Mission accomplished for Andre dasu finish 2023 as the top medal earner 20 a gold medals closest person to him four away and this man doesn’t even play in singles he plays in mixed doubles and men’s doubles mixed doubles happening right now trying to start his 2024 off with another gold medal Andre dasu has played in many a Championship Sunday.

In mixed doubles and he’s partnering up with Megan fudge for the first tournament of 2024 and look at who they’re going against it’s yat Johnson and Georgia Johnson no relation between the two share the last name and Georgia was joking with me you know her brother pretty good at the game of pickle ball.

And so she was joking that if it’s a mixed doubles partner I guess his last name has to be Johnson just is what it is so these two first time we’re seeing them on Championship Sunday together just decided they were playing together few days ago and look at where they are now let’s get to know Andre’s partner a little bit Megan fudge 36 years old.

Called belir Florida home technically but lives out of an RV for much of the Year her and her husband Riley toart they’re two kiddos also traveling around the country playing pickle ball so she and Desu teaming up here for our mixed doubles gold medal match and then there’s a look at Georgia Johnson just 17 years old out of bton Beach Florida.

She knows the Johnson Brothers as in Yates and Hunter Johnson very well and decided to partner up with Yates here just a few days ago on Tuesday very athletic player looking forward to seeing her on Championship Sunday and Yates Johnson her partner 29 years old out of new Bron’s Texas Yates played many mixed doubles tournaments last year.

But no medals earned in mixed doubles for Yates so trying to start 2024 off a little bit better already has it locked in he’s walking away with a silver or a gold but of course all all four of these players fighting with everything they have to make that metal golden yeah and both of those semifinals for both of these teams went three games they had to.

Battle out of those semifinals Johnson and Johnson played Will hows and Bobby oiro and a match that was going on on court one at the same time as the semi-final between Desu fudge and bar and Nery was going on two great battles and both teams tested along the way so it’s not like you’re going to see any surprises here my X.

Factor for this matchup is going to be Georgia Johnson and Megan fudge and how much either can control the pace and the dinks for Georgia Johnson I’m going to look for her to pull Megan fudge as whyde does she can to her forehand for Megan fudge I’m going to look to her to get around her backhand and use it to her Advantage not having to hit so many.

Forehand the other thing that we have to take into consideration here at the pickleplex in PUK toora is the wind you saw a shot of our Championship Court a few seconds ago and the flags getting blown around here in pagora so we’ll keep an eye on that the effect it has on this mixed doubles gold medal match it’s all about adapting to conditions here in.

Pick a ball outdoor sport that’s the name of the game taking a look at Georgia Johnson there and Yates communicating making sure they’re on the same page before this serve from Georgia Johnson into the net from Yates and let’s get to know Andre dasu really quickly 35 years old calls Palm Beach.

Gardens Florida home but born in Romania he played his colleg of tennis at Oklahoma metal leader on the 2023 AP tour great play there by dasu the forehand for the point and it’s is going to be Megan fudge we’re going to get to know his teammate here in pagora 36 years old out of belir Florida born in Germany originally and like I mentioned.

Travels the country by RV with her family on the other side of the net it is Georgia Johnson 17 years old Buon Beach Florida started playing big ball at age seven but turned Pro in 2022 starting off 20124 with us here on the AP tour good speed up there from Yates Johnson.

Right into the body of fudge and gives us a chance to talk about the 29-year-old from new Bruns Texas played his collegia tennis at SMU 113 total AP medals in 2023 back here in game one of our mix doubles gold medal match fudge and diu with a two- nothing lead a side out just force though by Georgia and quick change on our parts too no more.

Rally scoring yeah that’s what I was focusing on in the first couple of points I was like why isn’t the score changing that much back to side out scoring for all our doubles matches this time fudge makes the adjustment slides a little bit to the right counters the speed up from Johnson behind.

Him so it’ll be a side out here f and dasu chance to extend their lead dasu trying to lift that ball and can’t put enough on it doesn’t put enough on it so onto their second serve that’s the difference right there if Georgia Johnson can pull Megan fud deep like that where she’s backing off the line that’s where she ran into.

Problems against NY and bar and popping that ball up nice speed up there defended well by the Johnson’s but pushes them onto their second serve after a well placed ball from fudge there two good spots good power there Georgia.

Started it Yates finished it good step in and close and then right hip left hip from Yates on fudge for hand in a minute you talked about the the girls being The X Factor mine is Yates Johnson and whether he can get that drive dialed in on the third shot dasu goes for a little flip little speed up but Yates getting out of the.

Way of it so it’ll be a second serve here just trying to do too much with that right there he’s trying to find the right hip of Megan fudge right there instead of trying to do that she’s reading it and sliding he’s got to keep that ball in play push that back crosscourt to deu and get into the.

Point yet do that time speeding things up very quickly before finding Yates back one thing that the Johnson’s haven’t tested yet is fudge and her third shot DCU they’ve been returning to dicu he’s so consistent with that drop Gates reaching in forand good spot side.

Out again the speed up there from Yates what do you like about how that’s working that was a better spot for him right there he did get to the backhand side of Megan fudge but it’s jammed up at her body instead of letting her extend ous right there going for the backand in too much on it got the popup but it it really wasn’t elevated enough.

To to try one The Earnie or two even a speed up yes it’s B to take out of the air cut down reaction time pointing to the court saying I should have hit it over that way I think well it’s such good protection from deu because a big serve from Georgia Johnson pushed fudge back deu protecting the.

Area that fudge hadn’t filled in yet 4 better reach in there and speed up from Johnson but it was all set up by that ball from Georgia to the forehand side little flip there from Yates too much on it so it’ll be point for dasu and fudge 52 keeps that ball in it’s.

Going to get punished back the reason that Ball’s not hit is cuz it’s way out has no need for that shot at that moment great spot there overhead from Yates Johnson at the feet of dasu can’t get it back over the net so it’ll be a side out here another look but again it’s the two ball combo not trying to do a whole lot just.

Getting that ball down creates that final overhead and we talk about the communication between Partnerships that time Desu sliding all the way over fudge thought that she was going to be the one to hit that and they Collide sends the ball out of bounds 351 score for George.

Johnson that’s a it’s a tough situation there for Yates to be being aggressive as he’s backing up to the Baseline Georgia Johnson the aggressor that time and doing a good job Georgia Johnson’s dinking is ridiculous her dinking is so aggressive if she can set that up nicely like she did she doesn’t.

Even need you to step in there I was talking with Georgia yesterday getting to know her and her style of play and you know she says she comes from a tennis family obviously but she never really enjoyed tennis and so she actually really is born and bred in pickle ball and she’s been drawing from players for years to sort of pick up.

What they do that she likes and incorporate it into her own game and one of those things is the athleticism we’ve seen that all tournament long in various divisions right now her and Yates on the same page and all tied up here excuse me taking the lead in game one oh D and I are laughing here because again we weal about we talk about before the matches.

It’s a ball that was back behind fudge dasu has to step over take middle and then opens up that ball back behind him on the backhand side so then that’s how you create the opening that’s how you get through dasku and fudge right it’s all about keeping him honest you have to keep him honest you can’t not play Andre dasu because he pinches so hard in the.

Middle you have to go behind him keep him Honest One Shot then go back to what you want to do but you have to keep him honest and what that does right there as it opens up that hole because what did y Johnson do a couple times he went twoand roll behind deu so deu is thinking he may go there it opens up that hole in the middle just enough that he can sneak.

That ball through at like 60% and anytime dasu is on the court trying to keep him from taking up the vast majority of it is a tall task not just because of the way he plays well he’s got a 27t wingspan and the Court’s only 20t wide 27 might be a little bit overboard but certainly the wingspan takes up the majority of the Court his.

Dad played basketball for the Romanian national team so gets a lot of that a lot of that wingspan from Dad in 62 the strategy though by Yates and Georgia working out here as they’ve got the lead here in game number one and extended off a big big serve from Yates 752 752 good leave there.

From Yates Johnson getting some confirmation our dasu and fudge from our head referee Andy Jones was out 852 great catch by our crew as well that time fudge and dasu working their way down the sideline take another look o DCU stepping up being the.

Aggressor now typically not known for starting that fir fight but right there sees the short return steps up puts the drive into the body of Johnson Gates Again going for the Ernie but into the net it’s there 100% the right move he just tried to put an exclamation point on it when he didn’t have.

To Desu falling away from that forehand right there he’s got to step into that oh that Ball’s going over The Back Fence potentially can’t get out of the way of it is Yates Johnson and so instead it’s off his body and a point that ties us up here in game one oh the change of pace return from.

Georgia Johnson I mean started playing when she was seven I remember when they did they were in at the timeing we knew them then Chad way back when now George is all gr up what’s funny is she was telling me about how they got into pickle ball when they first moved to Naples and it was because they didn’t have anything to do.

In Christmas Eve so a neighbor had given them some paddles and they went out and played and got hooked pretty quick I could not I could not clearly see it my stand person called it out I can’t see it so back to back or not back toback but two two times recently diu and fudge wondering about whether this ball was.

Out called out by the line judge as well asna move on call SC Yates in Georgia 982 so it’s 982 Johnson and Johnson Take the Lead big biggest thing when yay is going for those drives he’s probably about 60% right now success rate he’s got to be about 80% he’s just got to force them into a.

Block great spot there by Georgia the wind is throwing off the timing for dico on these drops usually very consistent with it but balls are checking up they’re not continuing to go through the court and again y great SP down the sideline force a side out no points added for Desu and fudge so they get the ball back with the lead that’s a big.

Point AJ right there that’s a big hold oh di trying to change the pace cuts the cuts the ball and can’t get it back over the net so instead it’s a game point opportunity here Yates with the serve and they let it go Yates and George Johnson take game one 118 it’s the.

Footwork on that point from y Johnson that was incredible as he went to hit each one of those resets he stopped moving set his feet and was absolutely perfect throughout this point Chad well and like I said my X Factor going into this one was y Johnson it’s the drive and it’s that he’s going to see the steady stream of.

Ball the adjust that he’s made from what we’ve seen previously is exactly what you said set feet he’s able to reach in add some shape to it and then Georgia gets that final ball down and dasu is forced to hit up so game one goes to Georgia and Yates game two when we come back.

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Where she and her husband developed and built a seashell exhibit thank you sue for all that you do game two underway and Megan fudge getting the ball off the paddle of George Johnson and out of bounds yeah good spot right there from fudge going in the right hip of Johnson but Johnson got himself in a.

Little bit of trouble there gives a little bit fist pumps his way out of it gets that ball back off the top edge of fudge second sir Yates not enough on that one as he was hitting the ball one two with his weight moving backwards 012 flipping that one just a little too.

Far I don’t know if y said yeah on that one and then just watched it sail deep thought he had enough roll that time Megan fudge just misses by rule the call stands one2 one Z2 the score for fud surf that left a little bit short by yat so it’ll be Point fud and dasu up two.

Nothing oh good spot there from Das scoot Johnson trying to hit that pancake too far behind him Georgia that time getting big forehand well placed at the feet of Megan fudge out of the reach of a paddle 31 great defense in the middle there by Georgia Johnson but diu he gets big like.

That the ball’s not coming back off another look well usually the ball’s not going to kick up that high but with the ball being a little bit colder it gets the advantage 31 31 score for dasu Johnson just got to not be that.

Aggressive right there no need for that what I’d like to see her do I know she’s taking a lot of these balls crosscourt from pudge out of the air let it bounce and flip behind decu keep him honest they’re not keeping him honest enough right now the only honesty is when Yates gets involved and he goes back two hand crosscourt that time it was Yates with a.

Strong overhead finish force a side out yeah fudge moving up to try to put the pressure on but a good ball to pin diu back at the Baseline there I don’t like that speed up just doesn’t it it it didn’t have enough on it Yates has such a good two-and backand that ball from fudge allowed him.

To get extended right the Ernie there from Yates much more controlled though right so he he doesn’t have to do too much with that he likes the Ernie and it’s a good Ernie but all he’s got to do is put it in the right spot put pressure on that time Yates going for a little speed up for full yeah it’s just that’s not.

The spot right there the high part of the net we see that at a hunter a lot when he plays with Paris he tries to go down that line too A lot of times but he fixed that about Midway through last year where he stopped going there all the time Hunter of course being Yates twin brother the two have played doubles.

Together in tennis and in pickle ball as well so makes sense they have some of the same Tendencies Georgia Johnson with the aviators on looking all calm and cool great job there yeah good pressure and good talk there from both Georgia and Yates and that’s one of the things we always talk about is when it’s too late.

To communicate right because you’re already in the motion or you made the decision to go for the ball that time they both did a good job of communicating early body jumped up you saw he got down right as he is about to hit leg straightened out goes from hitting underneath the.

Ball to hitting the top of the ball dasu stepping in there to get big but Yates and Georgia ready for it Yates lost his paddle as soon as fudge hit that ball paddle on the ground 42 442 diu with the second serve Georgia stepping up to try and cover for Yates while he was back getting that ball but forehand just got.

Her paddle in the wrong direction into the net 542 it’s see when Johnson’s going to speed up their Georgia that being the speed UPS got to go to the backhand side of fudge to keep it in and she’s sitting Dead red on the backand.

That time both gates and Georgia going to the backhand of dasu but yeah they moved it inside and outside and then to the backand of D the first time in like three points they went to das’s backhand good one two good one-w combo there from Yates Johnson again does go to the backhand.

Side there of fudge while she’s sliding to the right but he’s anticipating that next ball coming back Georgia recognizing she pulled fudge out wide the forehand in the middle at the feet ties us up you hit that perfect Chad is that you can go there if you know she’s going to be sitting on it but you have to be ready.

For the next ball you have to anticipate that that Ball’s coming back if you’re going to go to Megan’s backand oh little tricky inside out there for Megan fudge I like it on the attack on the forehand right there which You Don’t See Much from so to push him onto their second.

Serve Yates jumps to the forehand side just a little a little too early well that’s getting frustrated at the last ball getting hit and then taking it out on the next ball into the net but they do tie it up at six opportunity here for fudge and diasu to regain the lead fudge with the serve good ball there from.

Georgia somehow just keeps it right inside the Bas deciding to let that one bounce Skips a little bit Gets behind him so it’ll be a point for fudge and diu well Megan strength right there backand cut and Yates little indecision on whether to take it out of the air or let it bounce.

Speed up there from Megan fudge sailing out of bounds so aide out fudge and dasu do regain the lead on that service side but opportunity right again for George and Yates tie it up it’s tough for Di sco to come over that far and be fully extended trying to speed that ball up the wind is picking up even more watch.

On the flag right in front of us she questioned the last ball he was all over every one of those resets but then the last one was kind of in between like you said Chad 772 sink left short by dasu so the lead this time you think what I’m thinking going to Johnson joh you think well I’m.

Thinking that diu needs to stop trying to do so much 100% 100% and allow allow fuds to kind of stay in that crosscourt taking a big ball out of the air and then going behind diu overhead winner we saw right at the same time in that last point he took about two to three balls that he just needs to let let fudge take and we see that sometimes.

When deu feels a little pressure he’ll try and do maybe a little too much and right now it is Yates Johnson and Georgia Johnson with a 97 lead here in game two which if they win they are your gold medalists here in pun gorta we’ll be right back a typical Insurance you’re just another senior that is the third health.

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Get you your instant discount at pickle ball superstore.com game number two of our mixed doubles gold medal match and it is Yates and Georg Johnson in the lead here up 97 over Megan fudge and Andre diu there’s Julie Johnson George’s mom up there in the stands she credits her with the reason that she got competitive in.

Pickleball she said once mom started training so did she Yates with the serve speed up there from Yates Johnson and dasu forehand into the net which sets up Match Point opportunity here for yat Johnson and that ball Sails Long they found out they were playing together.

Just a few days ago and leaving Porta with a gold medal are Yates and Georgia Johnson a great job by them they came out with a game plan executed very well got down in both games one and game two fought their way back very proud of them very happy for yat Johnson getting his first medal in mixed doubles congratulations to him and Georgia.

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Absorbing foam and Sketcher famous relaxed fit design for incredible Comfort game after game conquer the court in Comfort Sketcher pickle ball the official Footwear of the AP tour and here’s Championship point for Georgia Johnson and Yates Johnson Chad they get it done well my X Factor for this one was Yates Johnson and he.

Stepped up controlled the points big serve there to force the Mis return They Come Away with that first goal for 2024 AJ mcord is caught side down to Championship Court a great mixed doubles gold medal match here at the AP pagora open let’s give it up for these two teams a great crowd out here watching.

All of the pick a all action Yates Georgia I’m going to get to you in just a minute but first to our silver medalists Megan fudge Andre dasu you guys this is a new partnership and I know that both of you highly competitive and always want to walk away with a gold medal but what did you learn about this partnership how it can work for you in.

2024 yeah know uh super excited to play with Andre um obviously we’ve played each other many times nice to have him on my side of the Court um obviously there’s things we can still figure out together and uh we’ll go back on tape and figure that part out but congrats to Gates and Georgia for their gold and uh we’ll be.

Back Andre for you walking away with a silver medal here from your first mixed doubles campaign of 2024 walk me through the goals that you have for yourself this year uh like I said in the past I keep it pretty simple I try to do the best I can every match uh don’t really to look too far ahead so uh kind of like Megan said just go back watch some tape.

See what we can do a little bit better uh and look I mean hats off to to to Yates and Georgia they played the the great final and they deserve the gold medal and uh not getting silver you know for our first tournament together is not a it’s not a bad one so not bad at all congratulations Andre diu Megan fudge your silver medalist here at the 2024 AP.

Pun Gort open all right let’s turn our attention now to the gold medalists here Johnson and Johnson in Georgia and Yates Yates we joked before we came out here you’re one for one on Championship Sunday in mixed doubles your first ever time playing on Championship Sunday at mixed doubles you walk away with the gold what.

Did it take to get it done yeah I mean uh I I think I played pretty well but Georgia you know she’s just a rock solid partner she’s super positive um you know zero pressure from her we’re always smiling and having fun um you know we were joking before the tournament I’ve always wanted a little baby sister and and you know we have the same last name.

So it just works out and Georgia we were talking before you guys started and you said listen I guess if I’m going to play mix doubles it has to be with a Johnson and it’s worked out well here in 2024 on the AP tour what was the most fun part for you about this tournament walking away with a gold just my partners you know Paris.

And Yates like we’ve had a lot of fun out here and uh it’s good it’s good to be back and see some familiar faces and um just thankful that this all worked out starting 2024 off with a gold medal Yates where do you go from here yeah just uh it’s going to be a long year it always is uh you just take one at a time um but yeah shout out to job for letting.

Me borrow a part his partner um and thanks for the crowd you guys are awesome uh great atmosphere uh really helps out you know having a lot of people here just makes atmosphere amazing and it’s awesome to play in front of uh you know this kind of crowd so an amazing atmosphere an amazing crowd some amazing pick of all.

Congratulations Yates and Georgia our gold medalist here at the 2024 AP Porta open in mixed double well Georgia Johnson and Y Johnson coming out on top here Chad I mean they played really clean all weekend got down were tested but in this one I mean they got down in the game one and in game two here and were tested and fought their.

Way back in both game one and game two to come out with a two- game Victory well and Georgia and Yates kind of both talked about it a little bit is there was there were positive with each other they they didn’t really get down on each other so what we’ve seen in the past is is when they y has a tendency to get a little frustrated when when they get.

Behind here he made the adjustments he inserted the power on those drives moved the ball around and Georgia was Rock Solid and that’s what brought him away with the win well your gold medalist here 2024 AP pagor to open Georgia Johnson and the AES Johnson will take a quick break be back here on Championship Court.

Megan Fudge & Andrei Daescu face Jorja Johnson & Yates Johnson in the Mixed Doubles Final at the 2024 APP Punta Gorda Open.