what’s up guys today you’re going to be watching my gold medal singles match from Maui this was a tournament that I went to on my vacation and there just happened to be a tournament so it worked out great honestly this is one of the most fun singles matches I have ever.

Played in a tournament and make sure you stay tuned to the third game because it is an absolute crazy game it’s worth watching trust me if you’re curious what paddles we’re using I’m using the 11624 harace X and my opponent is using a 60 Double Black Diamond but without further Ado here we go.

Two zer that’s a great Point nice ball 31 six more take thank you 62 it’s good it’s.

Good2 no dag ball all right now something you may know about me if you’re a big fan of this channel is that I am an extremely generous line caller I frequently in tournaments call balls in that are way.

Out and after this ball that I actually did feel was out he kind of argued with me and I hate confrontation so I just ended up giving him the ball back but if we do replay this you can see the ball is actually out I’m not mad about it honestly this is how tournaments go and it’s my job to Stand My Ground And if I actually think the ball is out it’s my.

Call but I hate arguing with people so it was easy easier to just give the ball back in this moment let’s go Zer 5 zero girl go.

Nice so somehow we both got mixed up here and I ended up calling the score wrong at 46 when it should have been 36 I don’t really know how this happened but we both walked into this spot and then played the point so we must have just forgot what the score was 7 yeah good.

Ball that’s all right here weal matches this is a bronze match it nice sirve.

One two yeah two two 3 two 4 two time let’s go.

6 73 w eight F point okay honestly at this point in the match being down 510 I just thought this was over and I only took a timeout out of.

Principle just because I had it not because I really even thought it would help me but this is where things get pretty crazy you got one that’s.

Think one one 12 one go great game dude.

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