What’s up guys in today’s video you will be watching my 4 five mixed doubles gold medal match at the US Open now before we get into the video some information that you may want to know is that I am using the Yola gen 3 Hyperion 14 mm and the primary reason is because it was Florida 85° very humid with a Franklin ball and it is by far the slowest conditions I.

Have ever played in the game was just very very very slow in Florida so if you’re wondering about some of the pace of the play here it’s just because it was really flipping hot in Florida now one other note about the conditions is that it was very windy and the wind was changing directions throughout the match so you’ll notice a lot of thirds were.

Being lofted up or there was just a lot more margin being given to shots because you didn’t know what the wind was going to do also in case you’re wondering my partner is Eda she is a friend from Minnesota and this is actually the first tournament we have ever played together we really didn’t even get to practice that much before the tournament so you.

Will notice that there’s a couple balls in certain areas on the court where there was some confusion and that’s just because it’s a very new partnership I’m sure if we got to play more ahead of time before the US Open probably wouldn’t have been as much of an issue but just thought I’d mention it in case you were wondering why some balls looked.

Very easy and we were a little confused about who should hit it but yeah just thought you guys might want that bit of information without further Ado enjoy the match nice.

W Che sir 862 what two out great 3 one.

no two.

Yes one one nice shot at k.

You’re that that’s too low out Rel Rel so this right here was unfortunately a really bad line call for me in the moment I had seen this ball out and I.

Really don’t know how because it’s extremely obvious that it’s in it’s like inside the line but the ref also didn’t see it so they ruled in our favor when they appealed to the ref so yeah this was pretty unfortunate it wasn’t intentional and I’ve already texted Mark and apologized for the bad line call but I suppose it happens every now and then.

This good hi no yeah good nice let.

go hey one nice 102.

It let’s go all right so now before we get into the next game I want to talk about something that I had the pleasure of testing on my gold medal match and that is PB Vision this is a new AI tool coming out that will analyze your matches and spit you.

Out a bunch of stats I believe they’re close to a public launch and I Hon L thought it was very fascinating to get to look at these stats so the first thing that you’re looking at here is the team stats and this will tell you the shot distribution who hit the percentage of shots and then which side each player played the most and then the most cool.

In my opinion is the kitchen arrival stat so on the right ETA got to the kitchen 83% of the time I was 79% of the time and then Carly and Mark were 70 and 75% % of the time and we ended up winning that game so I think it’s just kind of interesting to see how that stat correlates with the win because usually whoever gets to the kitchen most is.

Probably winning the match now I’m not going to talk too in depth about the rest of the stats but I will pop them up for each player for each game if you want to pause right now and take a look at each stats I honestly think it’s pretty cool and I know they’re working on adding a lot more in the future and this is something that I think has a lot.

Of potential to make get much easier to break down your games than doing it manually my second thir and Williams second call 9.

what two Mar out.

nice hydrated all right because I know with almost out of doubt you guys are going to mention this in the comments you’re about to see.

A bunch of potential atps that I did not go for and instead chose a significantly worse shot that made us lose some points and I’m very aware of it and as soon as I got back home I actually went out with a friend and drilled some atps so yes you can spare me I know I should have hit the ATP I don’t know why I was not doing it I was only making this way.

Harder for myself congratulations the 6 S1 come on.

oh keep do that 372.

15 that’s it that’s it that’s it all right so that’s the match hope you guys enjoyed watching and if you want to see the stats you can see those on screen now now you will notice on this one that it clearly got the kitchen.

Arrival stat wrong because I definitely did not get to the kitchen 92% of the time and Eda 58% of the time I asked the team at PB vision and they did say that this is something they are working on it has to do a little bit with the way the camera is placed and the team that is on the far side but they are aware of it and they are working to fix it again.

This tools currently in beta right now so I’m sure it’ll all be ironed out but that’s why that stat is incorrect but one thing I did think was interesting was the shot distribution in this one I hit 64% of the balls and ETA only 36% and I don’t know if this is because the other team was targeting me more or if I was playing more aggressive and.

Just taking more balls but I just thought it was an interesting contrast compared to the first game where Eda and I had a relatively even split but anyways you can see the rest of the stats on screen here thanks for watching guys and I’ll catch you later
0:00 – Intro
0:12 – Game 1
12:39 – Game 1 stats from PB Vision
14:02 – Game 2
22:37 – Game 2 stats from PB Vision

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