Oh all right ladies and gentlemen we are back on Championship Court I've got Brendan Lee still to my right what a trooper he's been here all day with me thank you by the way for uh doing the broadcast with me it's always nice to have a second voice somebody to bounce stuff off of in the broadcast man.

It's been great to be with you here today um I've enjoyed every moment learning this uh element of our Sport with you and here we go the women's doubles final here at the World pickerball Championships yeah we're gonna get started Penny Lee and varsha on the far side Beck Kingsley and Sarah.

Burr on the close side now we should make clear early on here Scott that this now is a best of three game match to decide the winners of this title duly noted and I'm divided as you know as am I yours should be a little easier to work.

Out though great point and we're gonna see a a pickleball game out here Scott I think a lot of these points are going to be decided from the nvz yeah this is going to be a real match and a lot of back and forth great handset that was shot by Sarah.

Bear a great setup by Beck though yeah she's a she's a great Setter for her sister Sarah to put stuff away it's it's the the setter is just as important as the put away oh Penny not liking that spin serve yeah they're gonna have to get used to that for sure and then the Miss right there was was in part because they closed the.

Gap um so fast after that third shot Drive oh another one I really don't think they've seen anything like that before okay but we know varsha and Penny are very accomplished when they get to the nbz the problem is going to be getting there yeah and they're very keen they're gonna pick up on this spin serve um and.

Be able to return it after game one game one might be a bit of a struggle but we're also just pointing this out we're also under the full lights now it was a little lighter earlier this is full-blown lights this is much nicer conditions for not just a player but also for us sitting here as well especially at the commentator booth.

Yeah this is a strong start by Sarah and Beck already out to a 4-0 lead and second server for Penny and varsha yeah you just can't lift the ball up high to her forehand she's gonna hammer it both of these scales that's a nice attack she had it set up she just didn't finish you gotta finish right there.

Oh Beck got the ball she wanted she had a great ding to set that high ball up we just need to get lower come from underneath that ball to lift that back up and over the net throw that attacking bully good hands there by varsha good placement she is good at that barstow's got very powerful punching ability at.

The at the kitchen line I think we're gonna see a lot of this exchange today these dink rallies Cross Court more than down the line okay they're on the board one four on one faster and Penny can breathe now it's always getting your first points tough it really is sometimes you relax a.

Little bit after that but getting on the board is an important part of this game and right now back in the semi-final we saw had a reasonably slow start by her standards I feel right now she is switched on from the start by the way for anybody that's watching.

It and has been watching that's how you hit a return that's close to the Baseline you just hit it you just hit it you don't worry about if it's in or out it's that easy it's that easy foreign that's very Savvy and Keen right there and Pini is the Savvy one I mean they're both fantastic players but Penny's.

Pickleball IQ is high I don't know where Beck was right there she hit a nice drop and then she was nowhere to be found at the non-volley zone she's gotta get up there and hug that line tighter and vasha was so quick at identifying that as well.

This is the Cross Court battle you spoke of a few minutes ago it's going to happen quite a bit oh that ball just missing just missing it was very very close pennile with a nice attack straight on bird not quite ready for that foreign that forward Attack From Penny Lee.

Varsha drops the ball in soft it gets lifted and here comes Penny Lee right there for the forehand put away did Penny Lee watch Sarah bear at Asia pickleball open because that is a Sarah move he looks just like Sarah Burr we could combine the two last names and just call it the blur Beck really needs to be patient here she.

Knows this this match is not going to be won by sped up it's gonna be one by patience him digging and waiting for the right ball to attack I just feel like she attacked the wrong ball there so hopefully she gathers those senses shortly or as quick as she can so this Cross Court dinkings.

Gonna happen quite a bit and then the LOB oh I don't like that not a great idea to do that but she did finish the overhead when that ball got lifted up a little too hard you'd get away with it but lobbing down the middle to Sarah I don't think they're going to come off winning that point more times than.

Losing time will tell nice resets there for invarsha yeah opinion is apologizing to varsha there I think fasha had a better play on that last ball sometimes instinctually you just go for it and you gotta have a little bit more awareness of where you are on the court.

Really making back work here on these dinks farsha in no hurry to speed it up oh what an exchange what a fire fight you gotta love the back and forth from these ladies just really pushing Penny Lee when she's moving in and punching she's extremely difficult to face look at her moving in Look at Her Go.

Now the defense right there was impeccable because Penny Lee really had hit a good shot off that low volley but varsha not able to recover back to the other side so good in fact just sitting there uh empty-handed letting that ball go through foreign.

Points of attack are spot on right at the feet a bit aggressive a wrong decision there I would say I think if she had a time again she would probably just reset that while I'm back into the kitchen also if you do attack that you can't go through the middle high like that you have to go at a body.

You have to have a body stop that shot great move by Sarah there she was in a better position to take that and she did well placed ball because Penny and varsha are getting a little mixed up on who takes that middle ball wow the counters look Penny Lee doing it again that's a.

Wrong shot just keep them back right there again some of these points look they're they're gonna be over three four shots before they actually are but Scott this is what we expect from the Open Women's doubles final 100 and Penny Lee and varsha making a little.

Bit of a run here pushing hard I like that attack down the line but Beck Kingsley guarding her line like a champ oh such a good shot but but Lee is just really a wrecking ball right now everything she's doing is coming in coming in moving forward putting a lot.

Of pressure on that forehand all right guys we're gonna take a quick 60 second break while they towel off and get some water we'll be right back after this foreign looking confident here in game one started a little slow came out a little.

Flat but now up 7-4 remember Sarah and Beck did go out to a 4-0 lead here oh that's so pity Lee is that's called the heat check right there you're feeling it you know you're dialed in they're hitting a lot of the balls to varsha so she's looking for that attack but that was not the right time to attack the ball.

Such a good shot from Sarah Burr filthy serve there gets the short reply nice recovery off the net cord oh that that's a thing of beauty right there the lob followed by the smash it was only a good lob because she because Beck couldn't get a lot on it oh my God.

Feeling herself right now is up and about I would not be getting it into any firefights right now with varsha her hand speed is unbelievable I'm not sure if it's translating through on the on the replay but just watch the snap of her paddle oh my God Penny Lee is firing off right now.

Good reset nice lob another LOB they gotta figure out that middle ball what uh exhibition we are being traded to right now like holy cow I really feel like Sarah and Beck probably have to slow this up a bit their drives are just being counted.

Straight away from interest yeah they're countering these drives with Incredible crisis spot there by back that ball missed that ball missed she had it teed up on her forehand location there I think I think best went for it but then Sarah was all over and I think that's a little.

Hindrance there perhaps just put Sarah off enough well it definitely wasn't a great law but it was enough to keep them off balance look at varsha in that transition zone yeah this is so strong this game is not going well right now for the Aussies they're a little shaken up after some of these points they haven't come out on.

Top they've got to regroup here not a good decision I mean look at the end of the day you're you you're up 9-4 but you got to be smart with some of these shots very low percentage down the line 941 I'm not the worst time to do it though Scott come on be a little bit generous yeah you're right you're right she she wants the crowd to get involved.

Here she is working the crowd actually it was ten four one yeah we had to score a little lagged there uh it's actually game point so they won 11-4 not the outcome that the Aussies were looking for in game one but look for them to bounce back here in game two as they have got to figure out some adjustments we'll be right back after this break.

Foreign foreign foreign we're back in game two I'm not sure they listened to the slow it down advice just yet it's in her blood I mean if you do it well keep doing it I guess it's in her DNA she just loves to hit that ball.

The other thing we mentioned is this is a big moment for for all four players on this court I think there was a big storm in the first game I think Penny and varsha played absolutely incredible ball to take that first game can they maintain that for two or three games I don't think so but time will tell and it's a bit of execution here as well.

Sarah makes that ball nine times out of ten well but this is the difference when you're in the finals the balls are a little lower they're a little sharper you can't just attack every ball that you see so she did have the right chart to attack it just happened to be a little lower than she wanted okay so that's this is what we spoke.

About I know that's this isn't a rare error there from varsha but Sarah slowed it down hit a bit of spin on that dink do the simple things well yeah I expect Kingsley and Borough to really change things up here come with a different game plan and I I think there'll be a a game three most likely but we'll see.

Oh because I think we had this conversation before the match Sarah and Beck played Penny and varsha at the Asia pickleball open I believe Scott you were there um and they overpowered them completely my money is Penny and Pastor have gone away from that tournament and worked on countering power I reckon they've.

Probably had people drill or drive at them and drive at them and drive it and knowing potentially that this would be a match up at this tournament or next time they meet well you can certainly tell when somebody's overpowered and this is not the case in this final they feel completely comfortable handling the drives from Burr and Kingsley so.

Thank you incredible defense from Sarah Burr oh they that's that's unfortunate because Penny Lee should be smacking that with the forehand unfortunately varsha did not slide to the right guys that's a tip when you're playing and the ball goes up in the middle give that ball to that forehand it's a much.

Cleaner shot from the forehand's perspective I like the Vash or accepted it acknowledge and accept that she quite frankly stuffed up there and they're right back at it yeah I apologize to Kenny goes hey my bad I know yeah I do I do like that sportsmanship execution hasn't quite been as sharp in game two here early on but it wasn't at.

The start of game one either and they really ramped it up after that so did you notice varsha's attack through the middle on the forehand off the balance is defended very well from Sarah Burris she puts that forehand in the middle and clogs it up it's not the same as we saw in the semi-final with against the Indians.

She's not going to thread that through the middle like she did and I actually spoke to varsha before this match about that shot being so precise in the game before and I said you know that that was a weapon for you in that game and she said yes but now I'm gonna be hitting that right into the forehand.

Of Sarah so she was very aware of that what a great get there by Sarah but she's just hit an out ball well and then of course she gets away with it though gets away with it yeah but look that's why you don't I mean I've spoke on this several times that's why you don't drop the ball on on a I don't know how old Sarah Burr is do you.

Know how old Sarah is Sarah mid-30s mid 30s so you don't drop the ball on an athletic mid-30s woman who who can track that ball down you pin him back and keep them back this is where you want to keep them back at the Bayside they'll be very happy with that because they have not being on top of those.

Firefights we're so he was just airing back pain on top of those you know I think varsha was a little bit like whoa I lost one that one was a little intense for me um I like that that Sarah was bringing the fire there I do like that play from back she just missed that drop but it caught Penny by.

Surprise Penny was expecting Beck to drive that third shot hard if that can execute that that could be the difference here in game two the problem is Beck's not as confident hitting her drops right now she loves and really relies on that third shot Drive so if she has to go to plan B she's got.

To be confident with that third shot drop that is a great angle off volley there varsha had no chance at that ball a much more composed start to this game to they switched up their stacking a little bit or they were positioning now they're.

Stacking their their positioning Penny and Vostro definitely dipped here Scott they're not as sharp as they were as they were in game one yeah there's always a dip from the team that won usually if the team's really mad and a bit of luck too yeah you got to have some of that luck we talked about that earlier.

Put a lot of net chords today there's a bit aggressive from Penny Lee by the way on that after that oh nice adjustment from Penny Lee to lob that ball oh they did well to hang in that point as long as they did.

Well that that shows you what kind of high IQ Penny Lee has she recognized that Sarah Burr was going for an Ernie and she lifted the ball up on a lot that's that's very very high IQ the IQ is high from this end they are very tactical with what they do they're not just great at their technical elements but they're also very great they're.

Tactical yeah and and most people just left that ball right up to the forehand Ernie from Sarah Burr but not so much with Penny Lee she doesn't like being ernied apparently the Aussies have opened up a 4-0 lead here so we're serving at zero four one playing much better.

Great dig there some of this was just an execution issue in the first game they're still playing very similar to the way they did in game one meaning the Aussies but they are executing now which is the difference in the score and I think from this end peony has.

Definitely deep scored Vash is still quite sharp but I feel like penny has definitely missed a few sitters and that's a bit of luck there maybe a little bit unfortunate for Sarah burra she was actually clogging that middle to be honest on the replay you can see Sarah's already sitting on that ball because she knows varsha likes to speed.

It up through the middle oh what a great get by Beck Kingsley yeah I I love that she attacked that ball out of the air and didn't let it bounce behind her okay and this is what we wanted we want this dink rally and we want to be patient here they got you got to give that ball right back to the person that lifted it up.

Ultimately they were okay but what I mean by that is varsha attacked the ball Cross Court to Sarah Burr instead of going right back at back when that ball lifted up right they are on the board here now in this game two one four on one two two four yeah four two one.

Vash is struggling with that's uh jeez Penny's been strong at counteracting Sarah's attacks I I don't know how she's doing that so much but she is able to body bag people off the bounce without them even realizing it's hit him yet that's an incredible I don't know if people realize how how hard that shot is to do incredibly great touch.

And again Burr with a second Miss on that step over uh uh poach he really has money on that most most times I think she's moving across the court maybe like to see her standing back a bit and actually moving across and forward onto it but the only thing great put away there by Sarah she meant business on that one we call.

It cash in the check speaking of checks there will be a check cashed after this tournament after this event too there is some good money on offer absolutely maybe they'll take us to dinner after or not that's another one straight on Beck's got to be very careful with the.

Dangerous shots of varsha straight on she really does like that that punch volley and the attack off the bounce straight on look they switched it they put back on the opposite so that's not where they want to be no but you know what it's interesting their their high IQ as well they made a switch because they quickly recognized.

That varsha was getting upper hand on back straight across the the net so we're gonna have a timeout the Australians are going to take a second to regroup as they were up 4-0 and now they find themselves in a different situation varsha and Penny Lee feeling very very comfortable as is now taking the lead.

Right out of now five points in a row thank you all right we're back at it after that 60 second timeout I'm just saying my percentages are are working in my favor now I'm now up three.

To one since we've talked about that so that's sitting above that's sitting at 75 yeah I'm hitting above average here not not a bad idea a little low I thought she went for maybe like a magic shot and I would say she was off balancing me too she wasn't really grounded to execute that efficiently she.

Was basically all in her holding her fingers helping that ball went in oh and a bit of luck there but we are gonna take that at this point you're down a game it's a tight game two you might as well take those and so we are taking five five here you definitely can't take them with you.

Good adjustment from back I mean she's used to driving her thirds and she's really focusing now on dropping those thirds and it's paying off big time and a quick time out there cool just two points after the last time out wow not uh not really surprised though these these teams are very Savvy with their timeouts.

I I think they had this the 5-4 lead now it's uh it was five four Lee and Madar and now it's 7-5 Kingsley and Burr so uh a good timeout a wise timeout in my opinion let's see if they can stop some of that momentum and let's see if I'm gonna go four and one on the team calling the.

Timeout winning the next Point can I go 80 percent yes I can these are scary stats I know it is you know it's not even factual but it's what I've noticed over six years of playing like but they have still got the serve here oh goodness that's that's an untimely Miss serve she's had a couple long very few have hit the net like that.

She she's got to reel that in though it's important to get your serves in Burr stepping over to take that middle ball the one thing about Sarah that I love is that she she can get every ball back she bounces around or whatever but there she's backing away from that shot so the ball is getting lower so by the time she.

Contacted it's below the net great defense by varsha there Kingsley and bird just swinging away oh my goodness Penny Lee with some amazing defense plastic fly but I think she saw an opening she saw Sarah with you and he saw on a line open and thought I might drive this up here this should have.

Stayed in the point very low percentage to attack that ball on an overhead but so what the oh I had some insight there from Sarah and Beck and they actually felt that they're going to Target penny here with the return they feel that her third shot is currently sitting up a little bit High which in the last couple of points I have noticed she's running.

Hot everywhere else but I feel like that's a little opening they may have I like it they've got to do something here as they cannot afford to lose this game wow I gotta tell you that cannot get put on a platter any easier to put away and she just overcooked it I think people get excited you know I know I sure do.

But you gotta stay in your composure when you're gonna hit that ball like that would have been sought out six seven on one now we're eight six two big big difference here in game two on execution and that Kingsley just coming out of left field with that forehead all right down the center slapped it.

All right a few points the difference now in this second game I wonder if the difference the real difference is that they ate a blooming onion between games do you think that could be what it is no Australians are eating blooming onions my friend touche oh.

Oh that is the thing of beauty watching that ball come through the middle unscathed and that is match point right there we're gonna take a quick break and we'll be back for game three in just a minute foreign.

You know what's crazy is that the bronze metal matches won game to 15 and they're over there still playing and we've finished two games over here already good night so Scott what was interesting is if we go back to the point when Sarah was serving OPEC was Sarah were serving at seven six two and there was a net chord she popped that backhand dink up.

And varsha put that into the net fasha and Penny didn't win a point after that agreed it it was a game changer that ball called out from the Lions judge it was a little late on the call but Beck not one to really make bad calls she'll be on the side of making no call they're having some success Penny and.

Varsha when they can pin back down on her backhand when they can get a little Pace on it she struggles with that a little bit Yeah Beck hasn't probably found her drop yet as we said she was gonna slow it down but that's what she has found and it has been critical she has pulled out at least three of those in the last.

Eight points I would say wow what what she cracked that ball no she probably did crack your head it's possible I'm in that more metaphorically but she may have Sarah Burr really picking it up but you know you gotta finish it on that first one if.

You don't the chances go down that you'll win that point I love I've said this several times but Penny getting back to her game one ways where she's sliding in being aggressive off that fourth shot fast with seeing her moving in some time she kind of took a lull in game two from doing that she kind of quit doing it and.

I I think they need to get back to doing that this is a great Point playing out in front of us not a good idea how many times you jinx somebody has got to let her know that that's a terrible idea there but we've complimented her on her pickable IQ extensively and that my friend was a poor shot selection and.

It's only because Sarah Burr is an extremely talented athlete like she can Crush overheads it's just never a good idea to lob on those type of athletes in my opinion right now penny is nervous yeah Penny may be a little tight it's game three you know I don't mind the lob here and there but that's like the third.

Time it's gotten smashed for a winner they thought that ball was out back there but but then the ref confirmed it was in not sure what Sarah was trying to do there was she trying to lob off of that I I didn't know I think she was but once again probably the wrong shot selection a simple dink back into the the kitchen.

With a suffice there yeah probably Cross Court to opening up the paddle face all right there's Penny Lee again getting getting aggressive but look if you're gonna go high go into somebody's body high don't go through the middle like that you're gonna miss every time and she's missed that one but at least she's trying to go back to what they did.

So well in game one yeah her being aggressive coming in off that that fourth shot is where they shined in game one I love these resets I would not be speeding it up at Beck Kingsley right now Scott she is seeing it like a basketball yeah yeah Penny Lee actually volleyed that.

Ball and fell into the kitchen well and nearly over the net like it was a blind person probably could have seen that the pressure that they are building now is really showing yeah I have to say Beck Kingsley has risen to the occasion in the finals she's playing lights out carrying the team at the moment I'm very.

Impressed with her backhand dinks uh she's just so composed right now and and that's that's great to see honestly Burr and Kingsley with a 4-1 lead a good timeout there from Lee and Maj Madar s.

Foreign serving at four one two here in the deciding game wow that was better execution I'd say she uh she was all over that one this match just starting to run away from Penny and Marsha a bit now that's the spin serve right there.

Switching at six so it's six one a huge lady opened up by Sarah and Beck it's going to take a phenomenal performance by Penny and varsha now to uh get this match back on their terms isn't it interesting how they can play so well in game one that they win 11-4 almost emphatic win come back in game.

Two falter a little bit end up losing that game too and now they've completely unraveled at the moment down 6-1 at the switch what do they need to do to get back on track like they did in game one I think the moment got them a bit I think they actually saw the finish line they had got game one and I feel like they just tightened up a.

Little bit and that was the the door that Beck and Sarah needed but they have got the side out here one six on one they really want to try and put a bit of scoreboard pressure that's some great defense honestly but at the end of the day back Kingsley with a nice forehand put away.

I tell you what bet Kingsley has been the best player on court in this third game there's no question she is the one that's leading the charge of course Scott why do we even say anything complimentary I'm so sorry about this back when you watch this later we both apologize for that also good drop shot from uh yes maybe it.

Was that yes let's say that's good okay they've narrowed the Gap to four two six on two and they're stacking yeah they're stacking a little bit they want Penny straight on with Beck and I wouldn't have liked this earlier but I do think varsha is playing a little bit better than Penny right now agreed a bit more.

Relaxed now a 6-1 lead can really disappear quickly with some unforced errors it's not a good idea for them to to let up at all so I think that point happened all too quickly and Sarah and Beck didn't get time to communicate their positions my goodness bet Kingsley what an animal what an animal first of all my eyes are.

Going Crossing because I can't keep track of the ball that fast when it keeps coming back but yeah she's just an animal right now putting those overheads down what a great get she's dialed in big time boy that was close it was called out I think it did Miss uh it was very close.

We we really can't see it on that replay she did actually stop the point before it got going okay vosh are really struggling with this spin serve now great depth from Sarah on it Vash actually tapped the the shade cloth mesh and normally I would say that that's a hindrance but to be honest that's like seven feedback so.

Really that's not actually a hindrance another missed return here we're at 9-3 Squad this match has gotten away from them very quickly well I talked to yawn about this early before the tournament started the Australians came into town and said hey is the spin serve gonna be available to us and uh and we have arrived and Jan said yes and now the.

Spin server has become a real Factor in this Championship all right time out called here by varsha and Penny they're going to need an absolute Miracle here now quite frankly I think they waited a little too long to call that time out they should have stopped that momentum about after the second Miss return also while we've got the 60 second time.

Out I just want to address one thing um pickleball is nothing like tennis other than that you hit a round ball over a net um if you've watched pickleball versus tennis at all you know that the strategies are completely different so just make sure you uh you watch a lot more pickleball to get familiar with.

That all right here we go 10-3 Championship Point here for the Women's Open doubles at the world pickleball championships five and one they do get a second chance here though at Kingsley to serve Beck Kingsley finishing the match right there what a performance by the Australian girls to take this match in.

Three wow very impressive finish there for the Australians taking home back to back championships in the Women's Open Pro division you gotta love the grit after they get down 11-4 in that first game you kind of think uh oh is this a turning of the tides but no they rose up to the.

Occasion I'm gonna let my man Brenda Lee finish off the night with an interview from both teams like to get you with the uh losing team first penny Lee and varsha Maj Madar and then we're going to interview the winners the all
2022 World Pickleball Championship WPC, Bali Indonesia Day 3, Women’s Doubles Open Division Final