Hi welcome to brionne's pickleball my name is jordan briones and if you just started this game today we're gonna go over the five most important shots that you're going to need to learn now let's jump right in all right so if you're not subscribed to this channel yet go ahead and subscribe and hit that little bell icon so that.

You can be notified every time we release a new video in today's video we're going to go over the five most important shots that you're going to use and that you need to learn especially if you are just starting out playing this game of pickleball all right so the very first shot that we're gonna talk about is the dink yes dink if you've never.

Heard it before it's d-i-n-k it's when you softly hit the ball over the net and usually you would want that ball to descend down and drop down into your opponent's non-volley zone okay so this shot is a shot that is played very often in lower levels all the way up to the.

Highest level so this is a very fundamental shot that you're going to have to learn especially when you start out all right so what we're going to start off with here is i'm at the non-volley zone line okay this is called the non-volley zone line here and my wife katrina is on the other side of the net.

Close to her non-volley zone line and when we're talking about dinking we're trying to hit it soft softly over the net and we want this ball descending down in that non-volley zone or towards that non-volley zone so strategically what we're trying to do is force a low ball.

For our opponent okay so we're gonna just dink back and forth here and you can see is if i hit it softly over the net like that the ball lands in front of her and it's forcing her to hit up every time now one reason why this is good is because.

She's contacting the ball really low so she's gonna have to hit up on it right so it's harder for her to attack and and also what it could do is it could maybe force her to hit it into the net or cause her to pop it up all right so that's dinking there and right now let's go into the.

Technique real quick couple key things here is for your dink i see lots of players taking their paddle all the way back right when the ball is coming over they take it back and then they're getting ready to swing okay so what we want to make sure we do is that our dink should be short and compact so what does that mean i want to get in my ready.

Position here and then as soon as that ball comes over if it's going to come to my forehand side i'm just going to drop my paddle down just like this so i'm not taking it behind my leg right here and i'm just going to lift up from my shoulder here to here then i go back to my ready position if it's on this backhand side drop my paddle down and.

I'm lifting okay i got to make sure i'm lifting from my shoulder okay i'm not using my wrist i'm actually using my shoulder okay so here we go okay so backhand lift it up okay forehand lift trying to keep my eye on the ball when i contact it okay so it's really important to try to get some good clean contact here.

And make sure that you you know you have some good margin over the net all right our dinks don't have to land or or they don't have to travel one inch above the net okay i want some good margin good height and my main goal main focus remember is i'm dinking the ball trying to get that ball to drop down in front of my opponent.

All right so i'm going to do a couple more notice how my stroke and my paddle is not coming behind my legs right so all i'm doing is just lifting up nice and easy just lifting up getting back to ready position each time okay if i have to take a backhand just like that okay.

So you know again just to remind you don't take your paddle back all the way like this and then just have a nice short compact follow through from here to here so that is the dink it's a very fundamental shot to learn and the last tip i have for you the bonus tip here is that.

You're not having a death grip you're not holding it really tight so when we're thinking here we want to have a grip pressure of a three to a four on a scale of one to ten if ten is the tightest we wanna have a fairly light grip so that we could control and feel the ball all right so the next shot that we're going to jump into that you must.

Learn if you're just starting out with this game of pickleball is the volley it's very very important we're going to get a lot of volleys in this game because a lot of the times we're up at the net up at this non-volley zone line so for the volley really simply a volley is when you hit the ball out of the air before it bounces okay but what we're.

Going to be talking about right now is just a regular or traditional push or punch volley okay so i'm in my ready position here and then we are going to actually be falling back and forth and what you're going to notice is not huge swings or a huge backswing or take back i'm just gonna.

Go right here so i'm gonna you know move my paddle face in a way where it's pointing to my target and then i'm just gonna push from my shoulder and what you're gonna notice in this game it is really a backhand dominated sport so what i mean by that is you're going to be taking a lot of backhand volleys because all the balls.

That are traveling towards your torso area or your body area you know it's a lot easier to take that as a backhand so what we're gonna do katrina and i here is we're gonna volley back and forth nice and easy and we are just going to push from our shoulder and volley this ball out in front okay.

Here we go okay so nice and easy all we're doing is just pushing and contacting the ball out in front and trying to keep it or trying to aim right for each other's chest area or waist area okay.

Okay so what you'll notice is you know we're not hitting super hard right now we just want to control the ball and if you're just starting out this is going to be difficult okay because you know your control is not there yet but you want to work up to where you can push it out like this so there's many things you can do you can.

Practice against a wall or simply you can start like this i can feed her the ball here she's gonna volley it and then i'm just gonna try to catch it right okay so you can do this right and then you can feed each other and work on that but we definitely wanted to get to a point where we could.

Control it remember when we're hitting volleys back and forth we're just aiming right for our torso area or waist area here and just work on this backhand volley now you're for sure going to have to learn how to hit four hands for sure but right now this is just a drill practicing on that backhand volley all right so now let's jump into the.

Third shot that you're definitely going to need to learn when you're just starting out in pickleball and that is the serve the serve starts the point but also i want to start you off at least with the basics learning the correct technique the basics of the serve so that you know you can build on that.

And improve it over time okay so for the serve i always recommend that we start in you know more of a closed stance or semi-open stance so what that means is you can see this camera if my feet are parallel to line this is open stance and some players will serve this way.

But you know i recommend being in more of a closed stance okay or semi open it's like a little bit like this so the reason why i want to be like this is because i'm gonna you know get in this position and as i swing i'm gonna rotate right i'm rotating my hips and my body um as i hit the ball and swing.

Okay but before that i'm just gonna talk about technique really quick okay so i'm gonna hold the ball here and you know what there's different ways to serve um you can hit it out of the air or you can do something what's called a drop serve where you drop the ball it bounces on the floor and then you hit.

It so when players are just starting out i kind of like to start them with a drop serve because it's a good way that you can practice your technique okay so i get in my good stance here and i want you just when you're starting out um to just put place your paddle you know around knead the hip height over here okay so i'm a right-handed player.

You know i have it just out here my paddle here and i'm gonna have my hand to drop the ball out here so this is my setup okay i'm in a nice low stance my knees are bent okay and i'm balanced here and then i'm gonna drop it and then i'm gonna swing up towards my left shoulder okay so it's gonna be from here swing.

Up to here okay if you're just starting out don't go out there and try to hit as hard as you can remember technique is important so we just want to dial that in first okay so again i'm going to start here swing to my left shoulder and i'm just going to drop it.

Here okay all right okay all right good return there okay so that was the drop serve but you can do the same thing out of the air so i'm gonna do it out of the air and my technique does not change it's the same exact thing.

Okay okay okay all right so you either do a drop serve or just a traditional serve where you hit it out of the air and then swing up towards your left shoulder if you're righty towards your right shoulder if you're a lefty alright so now the fourth.

Shot that you're going to need to learn how to hit is the return now the return is very important because our opponents will be serving to us and we got to get that ball back into play and our goal is at least to get that ball deep into the court because after the return we're going to want to you know make our way up to the.

Non-volley zone line to meet our partner up there so on the return i'm just going to give you a couple key tips here so let's say katrina is over there on the outside of the court serving to me here so i'm going to be in a good ready position here and right now for the forehand let's just say a forehand return okay so.

The serve is going to come in and then i see it coming to my forehand what i want to do is i want to get ready and get set up and step in actually with my left foot so that when i hit my return okay it's a low to high shot okay when i hit my return i can have my momentum moving forward okay so that's the most important thing.

On the return that you want to try to do now one thing i do want to mention is you know if players are serving really really deep it's going to be tough if you're standing right on the baseline like this they're serving really hard and really deep give yourself some room okay let the ball bounce let it slow down a.

Little bit then we step in hit the shot low the high motion we hit the shot and then we try to make our way to the non-void zone line the backhand side it's going to look kind of similar here but if i see on my backhand here we go i'm stepping in with my right leg now so i could hit my return okay load a high motion like this.

And then i can head to the line now these shots can definitely be broken down but you know right now i just want you to really be mindful of where your stance is okay choose if you're gonna you know hit it with the forehand or backhand early okay.

If i see it come over here i'm gonna get ready step in with my left foot right here and then hit it low to high motion then i'm coming in if it's gonna come in my backhand here boom i see it on my backhand i might have to adjust my feet a little bit then step with my right foot and then hit that ball.

As i have my momentum moving forward okay here we go so katrina is going to hit a few serves here all right okay now let's do some backhands backhand returns here okay all right so the return something that you're definitely going to have to.

Practice keep working on but make sure that we do our best to have our momentum moving in and forward because that's where we want to be going after a shot and that we hit that ball nice and out in front okay i'm not hitting it super hard you know slow down your swing in the beginning when you're learning.

Because our main goal is just to get that ball deep all right so slow your swing down nice stroke low to high motion put your arm back in here just like that and then those are some good tips i think that are going to help you start out hitting good returns all right so now let's jump into the fifth and final shot that.

You're going to need to learn and develop especially when you're just starting this game and that is the ground stroke okay what is a ground stroke it's a ball that you're letting you know bounce and typically you're closer to the baseline here or behind the baseline and that you're hitting back um you know usually with some good.

Pace hitting ground strokes is really really important in this game because there's several times in a point where you're definitely going to need it so for this exercise here i have my wife on the other side and we're just using one half the quart and we're just going to be hitting ground strokes back and forth.

Now what we're going to do is i'm going to just show you the basics of the ground stroke okay it is a pretty complex shot but if you're just starting out i just want you to have just at least a good foundation what we're trying to accomplish okay and in this video we're gonna specifically just focus on the forehand ground stroke.

First i'm gonna talk about the setup okay so just like the serve we want to hit these ground strokes in a closed stance okay we want to be in this position okay because this is the position we want to be hitting the ball rotating and swinging up towards our left shoulder so that's what we're going to focus on and we're.

Going to show you a few ground strokes here okay so those are a couple of good forehand ground strokes right there notice how when that ball is coming back over i'm trying to adjust my feet so that i could get in good position to hit my next ball all right so as that ball is coming.

Right i'm trying to position my feet then i'm slightly turning right a little bit trying to get in this position and then here then i move and i step in you know with my weight on my front leg my left leg and then i swing through up towards my left shoulder all right so i know that was just a.

Forehand ground stroke but it's a good start and you're going to be hitting a lot of forehand ground strokes especially if you're just starting out in this game all right so that concludes this video those are the five very very important shots that you're going to need to learn when you start out with this game it's a.

Really fun game there's lots to learn so don't be too hard on yourself and as you keep learning you're going to have more fun and improve in a lot of different ways on this channel we give good quality instruction we talk technique strategy and all things pickleball so if you're not subscribed go ahead and hit that subscribe button and also thank you.

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