Plex by what we just saw I didn't expect that match was over in a Flash Penny and Basha an amazing team amazing chemistry and we have another fantastic semi-final coming up here our Golden Girls from Australia Sarah Burr and Beck Kingsley are taking on the pair from Taiwan I believe I think they're from Taiwan yeah and they're and they're quite a team but.

We're gonna find out if they can handle the Firepower of the RC team Beck and Sarah they're waiting one minute here for the names to be called the uh for the names to be put into the scoreboard so the team we have is Young sin Seng and Zhou Yuko.

I'm gonna let you say that oh a great block follow here to start the match I'm gonna tell you right now um I'm not sure which one she is in the black uh the black and green and white but she has got a nasty overhead and and very aggressive attack and the team from Taiwan uh please correct Us in the if it's in the chat if.

They're not from Taiwan but I'm pretty sure they are I'm pretty certain I I think they are um I I don't know I will find out for sure but I believe that's correct so that number three and four in the open women's singles yesterday so very credentialed very established players.

This should be a fantastic match here and the Australians have the ball back that's a good startout I only kept them in one there pretty aggressive dink Sarah not hesitating there at all to move forward onto that I think she thought Beck was initially gonna move.

But back didn't so Sarah's like okay she closed it yeah she closed it out nicely she's she's really really aggressive offensively which puts a lot of pressure on the other team and and the one thing about Beck is she has a a really powerful forehand and backhand Drive um if it's on it's deadly if it's off a.

Little bit she's gonna need to figure out a way to switch it up a little and maybe hit some drops and the power from that ends I believe it is Young sin sang is incredible she's a lefty she has got huge power yeah your speed cut at the ball there was no getting that ball back.

I I'm liking the movement from this team over here but unfortunately they could never get the ball back down into the kitchen that's the great neutralizer in pickleball is that that light blue kitchen area if you if you can get it down into there you can set reset anything great placement there.

She's fired up she's not quite as exaggerative as Kim Iver but she's she's got it going pretty early I think Kim Vibes though doesn't she she does bring the Kim vibes another attack into the net they're firing off on those drives and maybe they should potentially look at blocking those instead of attacking and.

Then a first to 15 game Scott it only takes 15 of them and a little bit of luck yeah not much she could do on that one of course Becca is one of the quicker players in the in the bracket she's quick on her feet but that ball bouncing back towards the net unfortunately okay they've got the ball back here one.

Four on one I'm expecting the girls to make you put a few points on the board here apply a bit of scoreboard pressure so unlike the match before where Penny Lee and varsha just took off and never looked back oh I expect yeah that was a blast I expect the team from Australia to bounce back and to push back uh a little bit more with some resistance.

Okay a free point there interesting a conscious Continental uh sliced every single one of these returns definitely interesting a little deep but now let's see how they handle the spin serve they haven't seen it much no yet in this game yeah and I don't think Joe Yuko has actually played Sarah.

Before handle it quite nicely yeah she looks a lot more confident with her her Strokes great get there by back oh you know what that was just a good shot honestly Sarah and Beck looking a little bit rattled at the moment but there's such seasoned contenders you know like so much experience they'll just hang.

Tight here they'll weather this storm I think it is just a storm well they're definitely used to being in these bigger matches however there is sometimes a Target on your back when you're the team that won the last International Tournament in the women's open so these teams are going to be gunning for them and they need to be.

Really sharp in every one of these matches to ensure that they get back to the finals and if you're the team from Taiwan do you keep taking risks like that I think so I think you got to go for I'm gonna play to win it you're playing the defending champs from the Asia pickleball open I think you do.

Okay and these are the points that Sarah and Beck want the Taiwanese girls have definitely handled the pace well early on maybe it's the dink rally that Sarah and Beck really want to engage because we talk about Sarah and Beck's ability to overpower opponents but if need be they do have plan B which is.

Patience yeah they can definitely Dink and you know I like what back Kingsley was doing there she was resetting resetting getting the ball up and over and then she chose to speed up that last ball she maybe should have been patient one more to get herself in there great defense right there.

Sarah Sarah running a little bit out of she ran out of room essentially I I believe she gets that easily if there wasn't that netting there because she would have had three or four more feet but great hustle either way so we're at five four one here in this first to 15 semi-final not a great idea not a great idea at all.

I mean look I guess every once in a while throw a lob up but sarahbo has got hops she's changing it off the ground she can jump she's athletic I mean both of these players on team Australia are going to be super athletic um not a great idea Beck just letting that one drop a little bit low she had the ability to take a little bit higher.

And she chose to Let It Drop yeah she likes to attack these balls and and she's doing a good job for the most part but sometimes they're they're not actually attackable once you once you get them below the net great return there good depth then into the backhand as well four six nice balanced match up here too.

A lefty and a righty on both teams yes yes a good play there set up by Sarah Burr moving across in front of Beck to take that Ding just making probably Beck feel a little bit more comfortable as well yeah it actually seems to settle in here and I think she will.

We're all tied up here six six on two I believe thank you okay a few softer points here Scott a few softer points from the Aussie girls engaging that dink Exchange.

All right six seven on one foreign and they love that play Beck pulling her opponent wide with that backhand dink uh her opponent's sitting up is a little bit too high and Sarah pouncing on that forehand volley down middle all right they're coming alive yeah they're really starting to pick it up.

And we knew they would they are not gonna just go away I mean you're gonna have to fight scratch and Claw to win every single point against them especially once they catch fire like this they're gonna be dangerous Beck's got to lay off that third just a little she's a little a bit aggressive and they're not they're not going in.

Right now so she needs to switch things up just a bit a good break there for Becca she left that ball up just a tad so I believe we're changing ends we're at eight six eight six so remember this is a game to 15 so they switch at eight but next round is gonna be two out of three for the women's finals so that's.

The reward for winning the last round before the finals excellent play from both sides obviously Sarah Burr and Beck Kingsley started a little slow but have since then picked things up quite a bit and have taken the lead coming into the second half what does.

The other team in young sin sang and Zhao you KO need to do look they have to grab this match by the horns I think they know they're The Underdogs they're playing the Asia pickerball Championship Champions and you're in a first of 15 game I will say even though you weren't at.

The age of pickleball open uh you might have watched it but at that last tournament they blew through every team including in the finals they're getting a lot more resistance here in the semi-finals of this match they can feel it great reset there to stay in that point that was a good attack by the Taiwanese.

Girls and you do not want to sit that ball up down the middle to Sarah Burr's forehand agreed they're going to want to get that ball low good backup there oh wow she had the chance to recover off of that and couldn't put it away dumps it in the net.

Oh Sarah nearly resetting that ball from behind her from my perspective because I've got the table and everything here I thought she got it in for a second I couldn't tell but you you saw it just finally just a little bit wide there oh back with a second missed serve one in the first half of this game now creeping in on the second half so Vic does have.

An aggressive serve and she does get a lot of free points off it she's only missing by a few inches but it it is the risk that you take do you think if you've missed two in a semi-finals do you tone it down or do you continue to push with that aggressive I think for Beck she's more comfortable when she is hitting hard I.

Think if she tries to slow things down it's it's it's not her style of game I think she can slow it down with maybe a backhand slice but on her serve and her forehand especially she needs to stay aggressive so I probably should have let that ball fly definitely saved it and it did bite them in the end but in her defense her.

Forehand is sitting right there in the middle had she be been a right-handed player uh and that was her backhand she likely wouldn't have even got a paddle on that great aggressive server there by Joy yeah just inside the line oh there's another one but yeah it's a wire with it well you know that ball should go out.

Probably but because this is a Franklin ball and we're playing inside with no wind uh that ball dips in okay another missed serve here by the Aussies crazy here's a drop we're starting to see a different strategy unfold.

Yeah why lob I just you know I mean look it's not me out there playing but you've got two really athletic tennis players from their former background in Rocket Sports you should not give them an overhead I'm telling you it's a bad idea and not down the middle maybe lob down the line over there their backhand side shoulder.

Perhaps which is a harder shot by the way but down the middle I don't think that's going to get them many free points but we thought that in the last or in the advanced men's doubles final with the Indians their overheads were crazy in the end the lobs worked it's not a good idea to lift that ball up I mean.

I don't think you're going to win many of those hands battles against Sarah especially when you're lifting it up high so now she gets to hit down on the trajectory if you're gonna hit that exchange with her you've got to at least go 50 50 belly button to belly button I do like the forehand roll through the middle however Beck's forehand sitting.

There waiting on Mike was waiting she's got a bit more power off of that forehand crazy this game is eight seven right now oh okay so so the counter to the shake and bake is that shot right there down at the feet Yes or in behind correct yeah that would be the other adjustments going behind her but.

Yeah that return where you want it to go it went straight up sitting mid Court Becky's going to eat that for breakfast they need to get depth on their returns to try and keep Beck and Sarah back these girls okay in these dink battles Sarah and Beckham generally been on top of this.

But a great little exchange here oh in behind back yeah it's a great Point she painted the line right there got her moving and put her in a really compromising position to be honest a little returned friendly fire right there um right into the body of Beck Kingsley Taiwanese him showing they can also.

Drive that ball hard they've got to execute if they want a chance to get back in this game and take the lead this is a tight moment and yeah they're the ball Scott that you need to be making eight ten on two I mean I I don't know about you but it wouldn't take me more than maybe twice to figure out I'm losing those exchanges.

I probably shouldn't just attack Cross Court to the forehand of Sarah Burr I mean it's you just don't want to go into that trap now that's a better attack why is that a better attack she got it into Sarah's backhand first and foremost and it was actually quite a difficult shot because it was actually.

Very short in the court and close to the net I don't think she meant to hit it there originally but she then she's moving in onto her forehand volley and that sits up a little higher she can attack that yeah all right she hits straight across on the attack that time instead of Cross Court they've kept Sarah and back scores.

Here on that side out so we're at eight ten one this is a very interesting moment in this match yeah this is definitely one of those crucial points in the match it could start to tilt either way that's the third one that I've seen now on the missed third shot you've got to get those third shots up and over even if they're a little high.

Okay now Joy Yuko has done some incredible dinking I didn't know what to expect from her well I haven't seen her play doubles but she has some pace and some spin on her ding she's not just putting these things back in play she's looking to be aggressive with these dinks yeah I noticed that on the first time she on the other side in the.

Beginning of the game wow wow sorry we changed gears on that and that was a really nice shot from Sarah Burr all right serving at ten nine one can the Aussies make a few put a few more points on the board create a bit more distance but not if they put the ball up that high on the third.

Yeah I mean back's got to get that ball lower it's going to get hammered and there's another missed serve as she was likely still thinking about the last shot that she missed she needs to refocus every single rally and I think Scott going to what used I think she actually tried to take a bit of pace off that serve and put a bit more topspin on.

It yeah I mean that's what we discussed earlier it's like do you take a little Pace off and try to be conservative what you said actually I think was was the exact thing that you just saw play out is she took a little off and it ended up biting her that just needs to stick to her guns here she has got a great repertoire of shots whether it's the.

Power game whether it's the Precision game soft game whatever it might be she just seems to back herself in these moments but this is a big moment Scott this is the semi-finals of the World pickerball Championships here in balians They're all playing you know to make this Grand Final and and to win this title.

If Joe Yuko and young sin sang decide to come out and go right back to back who's had a couple errors here down the stretch how can Sarah Burr try to get involved and Implement herself into the stretch of this game I think Sarah can definitely immerse herself in this game a little bit more I think she can hold.

Middle she's had a great deal of success and I think if they're actually going behind Sarah she's got a much better chance of resetting the point with her backhand dink okay that'll help Beck relax she'll be happy with that one that was great and you know coming out of that timeout I I said seven out of ten times you win the.

Point I don't know if that's actual factual information but I do know that typically the team that calls a timeout wins that next point if you've got the stats on that can you please send them through I sure will okay so I feel Sarah probably could have let that ball go again.

Now I think it's young since saying has a big cut at that swinging volley it's got a lot of power behind it she has leveled all the time when these team has leveled this game up at 10 10. so good side out there yeah another missed third though score she's missed so many of those thirds trying to be so perfect with it you don't have to be.

Perfect on your thirst guys like Beck and Sarah have won most of these exchanges when all four players have been up a little net play there oh great defensive hands and a reset get him back on point oh the attack was there but she let it drop too far she tried it she hesitated you can't.

Hesitate you've got to pull the trigger early on that ball so if you notice then Sarah trying to spin the service didn't come out of her hand properly so she knew she only had 10 seconds so she decided to spin a serve or push a serve into the court just got back on ice skates at the.

Moment Beck loves the backhand dink rally but so does Joe Yuko by the looks of things Sarah looking fake oh oh my goodness did you see that strategy there that's how she can Implement herself into that game sitting like you said hugging middle yeah with that forehand but you.

See how she created that she actually moved off the court to an early position and almost surprising Joe Yuko with what are you doing oh she saved an apple it worked out but got away with it boy if she if she doesn't win that point off of that it's gonna be frustrating 12 10 on two the Aussies did.

Put a little bit of scoreboard a little bit of a gap and distance on the scoreboard here yeah so far the odds is able to stay ahead of the Curve but she's put back on skates a couple times with that nice backhand slash right I wouldn't be engaging the dink battle with Joe Yuko I would be going to Young sinsang agreed.

Young sin sang has been the one making a few more errors on the dinking yet they find themselves in another dink rally back pulling up Kim Iver rolling that forehand inside line um off the balance but it did not go in her favor that time and wave got a strong Taiwanese support crew over here to really Edge begging their team on.

It's a nice transition reset there coming in love the attack but Sarah's a wall oh he attacks are are there in a way but she's so flat with where she's attacking she's got to catch that and roll it you can't just attack every ball you see she stands up very tall as well I'd like to.

See her user legs a little bit more when she is yeah if she gets down in just a bit she would probably help her own cause there and there's another example she stood upright and then tried to roll that ball below the net you you cannot attack these balls when they're below the net like that.

This is getting really interesting at 12 12. this is gonna be a nail biter this is where yeah that was out yeah that was definitely wide yeah that was that was out all right they've got the serve where it all level at 12 12 1. they're handling the spin serve much.

Better than some of the teams did this morning oh oh my goodness that was a filthy role it really was and you know Sarah kudos to her she's still got a paddle on and almost got it to roll over the net but really good position on the great serve them I bet can she back it up with a drive that's the shake and bake Beck.

Able to cover my goodness that's a nice roll oh my God what are we looking at right now oh what a terrible way to end that point but what a great Point by all four players what did we just witness there was some.

Seriously incredible gets by both teams I thought they won that point at least three or four times that could be a dagger nice reset there Beck hasn't come out on top of many of these regularly I'd like to see a dink line here she's holding her own very well though but those those sharp dinks.

Are not doing any favors this is such a good match and a rare Miss from Sarah Burr she's usually tight tight back up at the nbz and almost up at the mbz and back to neutral here she really trusts her shots a lot and uh that one came up just a bit short but 12 13. a third shot drop there by Young sin.

Which hasn't made many but that was a good one such a good that's all she could do is Clap the paddle and say good shot that was no one knew where that ball was going except young sing-sang this is interesting now because it's 13 all.

That is another third drop one out of five yeah that's plagued her a lot this game and that could be the difference right the difference in them winning or losing if she doesn't get that third shot under control okay Sarah and back not on their natural sides right here yeah interesting.

Oh great T my goodness and a great Point by Sarah and Beck to come out on top of that they've got the ball back one such a good game here guys see I would have attacked that I would have attacked that all year lightning does not strike twice you try to thread that one up the line on Sarah no such.

Luck no and that the mistake was she backed off the line to let it bounce she should have leaned into it and attacked it out of the air okay we are at much points yep that was tough yeah that was an extremely close match you know the resistance from uh uh joku Yuko and young sin Shang was.

Immense but in the end the missed thirds the missed opportunities to put the ball away bit them in the end Sarah Burr Beck Kingsley moving on to the finals Scott golden and Brendan Lee gonna wrap up before we come back to the next finals we're gonna take an interview with Sarah and Beck.

let's go well done girls good game really good should be good Scott they're good are we good Scott are we good
2022 World Pickleball Championship WPC, Bali Indonesia, Women’s Doubles Open Division Semi Final