Hi welcome to brionne's pickleball my name is jordan breonis and in today's video we're going to go over the five most deceptive shots that you could hit out on the court now let's jump right in all right so before we get started if you're not subscribed to this channel go ahead and hit that subscribe button and also hit that little bell icon so that.

You can be notified every time we release a new video in this video we're going to go over the five most deceptive shots that you could hit out on the court so that when you hit them your opponent has no idea what you're going to hit and you can surprise them and win the point just a little disclaimer here these are definitely advanced shots and.

You don't want to hit them all the time but when used at the right time and executed well you could win the point out right all right so now let's jump into the first shot and that is the wind-up dink or the wind-up lob now there's two different variations that i like to do and i'm gonna show you both of them all.

Right so real quickly this is when you get more of a dead dink and what is a dead thing it's a dink that sits up kind of in the middle of the non-volley zone and balances and it just sits up high it doesn't have a lot of spin and you can really do anything you want with that ball so a dead dink is what i'm looking for i'm looking for a ball like this and.

Then i'm going to take a big wind up like i'm going to get ready to speed up the ball or drive it and then instead of driving it i'm going to slow it down last minute and i'm going to dink it i'm gonna hit like a top spinner roll and i like to do it kind of in that corner there towards that sideline okay so it's gonna look a little bit like this.

all right so obviously here we're looking for an exact ball or an ideal ball that we're going to want to hit the shot on and my first move okay is i'm going to step in and i'm going to bring my paddle up up here like i'm going to drive it i'm going to get a big backswing big take back and then i'm.

Acting like i'm going to hit it really hard or drive it even though i know that i'm just going to dink it and again i'm coming here and this is a top spin shot and it's just a top spin dink so i'm slowing my swing down last minute and all i'm doing is just rolling it to the left or to the right this is really effective because.

You know when the ball kind of sits up um good players will brace themselves right they're going to think that they are going to get a really fast ball so when they get ready for that ball and then it rolls here a lot of times they're laid on it or you know they're stretched out and.

They pop it up or miss it into the net all right so one way to practice this is you can have a partner feed you kind of a dead dink so she's gonna feed it right here and then i'm gonna do a big swing and then roll it okay and then she's just gonna try to defend go ahead okay good good good okay again.

Okay good okay okay all right obviously the bigger the swing the bigger the rotation you're trying to sell it right this is a kind of a fake shot and then you roll it to either the forehand or the backhand all right so there's kind of a second.

Variation to this and this one i kind of developed just by just messing around but i've hit it a good amount of times and it's just a lot of fun when i do it so the same setup remember you are trying to force them to hit a high dead dink here so instead of me rolling it okay again when i have this big take back and backswing.

They're bracing and getting ready here for a drive they have their feet solid in the ground and they're getting ready for a drive so one thing that i like to do is a big wind up to a lob okay and it doesn't even have to be the greatest lob it just has to be high over the head i'm not trying to hit a winner.

I'm just trying to get them to think that i'm going to drive it and then i lob it over their head all right so it's going to look like this okay okay one more time here we go okay last one here all right so again it's about selling it right i'm have a big wind up i look like.

I'm gonna hit it really hard and the last minute i slow my swing down and this time instead of rolling it i have my paddle face open and then i lift it up and over her head okay this one's actually a lot harder and it takes a lot of practice but you know as you're adding new tools to your toolbox this is.

Just something to get you thinking and at least get you thinking how high-level players think okay so we're trying to do things that are going to surprise their opponent or catch them off guard all right so now we're going to jump into the deceptive shot number two and that is the off-the-bounce forehand flick so again i'm looking for kind of a dead.

Dink that six sits up here okay so the off the bounce flick i'm talking about is going to look like this so it's going to look like i'm just going to dink it but instead i'm just gonna give it a little flick with my wrist okay now there's a lot of times where i see players use their wrists and different situations and.

That's very inconsistent but this is one of the shots right at an advanced level that you can use your wrist to flick it right at them and where i would suggest to aim um it's kind of away from their body you don't want to go right at them now that can still catch people off guard but if you can get it off to the right the right.

Side if they're right-handed player or their dominant side and key tip is always be ready for the cleanup so i'm gonna flick then be ready for the counter or their pop-up all right so here we go sorry sorry okay.

All right so again it could be a dangerous shot but high level players you better be expecting it okay all right so there you go that's the off the bounce forehand flick now this is really hard to read and the key here is setting up the same exact way how you hit your game so what i tell.

Players when they're trying to disguise the shot is try to keep in mind how you are dinking or how you're hitting your previous shot so what i'm trying to do is hit the same exact shot with the same motion and then what am i going to do in the last minute i'm going to accelerate and use my wrist to kind of flick it.

Over all right so now let's go into the third really deceptive shot that i love to hit and it is my favorite and it is the misdirection volley all right so for the misdirection volley the ball that you are looking for is a cross court ball a cross court dink that you can kind of take out of the air right here now um.

I really like this shot because it's a fun one to hit and you are going to be attacking the person right down the line from you so it's called misdirection because the direction is coming from cross court right now let's say i'm on the odd side which i am right now and i'm getting a ball from the odd side like we're cross-court dinking here and.

Then instead of going back cross court i'm going to slightly turn my paddle face and open it up down the line and i have all my momentum and my weight and my paddle going kind of selling that cross-court shot so we'll show you a few here all right so that was the misdirection.

Volley you can hit that both on the backhand and the forehand side and again this is a really good shot one of my favorite shots to hit because it's just really fun and i like you know really trying to disguise and sell my shot cross court all right so again.

Anytime you're doing kind of more of a disguise deception or riskier shot kind of like these anytime you do it just be ready right because players might have seen it before or you might have not put it in a great spot so every time you go for this shot make sure you're ready to counter all right so now let's jump into the fourth really.

Deceptive shot i really love this one in this scenario i'm at the non-volley zone line with my partner and let's say my opponents are back at the baseline so when they are hitting their third shot drop either they're doing that or they're kind of on the defense right so they could be scrambling and then they.

Hit kind of this high third shot right it's bouncing high kind of short into the non-volley zone i'm gonna you know a lot of players will come here and what do we try to do we try to we got to keep it deep right and which you should um and push it back to their feet with topspin but instead of that in this one.

I'm gonna sell the big windup just like the first two and then i'm just gonna dink it right over here and usually what happens is one of two things if you execute it really well you have them full for sprinting okay on the run right you have them coming over here and then i have it easy put away in the middle or um cross court or you just have outright.

Winner because they're on you know they're leaning back on the backs of their heels all right so this is what it's going to look like katrina is going to hit some kind of high third shot drops and i'm going to you know act like i'm going to hit it really hard and drive it and then just roll it little.

Top spin roll dink towards the sideline all right so like i said this is a very effective shot especially when you have them on the defense okay and your opponents are back at the baseline scrambling or leaning back and you're getting a ball that bounces up and sits up here so normally players.

Would drive it as they normally should keep it back with topspin but then in this case here i'm gonna do a big backswing sell that really fast shot deep shot with tossman and then slow it down and then just curl it right over here all right so now let's jump into the fifth and final really deceptive shot that i love to do and when done at.

The right time it usually is a outright winner okay again you have them leaning back okay so this is one where i'm going to take an overhead or it's going to look like i'm going to take an overhead and then at the last second i'm just going to hit a little dink into the non-void zone again usually it's outright winner.

Because they're leaning back and if they do happen together they're running like full force in and i'm ready here to clean that ball up all right so like i said this is a really great shot and it works almost every time as long as your opponents are leaning.

Back okay they're behind the baseline and you can execute the drop efficiently okay so just to kind of show you what i do i set up for a big overhead here okay and you just really gotta just get your paddle on your hand up like you're gonna hit it really hard and then i see the ball and then last second i'm going to try to just open it up to here okay.

And from this position i'm gonna just try to softly dink it into the non-volley zone all right before we close this video we're gonna go over the bonus deceptive shot yes this is additional one i'm giving it to you for free here and it is the ernie drop okay now this is probably my second favorite shot behind the misdirection.

Shot and this is the one where you know you come outside here or you jump over it and instead of hitting ernie really hard i'm gonna hit a drop shot remember this is kind of like the same thing but you have them on the heels you have their weight leaning back and i jump the kitchen and then hit a drop okay so it's.

Gonna look like this okay okay okay all right so like i said that's a bonus one for you for free that's.

One of my favorite shots so again these are advanced shots if you're a beginner i probably wouldn't encourage you to go out there and try these all but what this hopefully shows you is that it's all about deception and disguise when you are raising up in levels okay you always want your opponent thinking and if you can hit.

Certain shots in certain scenarios at select times and you can execute it really well and make them think you're hitting one thing but you're hitting something else you can get some easy points and hopefully that can build up to you eventually winning the match all right.

So again thanks so much for watching us in this video and we'll see you in the next one thanks so much for watching for a free pickleball workout routine that is guaranteed to level up your game head on to bryonyspiceball.com forward slash workout before you head on over there make sure you're subscribed to this youtube channel and hit that.

Little bell icon so that you can be notified every time we release a new video again thanks for watching and we'll see you in the next one
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