Okay nice good counter gosh dang dude good okay you have the advantage there good good counter that was good yeah you have the I think your team has the.

Advantage there oh that’s so unfortunate good job though I how was on it I was on it no that’s out yep you can get that down a little bit Yeah you hit it you hit it pretty solid.

Though oh too much nice good yeah and you’re giving yourself space there where I’m attacking from down here yeah but when you’re like countering from here yeah cuz you like the ball’s going to be higher T I like that you can’t as.

Well good yeah I’m going there a lot so now you’re kind of sitting there thank you is’s also good you want to take away my favorite spots that’s way out okay we’re out of ball now you’re the aggressor you attack when you want to.

Okay good power on that you hit it harder than I thought you would was messed me up nice yeah to Filthy you okay ah when you’re on the reach you got to stay in control stay in.

Control ooh you’re like not there with the footwork right to you there’s no reason not to be no no same thing there like you’re you’re like not set up right with the footwork try to get those feet completely planted too you’re you’re still you’re slightly stumbling about there.

Out of the air out of the air nice there you go good one thanks oh you’re kind of more like kind of like the shoulders going rather than wrist turning for that one like you’re risk kind of stay down throughout it okay that’s one I really want you to.

Be careful with if I hit a good reset dink maybe dink again or like a lot of times what happens is we’re like oh you reset it I got to hit even better attack and then you go for too much and you miss so that that like happens all the time I want to be careful with that no protect the face sorry sorry.

sorry D I can’t control my wrist Swit there good nice to get a lot behind that okay you’re aiming right at me and you’re hitting it hard if if I dodge it then I’ll that one will go out but I’m not dodging it so no point the.

Footw nice yeah so many spots you can go good shot you you should have waited a little longer and you kind of rushed that one yeah that’s bad I changed my mind okay I just read that one yeah.

hopefully that that happens to you a lot like I need you to that kind of low volley where you’re kind of loose like you’re about to do up here but then it’s down low need you to can you fix that yeah okay and I’m just that’s the problem I’m not exactly sure I’m not telling you how to fix it I just know.

How to fix it so silly I’m I’m my wrist turn is so lame there up okay I got lucky I got lucky to l no I think you just got to take your.

Time when it’s that well like I mean you you read it right but like I I executed it so I I took my time as I was hitting that I hit it pretty hard you did you’re not you’re not taking your time on that on that off the M there you go yeah like yeah it’s not as hard you can’t hit it it’s not like insanely hard but at least it stays in.

And you’re executing it oh that’s good dude stop turn this grow the finger oh you had it ah good attack I think it I don’t know I think that was good when oh my god do me that oh my gosh time.

Oh going to need to get a drink in a second that’s really bothering me oh my God that’s the one to many yeah can you hit those Corner GS like those corner of volleys with a little more purpose yes like just get your get your ball there don’t rush it but it should be more like.

That like that like that I see it nice nice down though good nice hands should we um switch it so that we both can attack sure and lob and stuff yeah and uh you could be look you can look to.

Be more offensive so you can test my hands more than maybe you normally would okay let’s just play like we normally yeah kind of see what we’ve got ah what you know why that missed though why my weight was back no I mean if you were here but like that’s where you normally are I got pushed off because of.

My thinks so you here so that normal angle at the feet isn’t there that makes sense so anyway just to if you’re back here you can’t go at the feet as readily as you normally would yeah good good counter you’re you’re when it’s really low to me you’re ready for those.

Attacks oh no yeah I can’t I can’t attack you from too low you’re ready for ni Bing sorry I did the same thing you did where.

I gu right to me but my footwork is just a little off it’s a little funky I got to get those that’s cuz I’m taking it where my back hand is oh your little jump step there but you started that with a big Advantage normally you win that against.

Me right now good dink ah I tried putting it back I think it’s out oh I got too cute I got too cute no oh the easy.

One nice good shot it’s really on really really big and kind of clunky yeah try to do a little more with BLS nice counter footw walk footw.

walk sorry good shot you want to attack me more on my backhand wing I feel like I haven’t hit I’ve hit a lot over here but I haven’t hit too many here sure I’ll I’ll look for it but you normally I haven’t I.

Haven’t been able to hit through your backand at all yeah I didn’t realize I didn’t know I could you tell me to do that a wear that’s what I haven’t been doing it you know I swear I didn’t know I could do that well you’ve been you have been doing that and that’s why I haven’t been hit I didn’t realize I didn’t so I’ll.

Keep I’ll keep looking for it but you’re like you’re asking me to force it no no no that nice attack good yeah that’s a lot better you’re I but also um like you’re hitting like a winner if you’re up here yeah but the fact you’re back here um it’s just a pretty good shot like if I have a partner we’re both going to.

Handle so I’d say if you can stay up cuz you’re hitting you’re reading it and you’re hitting good shots is just the fact that your back is making it not your shots not as good sorry hey I don’t know what happened same thing you hit you hit it really.

Strong and really hard as a winner but the fact you’re back here yeah I have more time to react and uh you’re still going to be back there just out okay yeah I got a bad L I’m happy about that yeah yeah I mean it’s it’s not.

Horrible nice move nice one thanks I don’t know why I think it’s cuz I’m trying to copy that feel instead of that just off today hand oh what down down down okay and I should I think I figured.

Out something that was going on with my back hand so I should be able to attack your back hand a little bit better now we’ll find out yeah nice one nice one and on the.

Reach I’m not oh wow yes way to get it down at my shot your partner might be there for some but we know you weren’t there and that’s what matters.

Here get there you’re just hoping it goes out I rather you move and if it goes out then you just took a couple extra SE for nothing if it comes in then you’re ready pretty good it could use like it’s Miss see a little extra panash where I will for sure be a.

Winner just get the feet set been off today if that idea has been messing up you’re leaning the wrong way my Vol dink is it’s kind of like your hips are leaning back where you’re like leaning where really it should be more.

Like your butt and your hand leaning back rather than actually your hip so yeah anyways and it’s not as an efficient leane like you should be able to get hit that better from out of the air and get and get set that’s staying in if you think it’s going out maybe your partner helps you but get your feet set you’re still kind of.

Stumbling your footw work’s not there your fo work’s not there you can’t hit the corner yeah it’s a bad block good fo good job though there we go that had the extra that had the extra pach there nice ball you’re just really.

Leaning this way like to me it looks like you’re sitting backand I am which means I’m going to go to your forehand that makes sense which from here is the one time where like your partner is going to have to stand like like like here or here to get some of these I’m not saying they can’t but if they are then I’ll just go now now this is less.

About you it’s kind of less about you but I’m just going to go like like that kind of a thing and they’re not going to get there so anyways I say protect your backand just a little less if anything I’ve been going there so you should more yeah yeah I don’t know it feels harder to go your back end right there.

Yeah feels like you’re ready what go there your balance nice good job and I’m the one moving around and not balanc and you were balancing ready the whole time you had the advantage not me backed up nice.

Nice one it’s way too much I didn’t really grab it very well too much you can switch it up when you want to it’s just uh last couple yeah nice watch.

That yeah good
I use the Legacy Pro 16mm paddle. If you would like a legacy paddle visit, https://legacypickleball.com/ and use code austingridleypb for 10% off your order. Cheers, pickle on dudes!