wow waters keeping the point alive couple times looked like that point was almost over i am looking for her third career ppa tour title.

Trying to stop anime waters from getting her first banana lee is gonna get the serve back inside out that's awesome natalie goes back down the line there good hands for waters.

You guys can't see it off camera but dad stands up big fist pump for anna lee waters and tyson mcguffin and a time out here from lindsay and riley newman one by two.

that overhead smash volley combination the youngster has a read on that backhand that john's is trying to play through the middle of the court puts those two hands on takes a big rip lee waters with the distance five games.

Eight eleven ten twelve eleven eight eleven seven eleven eight effects had a two games no oh yeah says thank you very much you almost wondered if she had too much time to think about it the timeout pays off for for anna lee.

She's got the ball back oh that's a great one leia lets out a huge come on you're watching to me we're witnessing a little bit of her trying to slow this ball down to stay out of that hand battle with emily.

She jams up riley newman right at the chest what a speed up from the youngster emily waters right now what emily waters asserting herself there.

Going hard with that high backhand volley down into the dirt tough to play within the elements here got to adjust and survive here we go great finesse shot parental was ready for it but ultimately oh she mourinho hit that ball up over.

The building and yeah size of a quarter oh oh that is just so beautiful no wow.

I mean two of those digs off of annalee waters paddles it almost seemed like they hit her hand and she drops it in just wide for my angle right here on the line i agree oh wow again that's what we talked about you watch analyte here watch our clear hips.

Extend with the two-hand backhand and just punch that down the sideline and that's going to spin back oh emily got it no way oh are you kidding me unbelievable.

291 and john's spinning that serving deep well handled by waters there we go good counter attack by waters looked like she saw that little poke coming from ben jones down the line with his backhand.

there's that roller but it's a little high great pressure takes the volley perfect great hustle great execution by anna lee keep showing too and it's been like that all week.

Even in those early round matches we've had great crowds now on championship sunday it's no different oh that's an amazing point emily recovers that ball unbelievable man hitting that ball oh gosh.

I mean hey no disrespect to tyson mcguffin one of the best players in our game but better start iso in him because right now anna lee waters is not missing unfortunately the regulation height net up to the challenge all 34 inches were ready.

wow let's go that is a big point annalee waters can see the finish line can't she run right through it catherine's got to get on the ground and now we've got a championship point.

four two oh opportunity boy and anna lee waters.

After the floor was lava the ball was in the air the whole time annalee waters riley newman where else are you gonna see this oh let's go
#Pickleball #AnnaLeigh #AnnaWaters #Sport
TOPIC : 25 best Rallies of Anna Leigh Waters

Meet Anna Leigh Waters
Upon going pro at only twelve years of age, she became the youngest professional pickleball player in history.
At just 15 years old, Anna Leigh Waters is already a pickleball phenom.

Who is the best pickleball player in the world?

1 James Johnson 21500
2 Tyson McGuffin 18560
3 Zane Navratil 16720
4 Benjamin Johns 15580

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