correct in recent years the popularity of pickleball has skyrocketed when the sport has become a fan favorite this popularity has led to tournaments and competitions which require a certain level of skill and different strategies.

You're here because you want to become the most skilled pickleball player if yes then make sure to stick around to the end hello and welcome to pro pickleball medium in today's video we will discuss the skills required at each skill level along with five advanced strategies of pro pickleball players.

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Serve in pickleball makes it a unique game so it's important to be very accurate when you serve because unlike in tennis you only get one chance to get your serve in the right service area also in a pickleball rally the only shot you have full control over is the serve but for maybe win because of this the serve is one shot pickleball that you.

Really work on and get very good at with practice not only is it important that your serve lands in the right service box but it's also important to give yourself an advantage on the serve by making it harder for your opponents to return your serve try these two things to make it hard for.

Your opponents to return your serve most pickleball players have stronger forehand shots and backhand shots so you should aim for their weaker side which is usually their backhand if you hit your serve deep into the surface box it'll push your opponent back past the baseline making it harder for them to return the ball and taking them longer.

And hopefully an easier third shot for you and your partner the rule of thumb is to serve deep but make sure you don't hit your serve out of bounds by giving yourself too little room for error number two return deep to back hands and to the opponent with a weaker third shot the second strategy tip for pickleball has to do with the second shot in every.

Rally which is called the return of serve like the serve the return of serve should be far into your opponent's side of the pickleball court this is especially true if you're playing a team called bangers that likes to drive the third shot by keeping the pickleball deep in the pickleball court.

You'll make it harder for the other team to drive the ball and give you and your partner more time to react but just like with the serve a deep return is the rule of thumb however you should be careful not to hit your return out of bounds by giving yourself too little room for air if you want to give yourself the most room for air try.

Hitting most of your returns in the middle of the court if you don't make your return your opponents get an easy point the return to serve should also go for your opponent's weaker side which is often their backhand and the player on the other team who has a weaker third shot this is because unlike the serb the.

Return of serve can be hit anywhere on the side of the court where your opponent is this means you can go after a particular player so to sum up it's your return of serve deep into the court aim for the weaker player on the other doubles team with your third shot and aim for the weaker side of that player which is.

Likely his or her backhand side if you are playing a team where one player likes to poach which means to charge the pickleball net and take the next shot the fifth shot before their partner you might want to give the pickleball back to the poacher to stop him or her from being able to crash the net by giving the pickleball back to the.

Poacher they will have to hit the third shot which will keep them on the court number three move your feet and bend your knees the next strategy tip for pickleball may sound easy but it's harder than you think most players don't do it all the time move your feet and bend your knees your feet are a big part of how well you.

Hit a shot so the next pickleball strategy tip is to move your feet and put yourself in a place where you can hit the ball out in front of you also you should bend your knees and get low as you can a hit the low balls and pickleball better this is a key goal on the pickleball court keep the ball low more.

On this below and b use your leg muscles which are the strongest in your body so make a point to move your feet and bend your knees you'd be surprised by how much your shot would change number four watch the pickleball and hit the pickleball out in front watch out for the pickleball when it hits your paddle again this is a simple.

Pickleball tip that people often forget there's a lot of things to look at on the court it's important to keep your mind on your shot and do one thing at a time so watch the ball hit your paddle and don't pay attention to other players their paddle the crowd your partner your next shot etc make sure you hit the pickleball out in.

Front of your body this will help you keep an eye on the game as was said above you have to move your feet before you can hit the pickleball out in front of you by hitting the pickleball out in front of your body you'll set yourself up for success because you'll have better pickleball technique on your shots which will lead to fewer mistakes.

Keep your swing tight so you're ready for the next shot and don't swing too much put yourself in a position to keep moving forward and if you can't stay at the non-volley zone line where most points are one and you should be able to see the ball hit your paddle number five be in pickleball ready with.

Your pickleball paddle up if you've watched our online video lessons called my pro pickleball coach you've probably heard us say pickleball ready pickleball ready is the ready position you should be in when moving up the court and entering no or man's no land ladies or the transition area as well as the non-volley zone line the following are.

Parts of pickleball ready feat should be shoulder width apart bend your knees and put your weight on the balls of your feet paddle facing forward or 10 or 11 o'clock if you're right-handed or 2 or 1 o'clock if you're left-handed and paddle forward and paddle head up whether you play doubles or singles pickleball the key to winning is hitting.

The ball over the net and between the lines of the court one more time than your opponent oh if it were only that easy one easy way to do this is to hit most of your shots down the middle of the pickleball court except for dinks which should usually go cross-court down the middle solves the puzzle as the saying.

Goes this is usually the case because the middle of the pickleball court gives you the most room for error this is because the net is at its lowest point in the middle of the court so you can miss a little to the left or right and still keep the ball in play down the middle shots also works well if there's a lot of space between you and your.

Opponent or if you can get them to fight over who should take the middle shot between them conclusion getting better at pickleball takes time and hard work but if you use these tips you'll get a head start in the right direction so which of these pickleball strategies.

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5 ADVANCED Strategies of Pro Pickleball Players | UNBEATABLE Techniques

In recent years, the popularity of pickleball has skyrocketed, and the sport has become a fan-favourite. This popularity has led to tournaments and competitions, which require a certain level of skill and different strategies. You are here because you want to become the most skilled pickleball player.

In today’s video, we will discuss the skills required at each skill level, along with 5 advanced strategies of pro pickleball players!

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