Sometimes in pickleball we make one too many errors and we get down in points we've all been there but what separates the good players from the great ones are the things you do to stop a loss and to get momentum back on your side today we're going to cover a few easy in-game adjustments that you can make anytime you find yourself down in points these.

Things will help you shift momentum back on your side get back in the game and maybe even come out with a win let's get into it welcome to high five pickleball where we help you improve your game so you can maximize your time on the court my name is adam richards and today we're covering adjustments you can make in any.

Doubles game so that you can shift momentum in your favor avoid a potential loss and get back into the game when you're trying to shift momentum and stop a loss the goals are to eliminate unforced errors and avoid risk but before we get started i want to give you a free gift it's called the path to better pickleball this is a 30 day.

Challenge to help you improve your skills step by step after signing up you get a free downloadable skills guide and 10 videos sent straight to your inbox every few days to gain access just click the link in the description alright let's get into it number one stack with your partner.

Stacking is a strategy that rearranges players on the court for example let's say that i'm struggling with my third shot drops or my backhand dinks and i'm on the odd side or the left side of the court to stack i will move to my partner's right side when they serve so that they can have a better chance of taking the third shot.

After they serve they shift over to the left side of the court and i stay on the right side if your partner is having more success or hitting more consistent third shots try stacking to give your partner more opportunities so that your team can at least get to the net also just by switching positions on the.

Court could force your opponents to think about where they want to return the ball and this visual shift could be enough to disrupt your opponent's focus and trigger an error on the serve return it may sound strange but slight visual changes like this can help disrupt your opponent this idea applies to when you're playing.

Defense as well you can switch sides by using hand signals number two play high percentage shots if you're down in points and looking to get back into the game you will want to focus on hitting the ball in high percentage areas of the court.

For example you'll want to hit to these parts of the court because you have a higher percentage chance of getting the ball in there's more risk involved with hitting low percentage shots another example would be when you're down in points and you're looking to get back into the game and you're hitting a.

Third shot drop hit to the middle the net is two inches lower in the middle compared to the edges and by hitting in the middle you will force your opponents to think and communicate who will hit your shot this gives you a greater chance of not only neutralizing your opponent but setting up the rally in your favor and.

Winning the point number three call your shots calling your shots is a simple but effective way to eliminate confusion on the court one point lost due to a lack of communication or a misunderstanding of who was hitting it is one point too many as soon as this happens talk with your.

Partner and commit to calling shots early and out loud a few shots you'll want to call are server turns shots in the kitchen especially dinks in the middle and then overheads or lobs number four clear the net if you're going to make an error it's best to at.

Least clear the net and hit the ball too high rather than too low and into the net for example if you're struggling with your third shot don't worry about being perfect and just get the ball over the net by keeping the ball in play you force your opponent to hit the ball and increase their chances of making an.

Error number five attack from the green zone if you're down in points and you're climbing your way out of a rut choose not to attack balls from below your waist this is an easy way to avoid risks and to time your attacks correctly if you'd like to learn more about this.

You can check out the video i did on timing your attacks number six switch up your shots by switching up your shots and staying unpredictable you can throw off your opponent and earn points when you normally shouldn't for example if you've been hitting normal serves and all of a.

Sudden you throw in a lob serve this can throw off your opponent just enough to force an error number seven isolate your opponent if you know one of your opponents is significantly weaker than the other you and your partner can choose to isolate this person and only hit the ball to him.

Or her this tactic is popular in tournaments and while it's not always a great idea in recreational play it still happens so just be mindful of the situation before you choose to isolate a player last but not least if you're playing a tournament and you're down in points and you feel your opponents get some.

Momentum over you call a timeout this is a great way to minimize their momentum and it will also give you and your partner some time to catch your breath and create a strategy for getting back into the game so that's it those are a few ideas you can use the next time you're down in.

Points and you're looking to get back into the game were there any strategies that i left out let me know in the comments and if you enjoyed this video or learned something new please remember to like subscribe and hit that notification bell so you never miss another update from.

High five pickleball thanks for watching a uh
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Who doesn’t love a good comeback?

In pickleball, momentum plays a huge part in many games, but momentum is a two-way street. If you make one too many errors, what could be a win could slip through your fingers.

What separates good players from great ones are the tactics you use to stop a loss and get the momentum back on your side.

Today we’re going to cover a few easy in-game adjustments you can make whenever you get down in points. These tactics will help you shift momentum, get back in the game, and maybe even come out with a win.

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