I would say that I'm going to surprise you all but the lob has been a huge one I've been using it a lot it works a lot my brother's been playing with me and he has Loved A lot of people but also like defensively offensively I just think that a lot it causes a lot of trouble so that could be one I would say another one is really taking more risks so I.

Don't know if that's a shot but I do believe it's a skill people are initiating a lot more I think the technology with the paddles is making that a better shot so I think that being the more aggressive player definitely is going to pay up and then I would say the one that continues to be a factor is an aggressive serve it's not just power but.

I think it's depth different spins just so that way you can gain an advantage to score so getting inside of the Court may be able to drive the ball inside of the Court may be an easier drop but those would be it for me