If you want to know what it takes to play really good 3.5 pickleball,then stay tuned. In this video, I'm going to share with you three shots that you must have in orderto play really good 3.5 pickleball. And stay tuned because after I give you the three shots, I'm going tellyou one thing that you don't need. You may think you need it, right? People talk about it, but you actually don't need it to playreally good 3.5 pickleball.

Let's get into it. The first shot you want to master to become solid 3.5 player is youneed to have an effective serve. I know you know how to serve. It's not about knowing how to serve, it's about knowing how tohit an effective serve. An effective serve has two components. Number one, it's consistent, meaning youcan get it in much more often than not. And secondly, it's deep.

What you don't want to have is a missed orshort serves consist, you know, regularly. You don't want to hitshort serves regularly. The beautiful thing about this is you canaccomplish both of those at the same time. If you hit your serves higher over the netthan you're used to, you're going to be more consistent becauseyou won't hit the net. Your serves will also be deeper. My friend Sarah Mitten, my senior pro mixed doubles partner, refersto it as length of the serve. So think of the serve being longer.

Not out, but longer. Let me show you a couple of differentoptions and we'll talk through them and see if they're what wewant to have happen. So a nice deep, consistentserve would look like this. So that serve is high overthe net and is also deep. That serve, you don't needit to be on the line. Somewhere in here is goingto be perfectly fine. Nice deep, consistent serve iswhat we call an effective serve. That one leads us into the second shotthat you must master if you want to become.

A solid 3.5 player, and thatis your return of serve. So we have the serve and wealso have the return of serve. The reason we separate those two is because players don't seethat they're the same shot. So we talk about them separately. But at the end of the day, if youunderstand what we're talking about here, you'll understand that theshot is the same shot. The mechanics of the shotare virtually identical. My targeting is similar and myclearance over the net is similar.

An effective return of serve is consistentand deep, the same as the serve. So let me show you a couple of thoseshots so you can see what they look like. The only difference is I'm going to bounce these balls, right, becausethere are returns of serve. So the serve that comes towards me, itbounces, I'm going to hit it and I'm going to hit high over the net, right,because I want it to be safe. It gives me consistency, but italso gives me depth on my return. Now, my last one was a little. Bit shorter than I wanted to, but theone before was pretty good and deep.

Work on getting that return deep and consistent and you'll be on your wayto playing really good 3.5 pickleball. The third shot you'regoing to want to have. Are you in control of your pickleballor are you aimlessly wandering without direction, following whatever thenext YouTube video tells you to do? Take control of your pickleball with thePickleball System, the most comprehensive and well designed pickleballtraining program available anywhere. Over 150 videos, live coaching sessions,and our exclusive success path. To learn more about the Pickleball Systemand see what other players, just like you.

Have gained from being students inside thesystem, visit the Pickleball System, join our next class and take backcontrol of your Pickleball path. We'll see you in class. The third shot you're going to want to have to become a very good 3.5player is an effective block volley. The block volley is used to diffuseenergy, so you're under attack, say from a hard volley, or morelikely, not a hard banger. So someone driving ballsat you really hard. You learn how to block the ball.

What you're doing is you'rechanging the tempo of the game. You're taking control of the game. And what you're telling the bangers out there is, listen, you can bang all youwant, I'm bringing you into my world. I'm bringing you to a soft world. Think of it like a boa constrictor kind of a thing where you're just basically goingto bring them into the slow world, slowly wrap around them andwin the rally that way. If you learn how to hit an effective blockvolley, you're going to frustrate your.

Opponents because they won't knowwhat to do if you have that shot. Now, you also should learn how to let outballs go, but that's for another video. Right now we're talking about a technique where you're going to learn how to diffusethe energy that they're bringing at you. The key to the effective block volley isto keep a nice, calm body, not a lot of movement of shoulders or bodyas you're executing the block. Nice relaxed block volleyis what you want to do. If you need more help with the Block Volley, I'll link to some more resources below that you can check out.

But basically, bottom lineis nice and calm, block it. And that's how you'll frustrate youropponents with the block volley. Now, before I'm going to caveat this,because I know folks are going to come at me in the comments and they're goingto say, what are you talking about? You need a third shot dropto play 3.5 Pickleball. You do not, and I'll explain ina second, but before I do that. The caveat is this I'm not saying thatthe third shot drop isn't a great shot. I'm not saying it's not a good shot to learn it's not importantand things like that.

What I'm saying is two things. One, in terms of priority, it's behindthe shots that we've discussed already. And number two, the reason you don't need it to play good 3.5 pickleball is because,no offense intended, your opponents normally aren't that good on whatthey need to do on the return side. Remember, your hitting third shot dropswhen you're on the serve side, right? When your opponents on the return side areabout the same level 3.0 3.2 3,3, whatever they are, those players are notparticularly good on the return side. What that means is I don't need to have aparticularly good third shot drop in order.

To accomplish my objectiveon the serve side. My objective on the serve side right now for you is just to keep playingand hopefully win some points. You do not need a good third shotdrop in order to accomplish that. So if you want to focus on something, focus on the three shotsthat we mentioned. Leave the third shot drop up on the shelf. It'll be there for you as youkeep on working on your game. Focus on mastering these three shots.

Also, avoid that distractionthat I mentioned. It'll elevate your play and get youto that solid 3.5 pickleball play. If you need additional help, I'll give you a resource that you can link onbelow in the video description. CJ.Johnson and myself were pickleball professionals dedicated to helping youaccomplish your pickleball objectives. Let's keep working at it.
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0:00 Introduction to the shots you need to play good 3.5 pickleball
0:26 The First Shot you Need – an Effective Pickleball Serve
1:44 The Second Shot you Need – an Effective Pickleball Return of Serve
2:44 The Third Shot you Need – an Effective Block Volley
4:38 The One Shot You do not need – do not miss this part of the video

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