Just keep valentine far side invicta selkirk playing with diamonds senior pros or five five all right zero two all right gotta get the energy back up here we go.

No half a second half a second if i just stay in my bubble close keith i knew that before you did oh yeah oh yeah give me that low skidder right on the line two zero two.

Way to pick me up partner bail me out all right zero two zero two i'm a one one two number one you um first.

came two two two oh dave my bad i stood right up out of that one stay low three.

Watch it way to bail me out partner thank you two three yeah bottom dropped out of that one you drop you hello valentine what are you doing.

You serve that you three threes one oh relax the wrist and snap it dude snap the wrist see you're ready for it now he's going to do it every time you more horrible.

Oh not in front of it come on god stay in your bubble i'm all over it jamie yeah you got to go to his right chest no i'm i'm swinging like i'm i'm getting excited because i'm there and i'm flailing got to be very precise with the right stay in the bubble.

Defend whoa were you there for the second one five four i told you all right here we go four sticks all right you're the voice.

No that's not the brand new one i didn't find your brand new one i only found your used ones you don't have brand news five six fifty six go to the shop again number one good move uh.

Good job thank you you just long great move though great move with interest hey see that.

Over the top and forward 762. old dog can learn new tricks oh gosh and then i attacked that one no it wasn't no use all that work playing against xiaomi want to keep it my bad ethics morally uh eight eight six.

One two two oh man this all right let's go six eight let's get it over okay i know six eight number one all right pick me up let's get one here great.

I'm wearing off on you wearing off on you your back's getting tired from carrying me perfect 1062 10 6. yes yes all right here we go 610 yep all right now's the time.

Don't take your eye off the ball i was already at the kitchen come on valentine's day good job you were there you all right two times all right one more 10 72.

Nope nope i gotta mix it up every now and then hey ten all right give me one more sorry great return i can fight for this yeah me on the.

Fence make him pay for that weak serve come on one more one more turn at you david that is just ridiculous get it in the coat you just have to get it over 8 10 hey 10.

Okay sorry keith you know it's coming i knew it was coming that's why i'm frustrated
Watch advanced level, 4.5+ pickleball men’s double recreational close game. David Nel (blue shirt, JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16mm) and Mark Johnston (white shirt, JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16mm) vs Keith Valentine (camouflage shirt, Selkirk Invikta Vanguard 2.0) and Jaime Oncins (blue shirt, Engage Pursuit MX 6.0).
Pickleball game at Veteran’s Memorial Park, Winter Garden, Florida.

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