Hey thanks so much for taking the time to watch our video series I'm Scott Moore here at Aspire Sports 21 time national champion and I'm going to share with you why pickleball is the greatest sport ever invented first of all it's the most social sport there is I have friends from 20 countries have played in over a dozen.

And this sport is the greatest way to make a friend or find a partner that I've ever found unlike a lot of other sports it also is the most mental or strategic sport that I have ever played as well I mean I'm getting better I'm 60 years old and playing some of the best pick of all my life been playing 10 years you can actually get better with.

Age unlike any other sport out there it's also extremely physical I also happen to be in the best shape of my life at 60 because I'm exercising every day for two or three hours and it doesn't even feel like exercise that's a great way to get and stay in great shape as you age it also happens to be a lifetime sport my wonderful father.

Played until he was over 90 years old four to five days a week I want to be just like him there are lots of sports that claim they are lifetime sports but very few where you can actually actualize it as you can in pickleball also very low barriers to entry for 50 to 100 you can buy a paddle a couple dollars for a ball and that's really all.

You need to play for years of fun because there's courts going up all over the country and all over the world so this Sport's not going away it's the greatest most fun you'll ever have playing a sport and I think pickleball is here to stay it's going to get bigger so join me on the next couple of videos where I explain some of the basic rules.

And the strategy behind this wonderful sport of pickleball I want to ask you a question are you ready to take your pickleball game to the next level making pickleball even more fun do you want to do it the right way and see results the very next time you step on the pickleball court if so I want to introduce you to the pickleball Master.

Class it's the only comprehensive online pickleball course that'll help you achieve a 4.0 rating or higher attract better players better partners and have more fun in a record time inside the pickleball master class we have 35 videos broken up into eight modules the serve the return in third shot four shot the dink lob the volley and the reset we.

Break down each of the core aspects of the game and attach a principle so that the skill that is taken away takes all the guesswork out of the game for you and you have a systematic approach to the game that you can build a solid foundation upon just click the button below this video and it'll take you to our checkout page where the discounted.

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We love pickleball! In this video, you will learn how to play pickleball and various pickleball strategies. It is important to first understand the pickleball rules, and then come and watch these pickleball tutorials to take your game to the next level.

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