If you're an aspiring 4.0 player. Or you're a 4.0 player or even a littlebit higher, but you're stuck, you're not really breaking out yet,then this video is for you. In this video, I'm going to share with youthree shots that you absolutely must have in order to play supersolid 4.0 pickleball. Let's get into it. The first shot you need to play solid 4.0pickleball is an effective punch volley. If you're already playing 4.0 or around 4.0, then you already knowhow to hit a punch volley.

This is not a video on themechanics of a punch volley. What we're going to talk about in thisvideo is I'm going to show you how to hit your punch volley more effectively sothat it accomplishes its purpose better. Before I show you a couple of differentshots, let's talk about the objective of the fourth shot, of the punchvolley on the fourth shot. So the punch volley on the fourth shot isobjective is to control the game board. Right? When you're hitting a punch volley,you're up with the non-volley zone line. Your opponents are somewhere off of their.

Non-volley zone line, even all the wayback to the baseline, potentially. So what you're trying to do with the shot is you're trying to keep control of thechess board, if you will, of the pickleball court through theshot that you're hitting. What a lot of players do is they make amistake with the shot because they don't execute the shot properly, resulting inlosing control of the pickleball court. Specifically, what we do is we end upbringing these players, our opponents, closer into us, whichis what we don't want. So if I'm trying to control the board withmy punch volley and my opponents are back,.

The type of shot that I want to hit is Iwant to hit a shot that looks like that, a nice deep ball, good clearance overthe net, keep those players back. What I don't want to do and what happens a lot is a shot like that, a short fourthshot that allows them to come in. And even more commonly, there's an error that'scommitted a lot, which is the it's like a fake put away. It feels like aput away, but it's not really a put away. So you get a ball up hereand you hit down on it. What happens is when you hit down on it, first of all, you're riskingthe net unnecessarily.

Secondly, that ball is going to bounce closer to the NVZ than the first shotthat I showed you, the deeper ball. And what are you doing then? You're bringing your opponents in. So if you want to become a really good 4.0 player, you need to havean effective punch volley. You need to understand why you're hittingthe punch volley, and then you need to execute a shot that makes senseaccording to that objective. The next shot you need to be a super solid.

4.0 player is a good third shot dropor an effective third shot drop. What I mean by that is it needs to be a third shot drop that allows youto accomplish your objective. Your objective when you're hitting the third shot drop, because you're hittingit from back here, is to move up, right? You want to consume space betweenthe back and the NVZ line. So you need a shot thatwill allow you to do that. If you're hitting balls like this. So if you're hitting balls like this,that ball, even though it's low and it.

Would be hard for them to attackthat ball, it doesn't buy me time. That ball is a super fast shot. What I need to do is I needto hit slower third shots. Those are the most effective. So a slow third shot wouldbe a shot like that. Even if it lands a little deeper than I want, that's okay becauseit's a slow shot. If you watch the pros play, theirthird shot drops are very slow. Put a timer on it.

You'll see they're very slow shotscompared to the shots that you see 3.5, 4.0 and even 4.5 hit when they'retrying to hit their third shot drop. So if you want to have an effective third shot drop, consider slowing the shotdown and also avoiding the net. So nice clearance over the net. Slow third shot drop, that's going to helpyou accomplish your objective, which again, when you're back here,is to eat up that space. Be Pacman.Eat up that space from here to there, and a slow third shot dropwill help you do that.

The third shot you need to masterthat 40 play is an effective dink. You need to know how to dink effectively. And there's a couple ofdifferent dinks that you need. You need a defensive dink,which I'll show you. So the defensive dink is a dinkthat I hit when I'm in trouble. So my opponent has stressedme and I'm pulled wide. What a lot of players do is they'll get pulled wide like this, and they'llcounter with a shot like that, okay? Even though that one cleared the net,it's a risky shot, super lower than that.

So what I want to do is I'mgetting pulled wide like this. Then I want to lift that ball, right? Get that ball to drop in the NVZ.Nice and high. Hairpin is how Coach Deb calls it. Deb Harrison, our friend, callsit Hairpin it over the net. That's a defensive dinkto get me out of trouble. Even that shot there is going to bounce in the NVZ, so it's going tobe fine and unattackable. And what I'm trying to do isget myself out of trouble.

But in addition to that one, I also needwhat we refer to here as Aggro Dink. We call them Aggro Dinks.You can think of them as offensive Dinks. The idea there is, if I get a Neutral Dinknow, so I get a Dink, I put them in trouble and they gave me the NeutralDink, the one I just hit over there. So if I get a Neutral Dink, what happens alot of players will do is they'll get a Neutral Dink and theyhit a Neutral Dink back. I'm giving up an opportunity if I get a Neutral Dink and I hita Neutral Dink back. So what I want to do is I want tolearn how to hit more offensive Dinks.

They don't have to be supercomplicated, don't need a lot of spins. But what I do need is I need to be able to direct that ball into a spot that's open,put pressure on the other team as opposed to simply hitting another NeutralDink back if I get a Neutral Dink. So an effective Dink is really going to help you when you're up hereat the Non-volley zone line. And as you either get to 4.0 or if you're playing for 4.0, you'replaying up here more often. You need to understand how to navigate.

This part of the court, whichis through effective dinking. Now that you know the three shots you mustmaster to play solid 4.0 pickleball, let's talk about one area or one shot that youdon't need, even though you may think you need it to play reallygood 4.0 pickleball. The thing you do not need to play awesome4.0 pickleball is to spin the ball. Talking about top spin and underspins. If you already know how to do it and you can do it consistently,knock yourself out. Keep going.If you don't already know how to do it.

Consistently, and that'sthekeywordd we recommend. Forget about those right now. Work on the shots that weshowed you in this video. Master those first and specificallyas to those, one at a time. Master one at a time andtake your time with them. Because if you get to be really good witha one shot, you'll see a difference in your game and then the nextshot, and then the next shot. If you're trying to work on all of them,you're not going to work on any of them. Have fun out there.

Want to play 4.0+ pickleball? First things first. You absolutely need these 3 pickleball shots in your arsenal. All three of these shots are achievable by any level pickleball player with some work and practice, but they are an absolute if you want to play solid 4.0 pickleball.

0:00 Introduction
0:25 You want a deep punch volley
2:23 You want an effective third shot drop
3:51 You want effective dinks – first, a defensive dink
4:35 Next add the aggressive “aggro” dink
5:35 You do not need this skill to be an awesome 4.0 player

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