Well the second largest indoor pickleball facility in the country is coming right here to Cincinnati as WCPO 9 news's Anna azalean shares the sport has quite a presence already in the Queen City to those who don't play it might be hard to understand the pickleball craze it was described to me as.

Ping pong on steroids 822 Loretta Gaines is one of more than 1500 people who love pickleball enough to be part of the Cincinnati pickleball Club her story is like so many other pickleball players especially those at the Sawyer Point courts so I was walking through the gym and they were playing pickleball on the basketball court next thing you know two.

Hours later I never made it to spin class and I played pickleball for two hours I was hooked the people here playing tell me that especially when it's warmer outside all of these courts they fill up fast and as pickleball grows in Cincinnati so does the need for places to play especially places that are indoors there are about 215 days a.

Year where due to weather in Cincinnati it's really difficult to play Pickleball Outdoors Mitch Dunn is the president of the Cincinnati pickleball club and the co-owner of what will be the pickle Lodge we are taking a facility called Courtyard Sportsplex which was built in the mid 70s and we are turning it into a state-of-the-art pickleball all Palace.

The pickle Lodge will open in phases in Westchester as the owners make improvements first phase indoor courts they open in 2023 later phases will include grandstand style seating outdoor courts and a bar and restaurant and the hope to attract not only players like Loretta but National tournaments too at swear point in azalean wcbo 9 News.

The Pickle Lodge announced on Wednesday that it will be opening a facility that it calls the ‘second-largest indoor pickleball facility in the country.’