hit an ATP it's probably a date in the.

Future maybe it's tonight maybe it's tomorrow my date is February 2nd 2022 for you talking to you Cindy yeah everybody must be named Cindy okay all right hope you all enjoyed
As a beginner in pickleball, it’s important to learn the basic shots that will help you become a better pickleball player, so here are seven shots that every pickleball beginner should know.

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03:05 Shot 3 – The Drive
04:29 Shot 4 – Drop Shot
05:55 Shot 5 – The Dink
07:15 Shot 6 – ATP (Around The Post)
08:29 Shot 7 – The Erne
10:01 Bonus – The Lob
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