As more people start playing the fastest growing sport in the US they are sure to get tips on how to play better from coaches and other players but unfortunately not all advice is good advice today we're discussing three of the most common pickleball tips that we regularly hear that simply are not true see if you've heard any of these before.

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Don't miss any of our recent videos in today's video we're going to talk about three common pickleball bogus tips that can destroy your game now let's get right into the video bogus tip one you can't step into the non-volley zone until the ball has bounced the non-volley zone is the place on the court where there is the most.

Confusion the most common pickleball tip that isn't true is that you can't step into the nvz until the ball has bounced you can actually step into the nbz but you can't volley the ball if any part of your body is touching inside the NPC it may be a small difference in Words which is probably why people are confused but it's an important one the rule itself.

Says nine point e the only time a player can't go into the non-volley zone is when that player is balling the ball USA pickleball rulebook this means that you can stand in the NBC at any time as long as you don't volley the ball and there's no set amount of time you can stay there if you spend a lot of time in this Zone it's not a good idea from a strategic.

Point of view because your opponent can just hit the ball at you and have to volley or lake go past you but if you want to follow the rules you can stand anywhere inside the nvz how can this false ID or bad advice hurt you if you're playing against someone who can dink the ball well which means you can land the ball just inside your NBC you.

Might hesitate to move because you're afraid of stepping into the MVC instead you should step into nwbz early when you know the ball will be hard to reach so you have time to make a good shot then you can just step back out of the MVC and get ready for the next volley in any sport but especially pickleball hesitating is a good way to play badly.

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This tip is true this is because it's true on one side but not on the other for example if you were on the return side and your partner is serving you have to let the ball bounce before you return the serve you should move quickly to the non-volley Zone after you hit the return now let's imagine being the serving team your team serves and the.

Ball comes back to them by rule you have to let the ball bounce which means your team is probably still back at the Baseline if you are your partner run up to the NBC right after mixing the third shot you could put yourself in a position to get slammed by your opponent pickleball the third shot is so important because of this.

When do you need to run to the MVC depends on which side of the ball you're on or what kind of third shot you are or your partner made if it's a good third shot drop your opponent shouldn't be able to slam the ball at you and you should move quickly to the NBC if it's a drive or a bad third shot you should wait and see what your opponent does.

Bogus tip 3 run around a weak backhand The Last Comic pickleball tip that isn't true is that you should run around and hit with your forehand to avoid your weak backhand we all have areas where we aren't as strong some people use their forehand but most use their backhand one way to deal with a weakness is to stay away from it but this isn't a good idea.

And there are many bad things about it one reason it's bad is that when you run around the shot you move yourself out of position for the shot not in the right spot you have to hit the ball in an awkward way which usually leads to a bad shot or a Miss hit next it's a bad because you'll need to know how to use a backhand at some point during a match.

You just don't have time to run around the ball all the time you might as well work on your weakness now so you can get better at it in the future don't try to hide your flaws instead work on improving them now let's talk about five areas that we think will improve your pickleball game the fastest number five stop taking such a big swing on your.

Returns players below the four and five levels tend to hit the returns of big swings just like they hit their drives not taking into account the fact that these two shots are very difficult and have very different goals main goal of the return shot should be to hit the ball far you hit it deep you'll have time to move forward your opponent might.

Not be able to hit a good third shot big swings can sometimes work but they also make you make a lot of mistakes that you don't need to be made number four stop attacking the balls we're near poor position players also often make the mistake of putting themselves in bad attacking positions most sports make sense when you try to score as soon as.

Possible when you play Pickleball you have to think of it like chess you can't try to win right away or you'll lose a lot of pieces learn how to set up the kill shot instead if you try to go For Broke on every shot you'll make a lot of mistakes and give your opponents chances to steal the point number three stop hiding your weaknesses.

There will always be something you think you're not very good at during games players tend to start avoiding shots like the backswing the volley the third shot drop we think this is a terrible idea the problem is that they don't force yourself to try these shots you'll never get better and your opponent will be able to guess what you'll do making.

It harder for you to win matches it's important to use your strengths as much as possible it's also important to try to improve your weaknesses over time you can't be a well-rounded player if you never work on the parts of your game that need Improvement number two refine your third shot strategy one of the most important parts of becoming a good.

Pickleball player is getting good at the third shot so many players always hit the same third shot which is a big mistake lower levels it seems like more players use a drive on their third shot while at higher levels more players use a drop the difference is that at the higher levels these players know when to switch things up and they do it almost.

Every time your strategy for the third shot could change based on who you're playing and where you are you should try a few different shots against your opponent early in the game to find out who they are and how they like to play try some drops and drives to see what they do do you notice that only you use one side or they have always tried a.

Backhand every shot take note of their habits early on so you can look for signs what might try that shot again and again as the game goes on keep track of what your opponent does can help you plan your own moves and score more points number one take better advantage of higher balls while you're at the net.

Let's say you've set up your opponent perfectly and put yourself in a place where they can hit a high ball while you're at the net what do you do well unfortunately what a lot of players do instead of going for the put away is give the ball right back pick a ball if the ball is above your shoulder you should hit it with a good amount of.

Speed and put it where it will be hardest for your opponent to return it you don't want to slam it so hard that you'll lose control but you also don't want your opponent to have a good chance to hit your back if your opponents are back not the kitchen line you should go as deep as you can so they don't have a chance trying to hit through them is one.

Of the worst shots you can make because they could easily hit it right back if the ball isn't above your shoulder you can try a shot called the roll in which you spin the ball and aim it in your opponent's feet so what are your thoughts about these bogus tips in pickleball tell us in the comments also don't forget to like this video and.

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As more people start playing the fastest-growing sport in the U.S., they are sure to get tips on how to play better from coaches and other players. But, unfortunately, not all advice is good advice.
Today, we’re discussing three of the most common pickleball tips that we regularly hear that simply are not true. See if you’ve heard any of these before.

Hello and welcome to Pro Pickleball media- Your Number 1 Spot for All Pickleball Content!Our channel is dedicated to the fastest growing sport in the United States and we cover all fun and exciting things related to pickleball. So, if you love pickleball and want to learn more about it just take a second to subscribe and press the bell icon so you don’t miss any of our recent videos.

In today’s video, we are going to talk about 3 common pickleball bogus tips that can destroy your game! Now let’s get right into the video!


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