Hey everybody it's Rusty from pickleball Channel and I am awake at one in the morning the reason why you heard that back there and why we're going live is there's something amazing happening in Spain so right now as far as I know the most exciting live pickleball in the world is not happening.

In Los Angeles and I was gonna go live even earlier right now it's about uh it's almost 10 o'clock in the morning in Spain but I was tracking earlier at three o'clock in the morning four o'clock in the morning two o'clock in the morning midnight since yesterday there's a group in Spain these four players that you're seeing have been.

Trying to set an official Guinness world record for the longest pickleball game they're gonna play for 24 hours so let me fill you in a little bit of what's happening so like I said they started yesterday and the teams that you're seeing there depending on your screen they're in a small town outside of Madrid and the town is called is taking.

Place in Via Nueva De La Canada and like I said it's a smaller town outside of Madrid this is kind of being done with some volunteers and some great brands that you can see there but specifically the pickleball Association of Spain or the Spanish pickleball Association a fun fact I think they were the first non-north American official organization.

So similar to USA pickleball or pickleball Canada Spain became the the next a big governing body and a lot of things have been happening there they're thinking outside the box do you think it's great to do a world record do you think that's silly to do a world record I don't know it worked I found out about it pickleball channel is awake at one in.

The morning uh why am I awake at one in the morning going live I don't know how many viewers we will get but I wanted to celebrate somebody who was doing something different who is trying hard working hard these people are tired now it seems like they've been waking up you can see if you were with me a couple of hours ago when I was checking when it.

Was like three in the morning four in the morning they were dragging they were moving slow so how does it work some fun facts as you can see they actually have to serve and they're playing normal they're not just drilling they're not having fun silly games they actually have to play Pickleball by the rules what did they do about food what do they.

Do about sleeping well they're not sleeping they don't get to take those breaks but they can take up to five minute breaks per hour what they're doing strategically though is they're banking some of those so they didn't break every hour so they were worried maybe what if we had a little injury or something like that they wanted to have.

Enough time to recover and keep playing so they didn't lose their streak what that means however is that they Bank those total hours it doesn't mean they can take a break and it counts to 24. they have to make up whatever time they break so as of right now I believe just over 90 minutes maybe close to two hours they'll have taken breaks they might.

Have one more break so they will play a total of 26 hours they'll be awake for obviously longer than that total of 26 hours and that means so they're 10 they've been playing for just over 22 maybe 22 and a half I'm not exactly sure but they're close basically three and a half to four hours left home stretch so I think this is a better part we were.

Watching earlier it was dark all the windows were dark now you can see the sun has come up so a little bit about the players that you're seeing we have partners on the right side of your screen if you're looking at that just coming in those are at the bottom the female who hit the ball there that's Bea Bilbao and.

Her partner is Nicholas gapper on the left side of the screen in the yellow and black sebra shirt is uh Hema Garcia hopefully my pronunciation wasn't that bad and her partner Carlos Cape so they're not on screen so on the left Carlos copy and Hema Garcia like I said Hema was wearing a saber shirt you can see in the background there there's a.

Number of the Sabra Brands you're like what's zebra in North America we don't really know but cool there's another pickleball brand when we first started in pickleball there were hardly any pickleball paddle manufacturers so back in 2012 or 11 and now there's so many in Europe they've been around saber's been around for a couple of years my.

Understanding is they're really really growing in Europe I think they're going to be on the U.S Amazon store they help to sponsor the European pickleball open recently I think they're going to be sponsoring the Asian pickleball open so there's more and more Brands growing in Europe today Sabra they happen to be a Spanish pickleball Paddle Company so.

They're homegrown Spain this is an event happening in Spain so of course they're supporting that uh you see some banners there those four Banners are a cute T they might pronounce it racket there's a group in Sweden and so if you go to raqt dot TV which is where we're live streaming and I will I will actually interrupt my.

Feed here for a second to show you if you go to raqt.tv you can see even if you go to the home they have two cameras so they have to document and in order to make this official one of the ways they're documented you can see there's actually some other pickleball but the only live right now are these so camera two is a.

Baseline camera I'll show you that different angle and obviously my feed is going to be meh but if you go on it want to keep watching you'll be able to see a little bit uh clearer camera there oh look at that they're switching sides they're waking up like I said earlier their paddles were down by their knees and.

They were moving really slow but it looks like home stretch they might be playing some more aggressive okay guys seriously when we were watching earlier nobody was running that fast so it's kind of cool to see him waking up we were trying to cheer them on if you can go on social hit up the Instagram or fine art thread or whatever.

Somewhere give a shout out if you don't know anything about them find a local Ambassador find a local volunteer that you're doing I have no idea if anybody's actually live right now watching me but eventually somebody might see this okay apparently there's four people watching so even though we got uh four in the morning on the East Coast one in the.

Morning here I have no idea where you guys are but I think it's awesome that someone is trying hard to grow pickleball do you love the idea do you hate the idea but you gotta love people who are trying to help so again shout out to some other people a lot of the volunteers they were taking.

Turns they were doing shifts so uh Roberto Perez Gomez who was the I think the president of the Spanish Association I talked to David Soto I talked to Mark and they were all sort of helping and uh I think some of them got to go home but Daniel Hernando or Hernando he's been there the whole time I don't oh he just walked by there that's the the gentleman.

With the shorter hair kind of like mine a little bit he's been there staying awake fighting trying to help I think he's the official timer so he might be one of the official documentation people uh there's some other people I think in the back corner you might be able to see there's been two physical therapists there the whole time so we got to make.

Sure these people are healthy if they have any injuries thank goodness there haven't been any injuries I think interestingly that might have been Roberto's head that just kind of sat down in the kitchen camera and he's on the end of the table uh but like I said people are waking up they're starting to come they're actually at a school.

Interestingly enough uh the school outside earlier yesterday there were people playing pickleball kind of it's not the playground but um so I think later today more people will be coming I have to decide if I'm going to stay up for two more hours and do my small part to support this or maybe take a nap and come back and see.

What happens for the final final moment but um like I said the five minute breaks you have to have three Witnesses the whole time and then the total amount of breaks whatever they do has to be made up so are they going to pay for 25 hours and 45 minutes I think they're probably closer to 26 total hours in order to get.

That 24-hour Guinness record now fun fact I want to give a special shout out to somebody else we posted about this the other day and Lisa Ford f-o-o-r-d who said she hey I played for 24 hours get this seven years ago before most people in the world even knew about pickleball she was using pickleball to raise money she did it as a charity as a.

Benefit to raise money she played for 24 hours so thank you Lisa maybe you're the one who set The Unofficial world record I don't know if you're ever going to watch this Lisa but I think it's cool that somebody chose to do something extraordinary so whoever you are wherever you are if anybody sees this do something extraordinary with pickleball.

Feed the Homeless find shelter for people there's people doing stuff with Susan G Komen cancer there's people doing stuff with Parkinson's pickleball can be used for so much good in addition to the good that it already does for health and community and friendship but these people over there they're trying to share to the world and like I said.

Here we are in Glendale California going live to document history so that's it for now like I said shout out thank you to the Spanish Association thank you to sebra Raq TV I think AXA Insurance and all the volunteers and people out there and wherever you are whoever you are until next time keep on playing it's Rusty.

From pickleball Channel take care
These four pickleball players are attempting to achieve a Guinness World Record of playing pickleball for 24 hours straight. With only 4 hours to go, join us as Rusty fills you in on some fun facts and watches some of the live stream that has been available the last 20 hours.
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