Best ways to block hard shots effectively five hard shot defense mistakes in pickleball do this instead every once in a while when you're at the line you or your partner may accidentally send a popped up ball to your opponents putting you in a difficult position for the next shot.

That's coming back we're referring to the situation where they get a bad pop and land a downward blow on you it's inevitable no matter how confident you are there will be a high pop that doesn't do anything and a massive assault is coming your way it's very likely to occur multiple times during the course of a game however being able.

To deal with this kind of situation on the back foot defensively is a key differentiator between the best and the rest in today's video we're going to break down the five big mistakes that many players make at this stage that's killing their chances of turning things back around and what the best players do correctly that keeps them in the point.

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Icon so you don't miss any of our recent videos today's video we're going to talk about five hard shot defense mistakes in pickleball make sure to stick around to the end of this video where we will reveal the best ways to block hard shots effectively now let's get right into the video with pickleball's meteoric rise and.

Popularity comes a corresponding acceleration in the game's strategic development even though many fundamental strategies persist because they have been tried and tested and will continue to do so limits are constantly being tested when some old ways must make wave for the new ones one of these extinct dinosaur strategies as I like to call.

Them is to stand your ground at the line and never retrieve so that brings us to mistake number one which is mistake number one standing your ground at all costs unfortunately some well-intentioned coaches and teammates will advocate for a tactic that has never made any sense and never will I can't think of a single sport where.

Players aren't taught to retreat when under attack this is done both to give the defender more room to work with and then to slow down the oncoming assault if you see an enormous full power downward attack coming at you staying on your feet and trying to get the ball back will do you no good at all you have a very little time and make a decision.

To act if your current opponent's most powerful shot is relatively weak you should feel free to remain on the defensive you'll be just fine but let's pretend for the sake of this video that you've got some serious fire The Prudent action is to gain some breathing room and safety however there is a proper and improper method rather.

Than attempting to block the shot many players simply back up and run away from it while making a token effort to defend themselves by throwing their paddles at the ball you'll fail miserably at defending a hard shot in that way and your chances of winning the point are practically nil the best course of action is to retreat rapidly get your.

Feet under you and your balance in order before your opponent makes contact with you or you might find yourself falling back as you strike first and foremost you should quickly drop back align your body so that you are leaning forward meeting the ball rather than running away from it if you don't understand this nothing else we discuss will matter.

It's crucial that you take this action now you should fall back as far as you can while still maintaining your equilibrium and you should do this just before they make their attack now before we move ahead to talk about more game-changing pickleball tips please take a second to like this video subscribe to our channel so that we can.

Keep bringing more informative pickleball content to you a little contribution means a lot for us mistake number two standing Too Tall this complement since the initial step of stepping back and gaining equilibrium some players may be standing Too Tall which makes it difficult to regain equilibrium even if you do so since the.

Ball is coming low to you most of the time this plays against you competitors who are smart will aim for your lower legs or try to avoid your attacks by striking low in a way to their advantage forcing you into a low contact increases the likelihood that you will send it back to them high allowing them to continue attacking or causing you to.

Miss completely you'll have to bend over frequently to handle these slugs if you have to move to retrieve the shot you won't have much success if your knee isn't bent and ready to provide an explosive step as an additional often overlooked but crucial benefit getting low allows your body to absorb some of the velocity of the incoming shot the.

Inability to properly absorb the ball's speed is a common cause of defensive difficulties among players to help absorb some of the speed of the ball you should bend your knees which is one of the many strategies we will cover in a moment many more further back on the court and your opponent is taking hard attacking shots need to get low to block.

Them maintain a stance that is at least as wide as your shoulders in a knee Bend of about 20 five percent sitting back and lowering your center of gravity will greatly improve your defensive play so do just that mistake number three too much swing in many cases such as resets and blocking shots the arms are moving around too much overdoing either the.

Backswing or the follow through can have the same effect you don't have to move the paddle too much when your opponent is attacking with a full force shot the object should hardly budge at all as it stands your opponent's providing almost all the energy required to send the ball back over the net your primary objective is to redirect it at an appropriate.

Angle allowing it to go over the net while still falling into the kitchen or giving the ball low contact point with which to make a save far too many players overdo it and swing way too much on blocks and resets though this may be necessary after hitting an off speed attack say 60 to 70 percent of their Max Speed that's the end of that shot now.

That we've gotten that out of the way let's examine a common error made with the hand and arm when trying to block powerful blows mistake number four overly tight arm and grip there's a lot of talk about people making too much of a death grip when it comes to blocking and resetting and it's true many people have too tight of grip during contact.

Which produces too much rebound energy on the ball so getting it rocketing over your paddle and going higher harder and deeper than you'd like leaving you open to repeated attacks hence it's advisable to release your hold hold it firmly enough to prevent the paddle from wobbling but not so tightly that your hand can't absorb some of the ball's.

Kinetic energy however that's not the end of it the entire arm beginning at the shoulder needs to be on the slack side so that it too can help absorb some Pace allowing for a looser hand don't forget about the bent knees we discussed earlier it's not just a looser grip that takes the sting out of the ball your entire body is involved achieve an.

Equilibrium between being a solid surface of which the ball can bounce and being pliable enough to take the necessary sting out of the shot successfully blocking requires the right paddle angle face and enough looseness to soften the shot what matters is how you feel about it you'll need to put in a lot of practice time to really get.

Good at this knowledge alone will help you much that's something that each person has to learn to feel out for themselves it'd be impossible to tell you that you should just go and keep doing repetitions until you start to feel the effects now this dovetails right into our next mistake which is mistake number five five non-specific.

Training drilling is a technique that I find to be very useful one of the simplest ways to practice defending hard shots with resets is to do so by beginning in the transition zone remaining there and repeatedly resetting from there yes that will help you improve your Proficiency in this area but what you're missing in this drill is.

The practice of backing up defending with a reset and then following back in you aren't getting the full picture if you don't know how to time your split step correctly how to rebalance yourself and successfully transition from backwards momentum to neutral and then forward everything else that goes into making this a special set of abilities.

So what is your favorite strategy to block hard shots and pickleball matches tell us in the comments also don't forget to like this video and share with your fellow picklers also if you love pickleball to make sure to watch this next video on our Channel thanks for watching bye
5 Hard Shot Defense Mistakes In Pickleball…Do THIS Instead!

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The Best Paddles

Throughout your career as a pickleball player, you may notice that you frequently send your shots over to your opponent’s side higher than you would prefer. The higher you send the ball across the court, the more likely your opponents are to attack you, especially if they are further up on the court.

A superb pickleball player is distinguished by their ability to hold the ball low at crucial periods and on demand.

By keeping the ball at a low elevation, you make it harder for your opponent to execute aggressive plays. In this video, we look at some of the best ways of keeping the ball low in pickleball.

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Every once in a while, when you’re at the line, you or your partner may accidentally send a popped-up ball to your opponents, putting you in a difficult position for the next shot that’s coming back.

We’re referring to the situation where they get a bad pop and land a downward blow on you.
It’s inevitable, no matter how competent you are. There will be a high pop that doesn’t do anything, and a massive assault is coming your way.

It’s very likely to occur multiple times during the course of a game.
However, being able to deal with this kind of situation while on the back foot defensively is a key differentiator between the best and the rest.

In today’s video, we’re going to break down the 5 big mistakes that many players make at this stage that’s killing their chances of turning things back around and what the best players do correctly that keeps them in the point with a chance to win it.


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