Foreign hi welcome to Brianna's pickleball and in this video we're going to go over the top seven mistakes that we see at the 30 and 3-5 levels you're not going to want to miss this let's Jump Right In all right so now let's start off with.

Common mistake number one and that is not having a good ready position at the non-volley Zone what I see a lot of is I see players not getting back to their ready position when they're up here at the line and in general just not having an awareness of where their paddle is so they can be dinking or hitting the ball and their paddle is in just different.

Positions so this is kind of what I see here okay so sometimes it can be down sometimes it's off to the right over here sometimes they just leave it there so again this is really important because in this game you can get attacked and sped up upon at any time so I like to.

Hold mine around waist level and a little bit towards the backhand side remember something as simple as this is very very important so as me and Kaden think right here I'm going to make sure after I think the ball I'm also not just looking at his shot but I want to return into a good ready position so I can be ready for the ball so it's going to look.

Like this here we go foreign so now no matter what happens if Caden or whoever I'm playing decides to attack I'll be ready for a dank and I'll also be ready for a speed up all right so let's talk about common mistake number two one thing we see way too often is people returning the ball and not coming.

Forward to the kitchen line when you're returning you're actually at the advantage to win that point but when you don't come up to the kitchen line you don't apply pressure and you actually put yourself at a disadvantage staying back all right so like Kaden just said it is really really important that you get in.

A habit of trying to get to that non-volley zone line after your return remember your partner is up here in an offensive position already and they're ready to attack the ball any High balls that come through here if your partner stays back then you are in a one up one back situation now and all the team is going to do is drive it back to your.

Partner's feedback there and now the net person me in this example is vulnerable so after a return let's say okay to hit that return come up here okay now as he comes up and we're both set here now we're both in a good offensive possession uh position to keep our opponents back all right so now let's hop into the common mistake number three.

And that is focusing too much actually on the soft game a lot of times players come into the game and they are taught just to dank and this is the soft game that we need to learn now that is true we do need to learn the soft game but a lot of times players will not work on their volleys which is really important because at the 3035 level you're going.

To be dealing with bangers so if you don't work on your volleys it's going to be really really hard for you to beat players that hit really hard so yes you do need to work on your soft game but also we need to work on our volleys and and hitting hard balls back as well so I have me and Kaden up at the non-voice online here one just easy way to do it.

Is just volley back and forth and when you're just starting out I would just recommend man that you start off really slow the most important thing is control and that we're hitting the ball on the front so here we go it's a really slow volleys here Cannon good okay notice here for the majority I'm.

Going to be taking back hands especially if the ball is headed towards my body obviously if it's hit over here I'm gonna have to take a forehand and the last thing you want to notice is my Strokes are very very compact right I'm not I'm not swinging at the ball it's just a push through maybe one to two feet push forward so as we showed you.

There we start out a little bit slower but as you guys get more comfortable going slow you guys can start to speed it up and start to improve that hand speed the last thing I do want to mention is returning back to a ready position after every Bowl just like we first talked about after every shot we don't want to.

Just be watching it we want to make sure we return back to a good ready position hi if you're enjoying this content go ahead and give this video a like and don't forget to subscribe also if you're interested in exclusive Encore training with me go ahead and go to brionist now let's get right back to the video alright common mistake.

Number four that I see is people changing their grip when they're here at the kitchen line all right one thing to keep in mind is this game is fast so if you guys are having to play a fastball and have to think about your grip at the same time things can get pretty chaotic one thing I like to do is stay in a continental grip that is also our.

Standard handshake grip if you guys are in this grip you guys are set up well to hit both your forehand and backhand without having to change your grip foreign thing to add is I can dink I can volley and I can hit an overhead all in this Continental position just like Kaden said and demonstrated right there in.

This Continental grip it is a universal grip and it's really good because you can hit all those shots at more advanced levels you may uh learn switching grips slightly but as a beginner in that 3-0 to 3 5 level again we really want to concentrate in practicing in that Continental one of the things common grips that I usually see is on the.

Backhand side when I have my Continental grip but for the backhand I actually rotate my hand like this and again sometimes you can get some good power and you can actually reach here and do that but again the problem with this kind of grip here is when it comes to your forehand side we're really really vulnerable and on low balls it's really.

Really tough so I know that there's different kinds of of grips that could work for pickleball but if you are not comfortable in a continental I would definitely go out there and practice it alright so now let's hop into most common mistake at the 3035 level number five and that is forgetting to recover back to Center in this scenario here I'm.

Just talking about recovering back to where you came from so let's say me and Kaden are playing down the line here and I have to move out for the ball and I want you to think about this every time you move for the ball you move for a reason right to go get it right or to bring that contact closer to you when you move out we cannot forget to recover.

Back and move back to Center or where we were okay so again we're going to be dinking here it's really really important that if we move for the ball we move to our left we come back and to our right or sometimes we may have to what move in on short balls we got to make sure we clear out and move back so that we don't get caught in the novel.

His own and then again at times let's say I'm moving back for a dink I get pushed back what do we see a lot we see players getting stuck back here and then now they're on the defense if we move back off the line after we hit the ball we want to recover back to the line all right common mistake number six that I see way too often is people never.

Stopping their feet and actually getting balanced so when you're working your way up to this kitchen line from the Baseline it's really important to make sure that you guys are able to stop your feet and get balanced while you guys hit first I'm going to show you guys what not to do oh.

So in that example I ran through my shot as I was hitting it more focused on the shot that was coming in but as you guys notice my feet never stopped and I never actually was able to get prepared for that next ball so when you guys are coming in it's really important to stop your feet get your body weight set and balanced and then you guys can hit your.

Shot I'll show you guys how to do it so in that example I did use a split step there as you guys get higher in level it is important to use a split step but for right now all I want you guys to really focus on is stopping your feet and getting balanced alright so now let's hop into common mistake number seven and I couldn't tell you how many.

Times I see this on the court and if you can just fix this one thing it's going to put you and your partner in a better position to attack more balls and also to defend okay so this is what we see a lot me and Kaden are dinking here and uh let's say you know there's some things that go by and let's say a dink is coming diagonally to Kaden.

Um and then he gets pulled way out on the backhand and then what usually happens here um your partner is going way off for the ball he's hitting a backhand dink over there and I kind of say okay then have a good vacation see you later but what happens we have a huge hole in the middle okay and to not get super.

Technical this is um again this terminology is called shading but just to keep it really simple all we want to do is we just want to follow our partner so okay then let's just get back into a good ready position here let's say the ball is being moved around if Kaden gets pulled off I just I want to move over.

Right to here and I want to cover and fill in the space now um people ask me this all the time how far you should move over if Kaden takes a couple steps over I'm going to take a couple steps over right so go back over there right and then let's say he hits it back Cross Court okay now I gotta cover my down the line and then he.

Slides back over so there's many different situations but again this concept of following your partner is really really important all the way up to the highest level so again just really simply if you see your partner go then you make sure you come and follow them and then obviously we got to make sure that we recover back all right so.

Those are the seven most common mistakes that we see at that 3035 level remember these are really really simple things but if you do them all it's really going to improve your game and you'll get out there and the game will seem a lot slower because you're now doing the right thing you're in better position and you're more well balanced thanks so.

Much for watching this video and we'll see you in the next one for exclusive pickleball content from me go ahead and check out brionist for awesome paddles like this one check the description below thanks so much for watching and we'll see you in the next video.

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These are the top 7 most common mistakes made by 3.0 recreational players. If you stop making these simple mistakes, it can make all the difference, and you’ll find yourself a little step closer to 4.0.

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06:54 Big mistake #5
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09:09 Big mistake #7

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