Hi guys I'm Sarah ansberry and today I have got five of the biggest bits and pickleball that truly hurt my soul when I see it every single time so number one what we are starting with uh this is what I hear the ball must bounce in the non-volley zone before you can step in that is absolutely not true if I am up here dinking at the line remember it is.

The non-volley Zone the Only Rule about me being inside the non-volley zone is I may not volley in that zone okay so that is why we use the correct term it says the rules why we say it hey and I see it a thousand times uh it's a very simple rule I can be in there anytime I want there is no time limit uh when I can step in there and that is our rule.

Number one now second one I love this one so so much and it is you have to get from the Baseline to the net right away hustle as fast as you can and you get locked up so this is why we in trouble there okay so I'm up at the Baseline my partner would I return it and then I hustle and then the ball goes right past me and this is what happens all the time.

So what is more important than getting to that line do you know what it is I've got to win the point okay so it is not about the destination it is about how we are creating the opportunity so I may take a little bit to get into the line what is more important I want to be able to hit that ball and do something with it so I want to be moving a little bit.

Slower and smoother and guess what I don't care what my partner says I don't care what anyone else on the next court says you got to do what you got to do so if you want to move a little slower you move a little slower okay your biggest priority is that battle it better be out in front of you all right so then here's a really fun one you have to stop to hit.

The ball okay so here is also the problem with that I am hustling and then I am stopping where is my weight transfer where is my momentum I always want to be moving my weight through the ball so same goes for that last one if I am moving a little bit slower then when I move to the ball I can actually move through it strike the ball with.

Confidence and actually get some options out of that shot all right what's another one that I really love the lob is for old people okay that is not true the lob is fantastic it is amazing and guess when I really like to use it third shot love when you've got that player and they are hustling to the line as fast as they can lob them all.

Right it is a massive time to do it they are dipping their head they are diving down they are just not ready for that ball throw it in make a move make them work okay number five might be my favorite I'm really not sure okay and this is what I see every day on the courts you've got to hit the ball and get ready and hit the ball and get ready.

And hit the ball and get ready do you know how stressful and chaotic that can become okay so what is again my main priority I want to win the point okay so yeah I do want it to get over I do want to be ready absolutely but if my only concern is hit and get ready look what happens to my paddle and this is what I see I see someone protecting their face.

With their paddle and then the ball comes right here okay and then I do all this weird Jazz okay so what's more important than getting ready with that nice little ready position finish this shot you are hitting all right if I really follow through okay so here's my ground stroke so I'm pushing and I finish.

Look where my paddle is it is ready to move it's ready to go for the next shot okay I am hitting multiple shots in a row so if I am moving through my ball and I stop like this to get ready guess what happens now I back up and I scramble okay and then maybe I accidentally log because I really don't have any choices in the matter.

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