Come on all right ladies and gentlemen guys have a good match those are two okay one foreign foreign foreign.

There are three kids hello three zero one fine come on there too hey thank you.

Thank you sorry six zero two thank you seven zero two the score is eight zeros and change thank you all right.

thank you sir again yeah eight zero one.

second time foreign second zero eight two light up.

Eight zero one fine nine zero one second start 902 bye zero two legs.

Zero ten one one ten one second start 1107 thank you foreign.

bye Center one stick bug s come on second step two slide out second pen what.

Second step six ten two what level seven one oh second third.

Seven two seven easy but one time remaining team you have one time remaining I'm in Seven Ten one.

Thank you ten seven one 117 . come on 7-Eleven what Pike.

Nine eleven nine second time one thank you 11 times.

Much better all right yes wait uh no you're 13. yeah thirteen ten two that's our team one second time.

The 13-2 yeah baby eleven thirteen two thirteen eleven one foreign foreign
2023 PPA Hyundai Masters Mixed Pro Doubles Match at the Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, CA
James Ignatowich Lindsey Newman Rafa Hewett Lacy Schneemann
Filmed in 1080p at 60 FPS

PPA – Pro Pickleball Association

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