Foreign what's up everybody my name is Brandon in sekpong and I'm here brought to you by pickleball Central to talk about three things you can do to increase the power on your serve listen a serve is a powerful tool to use in the pickleball game there are a couple things you can do to not only increase the power but.

Also the consistency of that serve one you want to make sure you're able to load energy from your legs so that means you need to have a strong Foundation you want to really sit down into that serve two you want to make sure you're able to thrust into the serve right some people will actually take the leg and thrust all the way across the line but you want.

To use your abs and your hips to really push through to generate that power the power does not just come from your arms and third you want to have as high of a contact Point as possible so legally you want to have right under your belly button so what you'll do is you'll come up you'll contact the ball here and that'll allow you to get a straight line.

To your opponent okay so let's demonstrate what this looks like first you want to have a nice Foundation from the waist down this is where we're going to energy load so really squat just a little bit more there and notice if I push them over you see how he's got some stability there you definitely want that because you.

Don't want to lose any power in this portion of the process next we want to look at a Thrust here so watch go ahead and do a Thrust through the ball without hitting it boom right there all right a little bit a little bit more throw it up boom notice the power's coming from right here you see as he's.

Stepping through so he's even getting more power to this point because he's really pushing through that ball all right one more of those so we toss the ball up thrust through and the last part no the net is about right here right and so we want to have as high of a contact Point as possible so that we can clear.

The net as much as we need so he's going to try to contact it right there so go ahead and throw up a ball let's energy load let's thrust into it and contact as high as as high as legally possible foreign do another one all right watch this again energy.

Loading here the hip thrust boom into the ball it's a really good serve that's going to increase the power right and what it's going to do is it's going to cause your opponent to have a lesser third shot which gives you an advantage into the point best way to practice this grab you a bag of balls go through each particular part of the process and hit.

As many as possible over and over and over don't worry about the spot just worry about the three things we talked about load your energy thrust into the ball and contact it as high as legally possible and then from there you can start working on Direction give it a try get some practice in I'll talk to you guys soon.

We partnered with pro pickleball player Brandon Nsekpong to bring you 3 simple tips to increase power in your serve. Get out there and practice!

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