Hi welcome to Brianna's pickleball my name is Jordan Briones and in today's video we are going to be talking about three major serving flaws that you may have in your game you're not going to want to miss this so now let's Jump Right In the serve a really important aspect of.

The game especially as you move up into higher levels of play you are going to want to develop a more powerful and efficient serve so that it makes it harder on your opponent that is receiving to get up to that non-volley zone line so now we're going to go over three things that I think are holding players back from having a really great.

Serve and the first one is a lack of or an incorrect follow-through if you don't have a good or correct follow-through you're not going to get the power and the spin that you want now I'm going to show you a couple of things that I see that are incorrect and then we're going to go over how to follow through the right way.

I'm ready on my mind when it gets late I always realize that I need you are you thinking about me too tonight all right so what you just saw there is sometimes you saw my follow through actually stop and I see that a lot and at other times you saw my follow through extend a little bit but sometimes it's up sometimes it's over here it's just.

Not a consistent follow-through all right so now we're going to go over the correct way to serve with a good follow-through again I'm in a semi-open stance here I like to start with my paddle right beside my right knee or right hip somewhere around here and then as I swing through this ball I want to make sure that I follow through right up.

Towards my left shoulder very very similar to a golf swing here if if you play golf at all you'll see players like this and then you know their swing they end up over here it's very very similar to that we want to make sure we contact the ball here and then we follow through all the way so this is a big piece again our swing path is from low to high and.

That's what's going to create that Top Spin make sure you are swinging through with a nice relaxed follow through and as long as we follow through all the way that's what's going to create that pace that we need so here's a couple good examples of a good follow through all right so just like you saw there make sure you are swinging through with.

A nice relaxed follow through and that you are ending up here by your left shoulder if you're a right-handed player and if you're a lefty you're going to be ending up by your right shoulder one thing that you can do to kind of exaggerate this to make sure that you are finishing the correct way is to pause and hold it I know that you.

Wouldn't do this in a real game but for practice this may be something you can try so you can do this here pause and hold and look at my follow through is up here this is the end of my follow through right I'm swinging all the way through and I'm coming here I'll show you one more time here we go okay and this is just to ensure that I'm.

Not stopping through my swing and I fall through all the way all right so the second thing that I see a lot with a lot of different players when they serve is a late or a bad contact Point what I mean by that is when we are striking the ball we want to have a very comfortable and efficient contact point out in front and I'm contacting it right in front of.

My left toe so you can see that in this camera here so this is a good contact I don't want it too far away from me obviously and I don't want it to be jammed up I don't want it to be right here so nice and comfortable out in front now sometimes I see players you know hitting their serve from the side hitting it.

Over here and this is really hard to get consistent on and it's just not a good position because we end up doing this now so one thing I would suggest is to start out with your hand extended forward so that it forces you to contact the ball out in front I always read the lies that I need you are you thinking about me.

It's no secret all my friends already know there's no reason s so those are all bad too close too far too jammed up or too uh too late and then these are good contacts on the front the lies that I need you are you thinking about me too tonight.

All right so like you can see there those are really good contact points notice how I'm extending my arm forward making sure that I'm dropping or releasing the ball out in front so I can get that good contact and I'm gonna follow it up with a nice follow through like we just previously talked about all right so now let's jump into the third.

Thing that I see a lot of players do and that is that they are just swinging with their arm so they're using their biceps and they're using all their arm muscles to create all the power and you'll see that their wrist is very stiff and you'll see that it's it's locked like this like straight up and down so you'll see that okay so this is what we don't.

Want to do I'll show you a couple examples here okay now you can actually get some topspin from that and you can get good Pace if you swing hard enough but it's probably not good on your elbow or your arm and also when we're talking about Top Spin and trying to create a good technique so.

That we can get the most Top Spin in depth as we can we don't want to be like this really stiff okay so what we're going to go over right now is something that's called wrist lag and you'll see all the top players every single one of them when they are serving they use a wrist lag because this is how you want to hit your shot to have maximum Top.

Spin and control okay so when I'm teaching the serve and when I'm teaching others even if they've never played any racket Sports before I put them in this position okay so you can see this this face of the paddle is faced to the floor and I tell them to just relax their grip so I you know this should be really loose when I'm serving I don't have a.

Really tight grip pressure it's actually pretty loose so start in this position and you'll see good players as they are swinging now they're rotating their hips they're coming through this paddle will be kind of be in this position it lags behind and as it contacts through here right right around here as it contacts through then they let the natural path.

Of the paddle go and it will end up towards your left shoulder which we talked about in the beginning okay so we're going to start here just a little wrist lag here we can start in this position nice and relaxed okay then we come through contact the ball here and then let it go so I'm not using my wrist to flick it.

I'm not serving like that or anything like that what I'm doing is I'm using my momentum and I have this little wrist lag here you'll see it here and I follow through and then I come up here so we'll show you a few of those right now so go ahead and go practice that this is kind of forcing you to be in this position so that it forces you to have a.

Little lag and remember as I'm accelerating through this is really relaxed right and then as I come through contact it's still relaxed and I'm just letting my follow through go now I'm going to show you a full swing so you obviously want to start there but you want to work up to where you're taking a full swing here and I put my paddle back.

And now you know I'm generating this momentum as I come through have the wrist lag going and I'm coming through here like that okay so it's going to look like this foreign you see a good rotation good follow through and good contact one here we go okay here we go again.

So if you kind of think about it like this the wrist lag is really a result of me initiating and starting my stroke here so as I put my paddle back and then I come and I'm see I'm shifting my weight forward it kind of will just follow this is what it should feel like will follow and then your follow through goes up here so this is something you.

Can do without a ball you want to get this relaxed feeling where it just feels like this just start off this slow in the beginning okay so again like what we've talked about you can start right here start with that first okay just starting back there and then once you get the feel of it you can start here with a.

Full swing like that okay so I want to show you uh two more times here all right so hopefully these tips were very very helpful go out there give it a try the serve is the one shot that you can go out there and practice by yourself all you need is a paddle and some balls so if you really appreciate.

This video make sure you give it a like comment below if you have any questions thanks so much for watching we'll see you in the next video thanks again for watching this video for exclusive pickleball content from me check out briannaspickleball.com for awesome pickleball paddles like this one make sure to check the link in the.

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