Hey guys I'm Connor Hance and welcome to enhanced pickleball today we're going to go over five deceptive shots that you can use in your matches to get cheap and easy points you need to make sure that you don't use these shots too often or else your opponents will catch on however if you use these shots at the right times then you can take your.

Opponents off guard and get some free points we hit a secret giveaway in this video so make sure to watch it all the way through grab your paddle and let's go alright at number five on the list we have the flick speed up this shot's generally used in a dinking situation where all four players are at the kitchen.

All we're going to do is take back our paddle like we're getting ready for a normal dink then at the last second we're going to use our wrist to flick the ball and take our opponents off guard with power doing a speed up like this is a lot more effective than if you take a bigger back swing because if you use a bigger back.

Swing it's a lot easier for our opponent to predict what we're going to do you can do this on the forehead or backhand side but in my experience most players prefer to do this on their forehand that said you can still do this very effectively on your back end too your best bet in terms of where you're hitting the shot is usually going to be.

Down the line one of the main situations that I see people using this in is when they're in a cross-court dinking rally after the player goes Cross Court a few times they make it look like they're going to go Cross Court again but at the last second they use the flick speed up directly at the unsuspecting player in front of them the downline speed up is.

Generally more effective than the cross court because the person's closer to you so they have less time to react put that together with the fact that they might not be ready for the ball and there's a good chance that you'll win the point if you go right at the person then try to aim for their right shoulder this is the toughest spot for them to react to you.

Can also hit this shot directly down the middle which will be extremely effective too overall the Flix bibs one of the most effective ways to use deception in pickleball and if you use it in combination with our number three on the list you have your opponents off balance the whole game we'll get into what that tip is later in the video the number.

Four shot on our list is the disguise drop shot you can use a shot in a variety of different ways but the main idea is that your opponents will be back and they'll give you an easier shot while you're up on this shot you'll take your paddle back as if you're gonna hit a heart but at the last second you'll slow down and hit it super short the.

Shot works very good against players who don't move well if you're playing someone who's really fast you may want to use the shot less so generally there are three different situations where you're going to use this shot the first is off of the bounce if your opponents are back and they accidentally hit the ball too high on the drop you can fake.

The drive and hit it short at the last second the fake here is key if they can tell that you're going to hit this shot that could give them the extra Head Start that they need to get there so make sure that you disguise it well with a normal looking Drive take back the second situation that you use this shot is off.

A higher easier volley if your opponents pop up the ball between your shoulders and hips usually your best bet is to go hard at their feet sometimes though you could fake the take back that you use on a harder volley and drop it short just like we did in the last example the last way that we could.

Use this shot is often been overhead if you get an overhead in a game and your opponents are back usually they're going to move even farther back to give themselves time to react this gives you the perfect opportunity to drop the ball all you need to do is take back your overhead like normal and then go for a slow and short shot at the last second.

The occasional use of a drop shot is a super effective way to keep your opponents off balance and guessing what you're going to do next at number three on our list we have the LOB the main way that people use lobs is when all four players are out the kitchen if you're back and your opponents are up then it'll be a little.

Bit harder to make the ball go over their heads if we're at the kitchen in a dinking situation then this shot's a lot easier to pull off in terms of how we hit it if we're dinking we'll use a very similar technique to our wrist flick speed up the key is that you don't make it look.

Like you're going to lob so all you're going to do is take the paddle back like you're going to dink then at the last second Flex the ball up over the other team's head if you haven't hit this shot before then you definitely want to practice it because there's a fine line between hitting it too soft and too hard if you.

Hit it too soft then your opponents will have an easy overhead and if you hit it too hard then you'll miss the ball long so make sure that you have the power down before you use this in actual games whenever you're hitting the lob it's usually smarter to try and go over the player's backhand if you go over the forehand that gives.

Them more of an opportunity to hit an overhead so try your best to hit it over the player's backhands if you can similar to our last shot this is the type of ball that's super effective against a specific type of player if you're playing against someone that doesn't move well or that doesn't have a good overhead then the law will be.

Highly effective if your opponents are fast and have good overheads these shots will still work but it's going to be a little bit harder to pull it off when used properly though the lob can be one of the best deceptive shots to use in pickleball alright guys tip number two the poach this is where you're at the kitchen and.

You cross over to your partner's side to pick off a volley that you usually fire at the opposing players if you use this shot at the right time then it can be highly effective the main way that I see people using this shot is when they're the serving team when one player is hitting their third shot the other player Creeps in and makes their.

Way to the kitchen if the third shot is good and one player's back then the opposing team will usually try to go to the player who's still back the player who's out the kitchen will anticipate this and will cross over to try to pick off the ball out of the air you can run this play regardless of whether or not the player hits a drop or a drive on.

Their third shot however it is common to do this off of a good drive where the net player pops it up the downside of using the poach is that if your partner hits a bad third shot and you've already committed to it there's a chance that you won't get an easy shot the net people could just kill it at you or hit the ball to the open court even if your.

Partner hits a good third shot they might just hit a ball that's too difficult to poach off of the other time that you can poach is if your partner doesn't come in off of their return they generally should come in but in the event that they get too backed up your opponents will likely try to hit their third shot to them this could be the.

Perfect perfect opportunity for you to poach and try to hit the ball hard at their feet as they make their way in taking all this into account just know that poaching is a risky play but if you use it in the right way it can be an awesome addition to your game on to our number one shot of the day the infamous spin serve if you've been playing.

Pickleball for a while then you've probably come across this shot if anyone that you've played has used it then you probably know that it's super annoying essentially when you're using this shot you're spinning the ball with your hand so that when the serve bounces it Jets off in One Direction as of 2022 you're only allowed to spin the ball with one.

Hand which definitely made learning the serve more difficult the serve is so effective that the PPA Pro Tour actually banned it all together I don't want to get too much into the technique of how to use it today but just know that there are a few different ways that people use their hand to get spin on their serve the main way is the snap technique this.

Is where you use your middle finger and thumb in a snapping motion that's very similar to the way you snap your fingers the second way is by lodging the ball between your fingers and using more of a flicking motion like this your goal is to try to make the ball spin parallel to the direction that you're trying to make it bounce to change the direction of the.

Spin all you have to do is change the direction that your hand is facing I'd recommend that you try both of these methods and see which one of them works better for you if you can get the Spencer right it's definitely the most effective shot of the list so make sure to try it out if you made it this far in the video then you're definitely the.

Kind of flare that wants to see quick results if you want to see the top five fastest ways to improve your game watch this foreign
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In this video we go over the top 5 deceptive pickleball shots that will drive your opponents crazy. We go over dink, volley, serve, return and point-play strategies that will immediately help you play better. Pros like Ben Johns, Tyson Mcguffin, Julian Arnold, Parris Todd, and Zane Navratil use these 5 strategies to win even at pro tournaments. This video is for you no matter what your level is (3.0, 4.0, 5.0, etc).

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