The third shot drop is undoubtedly the most difficult shot of the game Ben Johns calls it the one shot that every player needs to master the third shot drop is a shot that separates beginners from Advanced players so stay tuned and we're going to teach you how to execute the third shot drop my name is Mark Price I'm a pro pickable.

Coach and player and I'm here with pickleball Central to bring you the last video in the beginner series we're going to be covering the third shot drop so we're going to cover how to build your confidence in the shot what is the mental game how do you have the right attitude towards taking the shots and also the drills that involved in.

Perfecting this difficult shot so stay tuned at the end of the video so you can see the drills to help you with your game foreign so what is a third shot drop and why do we use it firstly it's simply the third.

Shot of the game so we have the servers the first shot that Returns the second shot the third shot can be a drop or a drive we're going to focus on the drop today so what I'm looking to do is drop the ball into the no volley Zone because the ball's traveling slower it gives me time to move up the court so.

I'm trying to create time for myself if I drive everything hard I've got less time because the ball's coming back to me quicker so by dropping into the kitchen into this area here it gives me time to move up all the way up to the courts and gain and gain the no volley Zone so how do we do it we're going to.

Connect in front of us our panel needs to be in front we're connecting with the ball early and we have a big follow through so make sure you lift your paddle nice and high so that you can clear the Nets so my puzzle in front of me I've got a nice high follow through and it's floating in front of Lee and you can see it's still.

Hard for her to attack can you see she's reaching in all these shots she's having to lean forward she's not hitting down the ball she's having to hit up on the ball so it makes it harder for her to attack me foreign drop is obviously the most difficult.

Shot of the game many players don't even attempt it because its level of difficulty so first of all have the confidence to have a go have the confidence to make mistakes it's okay it's a difficult shot it's supposed to be hard I would say practice it in drilling and then also perhaps it in gameplay and.

Don't worry about making mistakes even the top Pros miss a third shot drop so I would say first of all don't try and be perfect with it make sure you clear the net and give yourself margin if you hit the net obviously you are out the points so Aim High and work on gradually bringing the ball lower so the reason it's so difficult is.

You have to have lots of elements for it to work light grip pressure big follow-through Connection in front and you've obviously got to connect with the center of your paddle so I would try these next drills to help you perfect your third shot drop so the first drill we're going to do is.

What I call the diagonal Slinky drill it's going to be a drop shot drill that we're working towards our third shot drop so we're going to start very close I've set some targets here in the kitchen so this is the air I'm going to be aiming for so it starts just outside the kitchen line and I'm going to do a little drop.

Shot aiming for that Target they'll step back and again I'm looking to connect in front of me take another step back I'm going to keep working back now I'm four steps back five steps back and now I'm all the way behind the Baseline.

So what I'm looking to do is aim for this small area and just work on my technique and my form so every time I'm letting the ball bounce in front of me connecting in front and finishing high with a nice light grip foreign.

Number two you need a partner this is a progression from the first drill so now Lee is going to be hand feeding me I'm going to be behind the Baseline so it's slightly harder and I'm going to be working my third shot drops really focusing on connecting early I'm staying low and waiting for the ball low a common error I see is people.

Um as the ball comes in dropping down last minute to get to the ball so I want to be at the same level waiting for the boss I'm here waiting here as the ball bounces then I'm coming through instead of dropping down at the last minute so try and prepare a little earlier uh Lee's gonna hand feed I'm going to catch in front and push I'm.

Still going for that Target it's a little deep good stuff so as you practice this you're going to make errors it's okay you're gonna hit the Nets try and aim high don't try and hit the perfect third shot drop Aim High and gradually bring your the height of the board down throughout the drill.

foreign drill in the series is a paddle feed so we started off by working our way back with ourselves hand feeding ourself then we had a partner hand feeding now we're going to go into paddle feeding so it's more realistic to the game so Lee's.

Gonna paddle feed to the Baseline I'm still going for this Target in the kitchen or the no volley Zone if you miss the target it's okay if it's shallower than the target that's fantastic but anywhere around that area is great we're giving yourself a small Target so we're aiming for something and not just trying to hit it anywhere we've.

Got a place we're aiming for but in that general direction is fantastic okay here we go so Lee's gonna paddle feed I'm stepping in looking to hit that Target this is good fantastic.

so a quick recap we've been looking at how to do the third shot drop why you should be using it and what is the correct technique as well as how to have confidence to use it in your game so if you enjoyed the video series please like and comment below and let us.

Know what you'd like to see in the next video series remember to follow Mark Price pickleball and pickleball Central don't forget to ding the like button smash the subscribe and remember that placement beats power
Pickleball Central and Pro Pickleball Coach, Mark Price teamed up to bring you a 3-part series for beginners. In this video Mark will go over the importance of your 3rd shot drop. How to build your confidence in the shot, what is the mental game, and drills you can do to perfect this shot!

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