Replay it's like you hit the ball high okay way too high okay can I show him um Princess Peach ES.

Right here you have a tennis pro two more just you know and Bocce oh my gosh it's so hard because that's our pickleball either pickleball's fine pickleball oh okay.

We did and they were here for four months and they did maybe 16 hours of tennis yeah right okay um.

Oh all right uh Joey might need somewhere uh rematch player and a very nice person do you play a lot of tournaments.

okay baby baby thank you it looks like it was too small thank you foreign.

Is hello Mommy do it on the grass now it's good wow games you know I learned to do a handstand my.

Eye I did gymnastics when I was your guys's age oh we do gymnastics can we do gymnastics too so that was a very long time ago you want me to try so she might all right guys I know you guys have so much energy oh my God oh.

He went into a bridge I'll see if you can't go back up go back back up see if you can kick yourself back up come on get yourself back over like oh my God it is very it's very hard okay but you guys can oh my bendy when you're little my eyes are flexible my.

A handstand and um and into a bird I think it's like when she's in a bridge he didn't even put her feet on without you like oh when I was doing gymnastics I could do a cartwheel cartwheels and um also guess what get on Renee I need this rhino Renee.

Um no who is that um he's one of my motion okay and one time but guess what he was like like this but backwards like like um wow I can't do that a legend yeah.

pickleball Superstars now see it all right oh that's pretty good okay now when you do a cartwheel your legs have to be straight okay keep your legs straight okay straight now.

Let's go stick it yeah cartwheel and there you go good I'll give that a uh give that a solid eight out of ten so.

Okay oh you're strong they're really strong foreign
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