In this video we'll be covering five agility drills that will help you improve your pickleball footwork after all a pickleball is a game of quick movements and having fast and precise footwork will greatly improve your pickleball chances of winning and I like winning I like it so much so let's get started right now.

Maybe maybe these trips will help you build your agility give you a major advantage on the chord that's five of them so let's get started right now the agility ladder is a great way to learn about movement how can we move more efficiently right if we're approaching the kitchen one.

Foot in front of the other we're not all like that right one foot next foot right one box we're not running it's really deliberate because we know in pickleball our opponents are going at our feet right so why run so try to get down a little lower and it'll help you build more thigh muscle as well and if they hit at our feet we're nice and low when.

You're doing the ladder Shuffle be careful not to build too much momentum because when I hit the third shot drop in pickleball and I'm approaching the mat I don't want to run right because it's gonna be right at my feet so think about it when you're on the ladder one more thing try to keep your hands out here when you're doing the ladder don't.

Keep them down at your side the three pillars of balance in pickleball one hand this hand and I'm looking at you those are the three pillars of balance so when we're doing these agility drills we're really practicing for real life pickleball another great drill if you have three cones is this and we're working on movement and we're basically.

Lunging from cone to Cone sideways right and it's a very good Movement we can switch it up again just like the ladder we're not crossing our feet right we can reset we can Dink and we can simulate that what I would tell you when we're doing this really try to stimulate thinking try to simulate resetting really get intense with that movement I.

Was doing this drill with the cone Shuffle and then I thought of resetting you can even think of dinking but if you can incorporate some real life images of pickleball when you're working out it's going to help you it really is moving side to side is so important and pickleball right and we can take longer steps if needed like the pros do but we.

Don't cross our feet right we don't want to cross our feet in pickleball so when you're doing the Agility Ladder really one foot the other one foot other one foot other one foot either are you faster with a smaller or bigger stride what do you feel more comfortable with by doing this drill you will get quicker because you find what you are most.

Comfortable with like if we're thinking at the kitchen right side to side and if we want to build speed the agility ladder is where it's at with those fast twitch muscles inner legs also we can really work on our balance as we move quicker right another great drill if you have these cones is this so in the middle of the square and we're really.

Trying to move to each cone with the least number of steps right we're staying low we're staying Dynamic we can really do whatever we want look I know you pretty well why are we really doing these drills so we can build muscle memory so we can get quicker so we can get in the tournament and not think about moving men because we know it's in.

Our muscle memory right we don't have to think about it I would so recommend the Box drill because it's so intuitive I just picked it up really quick that was actually the first time I actually ever really did that and I really liked it because I can be more deliberate with my actions opposed to running because I don't want.

To run in pickleball jumping rope is a great way to improve agility it really is plus if we get to a tournament and don't have enough time to warm up jumping rope is so good how about jumping on one leg for 30 seconds then switching to the other for 30 seconds this will help build agility and help balance as well can you do one leg.

One leg other leg can you switch wow can you do a double jump let's see it wow what else can you do let's see it wow he's Crossing like that what else I like it wow yeah yeah.

Nice that's awesome jumping rope is a classic exercise right and it never gets old it's always worth doing especially for pickleball try going on one foot try going on the other work on your balance when you're jump roping because balance is so important and pickleball and if we're in a fast hands battle we're really moving around a lot so balance is.

So important it really is so these drills are great for pickleball players of all ages you can always make the drills tougher that's what I did with the resets and you can keep implementing things to build muscle memory pickleball lovers take a look at that video it was so good but first let me ask you a question will you try these agility.

Drills do you think it'll help you add pickleball I really think it will and I'm kind of just trying to get you to click right there and pickleball leverage don't forget have a good day
PPR certified coach Joey Gmuer breaks down Agility Drills to Help you Move Better at Pickleball. In this video, we’ll be covering 5 agility drills that will help you improve your pickleball footwork. Pickleball is a game of quick movements, and having fast and precise footwork can give you a major advantage on the court. These drills will help you build agility, speed, and coordination, so you can make the most out of every shot.

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