And pickleball there are a ton of tools and shots you can use to upgrade your game one of those shots in particular is topspin and topspin is great because you can use it in multiple shots in multiple scenarios to give your game an edge today we're going to look at Thompson and break it down step by step that way you can easily apply it the next time.

You're on the court and use it to take your game to the next level let's get into it welcome to high five pickleball where we help you play better win more and make the most of your time on the court my name is Adam Richards and today we're covering how to use topspin to upgrade your game.

A Top Spin shot is when you hit the ball in such a way that it rotates forward as the ball rotates forward through the air it spins and air friction causes the ball to dip there are a few benefits of using topspin for example you can hit the ball harder and it will stay in compared to a flat shot Thompson shots dip so it can make it harder for your.

Opponent to read the shot and lastly Top Spin shots are harder to attack off the bounce because they bounce differently than flat shots here are a few examples of topspin shots versus flat shots.

for this breakdown we will be looking at the basic movements that you can use to generate topspin for your shots if you'd like to improve your game Beyond topspin and do it all for free be sure to check out the path to better pickleball this is a free downloadable skills guide and a video series that.

Covers the 10 important skills every player needs to know thousands of players have gone through it and I'm getting some really positive feedback on how it's helping their game if you'd like to join for free just click the link in the description the first step and one of the most important steps in applying topspin is.

Your grip you'll want to adjust your grip to an Eastern or semi-western when you hit the ball a simple way to adjust your grip to Eastern is to line up your base knuckle on your pointer finger to the side of the paddle or a little further for semi-western if you were to try topspin with a continental grip the paddle face would be more open and it.

Would be harder to really brush up on the ball before you swing you want to be mindful of where the ball is and where your feet are the ball should be out front in your Goldilocks zone so it's not too far away and not too close your weight should be balanced and you can place your non-dominant foot slightly in front of.

The other this will help you turn your shoulders more when you swing especially on drives and drops this adds more torque and more power to your swing when you swing drop your paddlehead down below the ball and when you make contact you want to hit the ball from low to high and brush up on the ball with your paddle be sure to engage your shoulders.

Here and turn your shoulder to generate power and spin you don't have to swing very hard to generate spin however if this shot is new for you and you're practicing try to over exaggerate your brush and to really get a feel for it after you make contact you will follow through and finish with your paddle on.

The other side of your body when you're at the net or advancing to the net in game situations be careful not to exaggerate your follow through too much because the ball will likely come back at you quickly and you want to be ready to defend your opponent's shot laughs.

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In Pickleball, there are a ton of tools and shots you can use to upgrade your game. One of those shots is topspin. Topspin is great because you can use it in multiple shots and scenarios to give your game an edge.

Today we’re going to breakdown topspin step by step and look at it in game situations. It’s my hope that this will be easy for you to apply and you can use it to take your game to the next level.

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