Winning in pickleball is all about good decision making and properly directing your focus throughout your career your biggest opponent will always be between your ears you'll never reach your full potential unless you conquer your own mind so I want you to think of today's video as a pre-match reminder of what you need to focus on to give yourself.

The best chance to win trust me if you aren't thinking about these while you play You're inevitably going to play worse that said I encourage you to watch this video Once initially and then to re-watch it before any important matches as a pep talk to give yourself the best chance to win so let's get into it I don't want to give you too much to focus.

On so we're just going to go over the five main things that you want to have top of mind whenever you play the key theme Here is when you're competing you want to focus on what you have control over the first thing is that you want to focus more on your footwork than your Technique this is a common mistake that I see so many players mess up don't get.

Me wrong your technique's really important but if you're going into a match your Technique should already be set in stone you shouldn't be thinking about your grip on your dinks or how big of a swing you're going to take on your drops these are all things that you should figure out beforehand so in your next match whether that's today or next.

Week make sure you're not worrying too much about your Technique a lot of the time when players do this they end up neglecting their footwork if you're reacting slowly to balls and getting to them late this will literally bring everything down in your game you never want to get to the ball just in the nick of time the second you see where the.

Ball is going react immediately and move there quickly get there early if you can so that you can adjust to be in the perfect position always prioritize staying Lively with your feet and using the proper footwork for what section of the Court you're at this means moving laterally like this at the kitchen and taking adjustment steps like this at the.

Back of the court if you're moving forward make sure to split stuff like this to get on balance for resets one thing I want to say is that just because you're watching this video doesn't mean you're going to automatically focus on this the rest of your matches I guarantee in your matches your focus will slip at some point and your.

Footwork will get lazy if you're watching this you know that every once in a while you'll miss a ball because you're a little too casual the key is that you recognize this as quickly as you can so you can get your footwork going again this goes for all the coming tips in the video too you'll need to remind yourself of these every time you.

Play that's why I recommend watching this video multiple times the next thing that I want you to think about is that you should never let the score affect your level of effort yeah he's right uh let's try to win but not win by too much we don't want to win by too much think about how many times you've been winning big in a game and let your.

Concentration slip just a little next thing you know it's all tied up and you're scrambling to get it back this is known as a letdown and you do not want to do this if you're playing a game and you really want to win you should give it your all the entire time this goes for whether you're winning big losing big or it's close if you're up 7-0 make.

It a game for yourself and try to win 11-0 if you're down 7-0 recognize that your opponents may have a letdown and play even harder don't give up just because things haven't been going your way trust me if you think about this every time you play you'll rarely blow big leads and you'll surprise yourself with crazy comebacks hangable games are.

Really fast and they're entirely based on momentum the best players understand this and they know how to utilize it building on that concept if you're playing poorly you should never let that affect your effort no matter how good you get you're always going to make mistakes I can guarantee you in your next game you'll probably miss an easy.

Shot or blow an opportunity that you should have capitalized on this happens to everyone pickleball can be a frustrating game game the best players know this though and they go into matches ready to make mistakes the key is that when this happens you immediately bounce back and don't get discouraged when it comes to this kind.

Of stuff you want to have a short memory a very common saying in Rocket Sports is that you want to focus on one point at a time every point is a completely isolated situation that has nothing to do with one before it so regardless of whether or not you're winning losing or just missing an easy shot enter each point with a fresh perspective and 100.

Focus moving on every player has a specific game style maybe you're the type of player that likes to use their soft game or maybe you're an aggressive player that prefers power regardless your strengths and weaknesses are not going to change during a match what will change is who you're playing against because of this whenever you're playing.

You want to think about how to adjust your game to best play the team standing on the other side of the Court adapt to survive if your normal game style isn't working then you need to adjust your strategy usually this means gauging how aggressive you should be against a given team if all the hard balls you hit are working then you should keep doing this.

But if they aren't you may want to be more patient and wait for better opportunities once you lock onto a winning strategy use it until it stops working remember your opponents are thinking about this too just because something's worked a few times doesn't mean your opponents won't catch on the next time you're playing analyze your.

Opponents and strategize accordingly it may turn out that one of them is worse or maybe neither of them are good in digging situations the key is that you take this information and run with it so many players go down with a losing strategy don't let this happen to you and adapt to survive this next one may seem obvious but it's probably the most.

Important part of preparing for a match so I had to include it I'm talking about getting a good warm-up think how many times have you gone out to play where the first game of the day was a total dud if you don't warm up properly this most likely will happen to you too the key is to get that first game out of the way so during your first real game.

You're ready to compete so let's go over the three main components to a good warm-up the first is the physical aspect before you even pick up your paddle you should go through what's called a dynamic warm-up this is where you do a series of short stretches that won't different parts of your body this means your legs your arms and your core don't.

Be the guy that gives me two of these and gets going if you want to play at your highest level and prevent injuries you need to make sure that your body's ready to go after you're done with this part you want to start off with some drilling for specific shots you should always try to go through every shot I have a bunch of drills in my other.

Videos so I'm not going to go over that here lastly try to get a practice game in if you're playing recreationally then this can just be your first game of the day but if you're in a tournament or League try your best to play at least one game with another team there before you compete this will get rid of the initial shock that comes with the very.

Beginning of competition trust me a good warm-up can be the difference between a win and a loss so try your hardest to make this happen if you want to give yourself your best chance if you don't have anyone to warm you up we created the dink pad and dinkmaster to be your new warm-up partners with the dink pad and dinkmaster you can have the entire.

Drilling portion of your own taken care of before you even get on the court this is an awesome way to get an edge over your opponents you can do dinking drills for accuracy quick hands drills to fire up your reflexes and touch drives resets and so much more if you want to check out the Dig powder dinkmaster head to the link in the description this last.

Tip is something that I'm constantly having to remind myself about when I'm playing I'm talking about being patient think about how many times you've lost points because you went for big shots at the wrong time it's good to mix it up sometimes but 75 percent of the time you want to be very patient within the standard strategy of pickleball being.

The more patient player can easily be the difference between winning and losing the question is where on the court am I referring to being patient the main place we need to be patient is when we're at the kitchen you all know how tempting it can be to go for a dumb speed up but as we all know it's almost always better to wait for the right shot.

Looking at this chart we usually want to be patient in the yellow zone and the Red Zone once we get to shop the green zone that's when we want to go big and if you're worried that your opponents are going to fire the ball at you first just know that as long as you're keeping your dinks low you have a strong ready position you should be in a good.

Position to beat them if they speed it up on you just like our other tips this is something that you need to be thinking about throughout all of your matches if you ever start getting impatient and playing Reckless remind yourself that pickleball is like a game of chess you need to be mentally tough and wait for the right opportunities you.

Don't want to go for the King right away open up the court then strike if you're the type of player that could be a loose cannon then this may be the most important reminder on this list but seriously guys if you're watching this before a game try your best to remember everything that we just went through you can pause the video right now if you.

Want to go over them again maybe even screenshot this like I said I encourage you to save this video so that you can re-watch it before all of your games you can even just listen to the audio as you stretch or are driving to the courts these are basic tips but they should be programmed into the way you think when you're on the court you don't want to.

Realize you haven't considered them when the match is already over they should always be top of mind when you're competing also make sure to send this video to your main partner so that you're on the same page before your games using these tips won't be nearly as beneficial if your partner is neglecting them also guys we're giving.

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Are you ready to dominate your next pickleball game? Watch this video for a pep talk and learn 5 pickleball tricks that will help you improve your game. From dinks and volleys to serves and drives, these tips will give you the edge you need to win. We’ll also cover how to effectively return shots and execute 3rd shot drops. Tune in and get pumped up to crush your competition!