How Ben Johns humiliates Pro players by his game five devastating pickleball plays at Ben John's aka the goat uses to dominate his opponents every sport has a goat and for a brand new professional sport like pickleball that man is Ben Johns while only 23 John's has accomplished more than anyone else in the professional ranks it's a member of.

The professional pickleball Association he's won more than 50 titles on nine different occasions he's won the Triple Crown at a tournament winning singles doubles and mixed doubles his 108 match winning streak in singles is the crown jewel of his goat's status and he's been ranked number one in all three categories for the better part of the.

Last three years so how is John so good at this sport it's not like he grew up playing it or had a pickleball racket in his crib when he was six months old well let's find out in today's video hello and welcome to Pro pickleball media your number one spot for all pickleball content our channel is dedicated to the fastest growing sport in the US and we.

Cover all fun and exciting things related to pickleball so if you love pickleball and want to learn more about it just take a second to subscribe and press the Bell icon so you don't miss any of our recent videos in today's video we're going to talk about the top class strategies and devastating plays that Ben John's used to dominate his.

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Full package just for pickleball lovers out there so if you want to get your hands on this paddle click on the link in the description box below let us submit it Ben Johns is a pickleball Master with a Frankenstein Game Ben Johns was a tennis player on the court and at the table before he became known as a legend in the sport of pickleball.

While he was in his 20s both of these Sports contributed to the development of John's world-class pickleball game a game that has earned him multiple titles at the USA pickleball national championships as well as nine Triple Crowns however a bookshelf only deserves some of the credit for this after absorbing grainy recordings of John's.

Practicing his ping pong strokes and his Bateman and having a conversation with him today it's quite quite evidence that pickleball has always been something that the native Mary Lander has participated in with his family Hannah Johns who is a PPA tour sideline reporter and also Ben's sisters had the opportunity to do interviews with her.

Siblings after their Triumph in a hard-fought match in which they play professional men's doubles Ben plays with his older brother Colin another delicious benefit of pickleball for John's was that he did not lag behind other people his age nearly as much as he would have done if he had begun playing tennis seriously when he was in.

His late teens this would have been the case had he played tennis seriously when he was in his late teens John had an ideal outcome as a result of everything that took place his age athletic abilities quick hands Mastery of numerous various strokes and his competitiveness made him a deadly opponent in the embryonic professional.

Pickleball leagues his hands were quick and he mastered several different strokes when you take into account the fact that he adores the Strategic chess match that pickleball presents you can see why he was completely sold on the idea Johns thinks that the fact that the sport has an unsolved quality is to the benefit because it allows him to.

Improvise and think on the Fly which is his favorite part of the game this unsolved quality refers to the absence of a rigid set of rules pertaining to the right way to play a sport now let's take a look at Key strategies at Ben Johns and other Pro players use in their matches stay Tethered to your partner whether you're going laterally backwards.

Or forwards you should always be in sync with your partner only when one of you is returning and the other is in the kitchen should you be part from your companion mirror the ball if the ball is hit on the other side of the Court you and your partner should adjust your position for instance if your partner hits the ball across the court you'll.

Need to move laterally to get in front of it while your partner covers the middle forehand takes the middle myth or not when the ball is traveling down the middle of the Court it can be difficult to determine who should hit it if you're not sure who has a better shooting angle let the person with the forehand take the shot communicate with your partner.

Is your opponent a lefty you must also need to back off if you hit the ball too high use Simple phrases like mine yours mine return attack to relay information to your partner during critical moments look for weaknesses and patterns it's easier to identify your opponent's flaws and patterns the longer the points go on you can improve your chances of catching.

A law from a player who frequently does so by anticipating his or her swing and retreating back before the ball is struck now before we move ahead to talk about more game-changing pickleball tips please take a second to like this video And subscribe to our channel so that we can keep bringing more informative pickleball content to you your little.

Contribution means a lot for us hit both serves and returns deep it's a general rule the harder and deeper your serve is the better your chances of getting an easy ball for a third shot drive or a drop you can also make it more difficult for your opponent to hit a difficult third Stroke by serving deep into their backhand in a game of singles pickleball.

You should aim for a deep serve when you serve deep your opponent has to move to get back to the ball for the return When you serve you make the first Declaration of the point this is where the tone of the game is established focus on putting the pressure on your opponent by serving deep if you serve the pickleball far enough you might be able to force your.

Opponent back past the back line be wary of getting out of bounds and try to keep the ball in play it's wise to give oneself some leeway now and then since you can't score while your opponent is serving your return is crucial to the rest of the point do not give them a free baby by returning the favor too easily provide a deep return regardless.

Of how your opponent has served to force them to chase for the ball a deep return of serve like a ball serve increases pressure on and gives control to the server aiming the ball to the side where your opponent isn't standing is another crucial strategy for a successful return in order to get a better shot they will have to advance further into the open.

Area in doing so you divert their attention from shooting accurately to catching the ball in time it's important to remember to leave some wiggle room don't try to make a shot from the very rim of the Court just take some time for yourself so little space for air your opponent will feel the heat and likely take the shot.

Use momentum momentum is often discussed in relation to martial arts but did you realize it can also be used strategically in pickleball they will inevitably head in a certain direction as they prepare to take a shot try to convince him to reverse course as you head back you can interpret their path with a ball sent in the opposite.

Direction in order to reach the shot you'll need to use a tremendous amount of effort to Halt the forward motion reverse it and then get into position it will probably make them slower giving you an advantage come in close coming into close proximity with the pickleball net is a great method to put pressure on your.

Opponent it's not always simple but doing so will help your pickleball game when you can most professional pickleball players utilize this tactic your best bet after a long serve and return is to Sprint up to the net and take your shot from there intensify the force of your shot and increase the strain on your opponent by drawing them.

Closer to you when you're far from the net your opponent has more time to figure out what kind of shot you're trying to make and whether it will even make it having less room to make decisions means they may lose the game by accident by being near the net you force your opponent to stay on the Baseline this tactic works well in both.

Doubles and singles pickleball putting your opponent on the defensive the backhand all pickleball players tend to favor one hand from over the other most people favor using their forehand you should try to force your opponent to utilize their less strong hand typically their backhand when taking a shot give yourself a buffer zone in case of slip.

UPS you must keep your ball within the playing field boundaries assuming you know your opponent's strengths and weaknesses you may nearly always safely aim at your opponent's weak spot so what is your most favorite pickleball player tell us in the comments also don't forget to like this video and share with your fellow piglers also if.

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Every sport has a GOAT, and for a brand-new professional sport like pickleball that man is Ben Johns.

While only 23, Johns has accomplished more than anyone else in the professional ranks.
As a member of the Professional Pickleball Association, he has won more than 50 titles. On nine different occasions, he’s won the Triple Crown at a tournament (winning singles, doubles and mixed doubles).

His 108-match winning streak in singles is the crown jewel of his GOAT status, and he has been ranked No. 1 in all three categories for the better part of the last three years.

So how is Johns so good at this sport? It’s not like he grew up playing it, or had a pickleball racket in his crib when he was six months old. Let’s find out in today’s video!


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