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foreign all right ladies and gentlemen welcome back to day three of the world pickleball Championship we're here in Bali Indonesia this is the Liga Sports Complex and we've got a great match about to get underway.

We've got the team in black and yellow is from Indonesia local team here they are going to be Andy Ramen air in with the head head wrap and nerna ningxy ning Tsai and uh the other player on the team and across from the net is Team India snehal patil he's got the.

Blue Selkirk paddle um and is the one that's uh got white shoes on and rasali takari is the one with the white and blue Selkirk and the yellow shoes so this is the last round I believe of the round robin I've got my Aussie next to me uh Brendan Lee what's up.

Mate mate great to be here we're in for a treat here today let's go it's gonna be one game to 15. straight out of the gates we don't expect a lot of power from the Indian team it's what they're known for foreign nice spot there yeah I think she painted that white.

Sideline foreign accomplished singles players that's a really nice spot right there and to your point about the singles the team from India they really do Embrace singles they don't mind working hard running around on the court in singles.

But they're also good doubles players they really they really train hard yeah they're definitely transitioning into the doubles World a lot more softer shots coming into play we've seen this tournament from them a lot more third shot drops stinking so we'll see what that can get them going at this tournament.

oh nice little battle there won by the Indian team well done yeah it looked like snehal sped that up first she was the initiator and that worked out in her favor and let's remember Scott snyhal is only 16 years old that's crazy I I heard that and I thought like she's very mature on.

The court for 16. that shot must have got away from her a little bit I think they didn't even need to make an actual call it hit the uh backstop and that's just the experience as we said the doubles is quite new to them in many ways yeah I feel like singles.

There's not as many nuances in the in the strategy of it doubles is a lot more strategic in the placement of the ball early on here though over Charlie is looking sharp on the doubles court she has the feel so I like what I've seen from her thus far do you think that it's team Indonesia that's that's giving them.

A lot of opportunity right now yeah a few balls sitting up from this end at the moment you know what's funny we were talking about earlier you know they're just happy to be out here they're smiling the team from Indonesia is just pleased to be on the court at the world pickleball championships and they're still smiling.

But this is a little bit more serious game I think the other game we were watching it was their um it was their fellow teammates so they're they're taking this a little more seriously my goodness that get there from snohalo to chase that lob that went over her head that was a great get she hit that from behind her to get.

That ball back into play and neutralize that point yeah fantastic Point yeah she's definitely like somebody who surprises you a lot of times with the gets that she can put back over the net out to a very quick 8-0 lead here yeah I can't say that I'm super surprised just from seeing them in the past uh they play a lot together.

What do you think it is giving the team an advantage when they get to practice and train together what's the difference there yeah for sure if you can get time on Court and it's it's more about that middle ball life I think a lot like knowing who is actually going to take that ball that goes down to the middle.

And brushali definitely looks like the alpha on this team yeah I remember watching them back in April at the Asian pickleball open and she's definitely more of the aggressor in the kind of the alpha player um you definitely need that on the team don't you think a hundred percent but.

We're not seeing any stacking from the we haven't seen much stacking at all from a lot of the Asian country Representatives here would like to see them maybe mixing that up into their styles yeah and I I know personally stacking isn't something that I do just to do it it's like for a purpose a lot.

Of times maybe they I don't know maybe you see it different but maybe they don't feel the need to stack at the moment just because the scoring is perhaps maybe that is playing neutral a moment and later on as the matches do get tougher maybe we will see that yeah because you don't have to stack all the time just to stack I I believe.

There's reasons for the stacking as we all know and sometimes I think stacking can can actually be counterproductive if you're if used in the wrong way not sure if he saw that Scott but for surely also offering some advice there this nahal I think she was telling her that ball was too low to pull the.

Trigger on and she was reminding her maybe just reset that one get it back in the play don't attack that one from that low great overhead yeah you know that's a Snappy overhead right there did they do that in Australia the snappy overhead we see the badminton players with those nice quick wrists yes.

We know Australia is typically known for rugby but are they going to become known for uh pickleball is that the goal well I think Sarah Burr has definitely put us on the map this weekend with her winning singles yesterday so we are well on our way absolutely foreign do you like the the drives on the third.

Or do you prefer these teams to drop and get in there I think right now the Indian team is just overwhelming the Indonesian team with their power so I wouldn't change a winning tactic here I think they are overpowering them so I'll just keep going with my drives but maybe it would maybe it wouldn't hurt to mix it up with.

A few drops later on they're going to need those drops against some of the other teams so there's a nice drop to get into the net and a bit of luck that's unfortunate but hey it worked out for style he's like hey look I didn't plan that it just happened I'll take it though.

Yeah we always laugh you never give those back you might say sorry but you're really nice sorry not sorry yeah I mean are we really sorry that we hit those probably not the girls are really on a roll out here yeah I mean look when in in competition right I mean there's different levels of uh different tiers and uh they were just.

Very matched yep there we go but still look so respectful so polite I I love that I think you know I'm from the states and you're from Australia I don't know how they do it in Australia but I can say in the states it's like it's not always this respectful and friendly on the court and they they whether they win or lose the teams from.

Indonesia the teams from you know the Asian uh country countries they they show respect 100 and then the most humble people and it's been a pleasure to be here this week they're so inviting so warm so welcoming and yeah it this means a lot to them to host an event of this caliber in Indonesia in their country absolutely.

Well well done from the team from India for Sally takari and nehal patil so we're gonna take a break that was the last round robin for pool a so let's just recap real quick before we get out of here uh Paul a b c and d and it looks like there's five teams in pool a five teams in pool B five teams in pool C and five teams in.

Pool D so 20 teams in the women's open now if he's doing this like he did all the other ones which I assume he is it's the top two right Brendan that's correct top two from each pool will be progressing through to the quarterfinal stage where we will have matches to 15 and now it's going to start getting interesting the quality is going to.

Start going up yeah this is where the the best teams come out of each pool hopefully he's dispersed the teams equally enough to where you you should have everybody shake out of the the pool play the the idea behind that pool play is that you give everybody an equal chance to kind of get warmed up right you don't have to.

Just feel the pressure of immediate production you could have a bad round you know and you can still be okay you can still make it out you you don't have to be the best team in there you just have to be in the top two you just have to do an off mine you don't have to be the fastest you just have to be the faster than the.

Other three teams behind you so um so yeah that's how he does it I I I want to get your thoughts on this format do you feel like this is a successful way to to have a world pickleball Championship it's great you know I've been uh lucky enough to also play in this event here and having the round robin event first it's definitely meant.

That we've got to play against a wide variety of players from other countries because I feel like the uh the pools have definitely been dispersed evenly amongst country Representatives so it's been nice to meet uh different people play against different styles it's very interesting how the different countries actually all play Pickleball because.

It's all slightly done differently some with big hitting some with a lot of spin some with badminton backgrounds table tennis backgrounds whatever it might be so it's been nice to have that variety and then you know if you do enough to get through that into the playoff stage uh then the real business begins absolutely.

Um talk real quick about the pressure of playing to 15 and the differences between two out of three and then the game to 15 because we don't just do that in pool play We also do that in the the bracket single elimination right and then the only games that are two out of three is the final so do you.

Get rewarded once you get there but there's a a pretty lengthy road to get to the finals a hundred percent it is very Cutthroat you are feeling pressure especially in that round of 16 quarter-final semi-final stage those matches are first of 15 and really anything can happen in that those matches you know in best of three game.

Matches you can easily turn around a first game and you know come back swinging in the next tour and take the win but in the first to 15 if you go down a few points early a few net chords or whatnot the pressure builds and it really takes a strong team to come back from that so let's see what the playoff rounds brings but there's going to be.

Some good teams competing so it'll be one versus two from each pool so the first place team will play a second place team from another Pool um and there's some strong teams coming through we're going to see Sarah Burr and bet Kingsley uh they have they've gone undefeated in their pool today progressed through and uh slight bias to.

Them they are from my Australian same so no no shame in that game no shame in that you're playing uh the team event with them on Saturday so you gotta show love and support for 100 and Beck is my mixed partner which I'm looking to throw down with her tomorrow but they're that they won the Asia pickleball open early this year so they are actually familiar.

With these conditions a lot of these players out here but look in that first to 15 format Anything Can Happen yeah you know I mean that's the thing that we see with the games to 15 often it's not always the best team that wins it's the team that catches fire at the end of that match and if they can get a team that's even on paper is not as skilled.

Or not you know not supposed to win if they catch fire and you know how momentum and pickleball works if you catch that right momentum at the end of a 15 game you can literally upset teams very easily so I I personally I like the two out of three better just from a playing standpoint but from a viewing standpoint the intensity of the game to.

15 is actually very good for viewers um because there's no Second Chances you don't have a recovery game but I do also love that he he rewards the two teams that make it to the finals with the best two out of three uh it's it's a very satisfying thing to make it to that and be the only teams that get to compete for two out of three.

Um also so just to give everybody the the visual perspective it goes from 20 teams in pool play to I believe 16 teams in the first round eight teams in the second round four teams two teams in the finals so that's how it looks uh it goes uh first round quarterfinals semi-finals.

Finals so just so everybody's aware of that uh and then real quick before we go to break talk about the team event on Saturday this is going to be the the basically the Pinnacle of the tournament um we've had men's doubles women's doubles mixed doubles and then the team event have you participated in a big team event like this before never like.

This so this is gonna be my first experience I didn't come over for the Asia pickleball open earlier this year but Australia did have some good success there and I'm looking forward to joining uh my teammates there but from what I hear it's an incredible event the atmosphere is just absolutely buzzing and a massive Vibe so really looking.

Forward to throwing down for for my country as I'm sure all the other players are and I don't know what to expect from that event because I know there's different weights in the matches so EG the number one men's doubles is worth more points than the number three men's doubles and the same for the mixed doubles so it's a very interesting.

Format I know there's I'm expecting some strong play from the Indian teams from what I've seen the Indonesian teams you know taking out the men's doubles event last night they're going to be strong and Taiwan about the the Philippines to Taiwan as well yep so it's going to be a really interesting event and I think I'm just really looking forward to it yeah.

So I I'm actually fortunate enough to get to team up with Team Australia I kind of behind the scenes was whining itching to play a little bit and I knew I'd be doing mostly commentary but I was able to negotiate onto the team very fortunate for that but I was going to tell you uh and you know this as well but you're only as strong as your your.

Female counterparts in this team event because they're they're part of the mixed and the women so they're they're a heavy part of advancing to the next round and team Australia has some strong Talent not gonna brag but we've got two of the best out there so we are sitting pretty back Kingsley and Sarah Burr bring heavy.

Hitting paddles to the game and they they are Savvy players as well they're not just hard hitters they're smart all around us they're competitors uh you know better than I I mean you you get to play with them more regular but I I got to experience team Australia back in April and I was I was just very impressed and that that's one of the.

Reasons I I requested to be on team Australia I probably could have requested any of the teams to be honest and could have probably played with any team but I really liked the energy and the the focus that team Australia brought and also you guys are a lot of fun man I don't know if it's not just uh Kangaroos and uh and and swimming pools.

Over there in Australia you guys are just fun people we like to think we are and we haven't told you about your initial Asian yet mate but there's a few Australian foods we might get you to try before we take to the court or maybe a bit of slang learn some of our words as long as I can wash it down with a schooner I'm good at least now you know.

What a schooner is yeah so tell that story real quick because we got a few minutes but I'm on the group text with Team Australia prior to the tournament and I think it was Shannon Burr he said something like I I said something like oh I'm gonna be on the team or whatever and he's like and this guy's like Shannon said well I.

Have two questions does he know what a schooner is and then I don't know the other word Vegemite delicacy mine a Vegemite so I looked so this is the funny part I immediately looked up what a schooner was I spelled it the same way he did and if you look up Schooner without any other context uh it pulls up a sailboat like a Sailing.

Boat never heard of that in my life yeah so if you Google Schooner s-c-h-o-o-n-e-r it literally pictures pulls up a picture of a sailboat and says that it's like a some type of sailboat and you're like what so I go well then I I send it back on the screenshot I'm like I don't know why we're talking about sailboats and then.

They just bust it you know all laughed you know on the thing and come to find out it's actually a what it's a beer it's a big quite simply a beer a large beer it's an Aussie beer yeah it's a lot of beer it's an Aussie beer so as long as I can wash down uh the food that you're gonna make me eat with the Aussie beer I'm good.

Yes Vegemite it's a required taste yeah what is that I still don't even know so okay so Vegemite is generally a breakfast delicacy so it's a spread it's I guess it's similar to Nutella peanut butter but it tastes nothing like them it is very bitter people like it it is just black so and people this is what people love it love.

It we have it on Avocado on basic toast for breakfast in a variety of things yeah all right I got another question now that we're on Australian food um do you guys eat octopus is that a thing yeah octopus is a thing in Australia squid squid yeah squid okay um a blooming onion if I go to Outback Steakhouse in in the United States and I.

Order a bloom and onion is that gonna be the same as if I order one in Brisbane Australia what is a blooming onion that's what I want to know oh no you gotta know what that is no stop this guy maybe I've been living under a rock but no I don't don't forget this is my first time out of Australia did you know that no I did not okay this is my first time.

Out of Australia but you're telling me that you you guys don't you don't have a blooming onion no Aussies correct me if I'm wrong but I have never heard of a blooming onion I I cannot imagine that a guy next to me from Austria has no idea what a blooming onion is okay you did have the deer in the headlight look I'm a pretty simple guy.

Are you picky with food no I like to think I'm pretty versatile I'll try a lot of things I I feel like you should still know what a blooming onion is if you're from Australia so I don't eat them but to the best of my knowledge if I go to Outback Steakhouse in America in the United States and I say I want a.

Blooming onion oh we're about to kick off this game sorry I didn't realize that uh that we're about to go we're gonna get started all right here we go we'll we'll finish that conversation this team in light blue we had the pleasure of watching a couple of matches.

Ago before the live stream started they are Fierce yeah you know what they they brought some good things to the table they're playing again the best team in the pool I would imagine right now so uh we're gonna see wow so what just happened right there so that was an attempt at a lob I would have thought and it's accidentally come.

Off the end of her paddle it was off pace and it really threw snahal yeah because but then it what what happened was I thought so Noah's gonna crush it and then it just dropped below the net and she ended up missing it wow okay I don't I don't know something got overturned.

Okay never mind never mind uh okay okay okay I don't know what was going on over there from Team India the the coaching staff but they're gonna give second serve to that so what the team in light blue do very well is the simple things they're very they're very simple with their.

Techniques uh they're quite flat hitters and they have quite good feel it's a great get which honestly sometimes the simple things in life are the best things sometimes trying to over complicate pickleball is the worst thing you can do this team might give them problems based on what you just said I think this is going to be a much more.

Competitive match than we saw in the last round they're very unorthodox with their style too like the lob the you know the ability to kind of um mix things up in an unorthodox way can create issues and trouble for the other teams also I would like to point out that.

They're both using the Onyx Z5 paddle from the the company Onyx and that is the most sold paddle in pickleball or at least it was I don't know if it still is currently but it for a long time it was literally the most sold paddle okay so good spot there about Viber Charlie she just uh caught her opponent there in the transition zone off balance really.

Good position you know that's a bit of dinking um she's asking her about the she's acting the rep about the footfalls okay and she did footfalls she did foot fault she she did but I was gonna bring that up to you my experience at the Asia pickleball open and then even here is the refs do a.

Fantastic job but they're not super confident on calling footballs they would just rather defer to not calling it and I think that's what the Indian coaching staff were getting at yeah I think a few points ago they thought that she may have foot faulted I didn't know if she did she was on one foot I didn't see your she did yeah 100 she was I.

I saw it myself I just I'm not gonna bring attention to it unless the the ref does but yeah she definitely foot faulted but my point in all that is that the Indian team is expecting him to call that but he it's not really something that they do often um they tried not to actually I I feel like.

And what's funny so this is even what's funny about it the refs positioned down the the line of the the team that's in the light blue he should be at the bar because he should be able to watch both both yes correct you need to be watching both ends there which is again just the lack of experience on their part calling footballs they're not as familiar with.

How to how to be confident in doing that so he's so basically what I'm saying is he's been told from the uh the Indian team to watch their foot faults so he's watching them but he's not watching the Indian footballs Great Exchange there yeah and the nice angle off the court but do you feel that sometimes from a strategy standpoint.

Like her bringing awareness to that woman being on the on the kitchen line can cause them to to cut a falter 100 that you already see them staying back a little bit more off the kitchen line perhaps or even um stepping back on balls that maybe they would generally reach in for on a volley but we've got a time out here.

Right now the Indian team have taken they've opened up a bit of a lead here in the first game they're up 6-1 yeah and so so I I love watching Team India compete but one of the things that I picked up on and noticed and I don't know if you've picked up on this or not um they're very savvy.

When it comes to strategic timing of how they go about things that's how I'm gonna say that and if you're paying attention if you've watched a lot of these matches you know exactly what I'm referring to I don't really need to go into detail or want to go into detail but they're very Savvy they're clever they're clever with that.

They're very Savvy and we do like to play a few on-court games yeah like in America we say like gamesmanship it's like it's like gamesmanship it's it's trying to get in the other team's head a little bit um particularly bring in when they're losing yes if they're losing they will find a way to.

Try to disrupt the flow of the other team now is that illegal absolutely not it's illegal to try to have some gamesmanship now is there a line are they gonna make friends probably not probably not but I don't think they're here to really make it who's here to make friends they have a little bit different mindset.

They're here to to compete and win and whatever it takes oh another one but can I just bring up that they're off the line now thinking about the football today maybe she gets to that ball if they're not so far off the line so you know at the end of the day Dave Team India has gotten the other team a little.

Rattled thinking about their feet now oh that is a great volley what do you think about those exchanges that was a good shaking bike well and then obviously the third Vol uh second volley she hit was great but good aggression there by the team in light blue can they find can they settle now after that early discrepancy there with the the.

Foot fold and really impose themselves in this game I think they can do you feel like the timeout helped them bread and butter there by snow Hall about forehand roll cross-court from her is fantastic yeah next book if you watch on the replay Brandon like the one thing that I I get frustrated when I watch teams play when there's an overhead.

About to be hit people shoot to the middle of the Court you should shoot out to the outside immediately because that's where most people strike the ball it's Cross Court another net cord that's two in the last three points for the Indian team and the team in light blue are not happy about that no they're pretty frustrated and.

And honestly I for good reason I think they know they can compete in this match that's why they feel like they're not out of this but they just had a bit of luck go against them another one three in the last four points no way that they should get that many that's that seems a bit unfair and we're on to our change of ends so I.

Think we're at 8-1 to Team India eight one my goodness actually well they're showing A2 on the scoreboard too sorry well take away those three Net roles in a couple mishaps uh this game's actually probably like eight six you know um those can be pretty deflating would you.

Agree 100 it's not as a team that goes against it's not what you want to see um but I think they can regroup here I think that from the points we've seen they've got good feel they've got good hands if they can just stop the moment from here of the Indian team and and uh slow them down and put a bit of scoreboard pressure on.

They can definitely turn this around a late call of out there but the ref has in day to grade with the Indian team great return there spinning out to the right for Charlie was off balance there and couldn't hit the third that she wanted to hit by the way the team in light blue that we've been referring to is Will Yani and.

Sita great defense there but just one too many but but do you agree with a lot there with knowing that these two on the other side of the Court hit really nice overhead smashes I I don't know probably not they probably should slow it down and get a drop and get back into the net I think they've been in the.

Hands battles great setup there for Charlie actually did all the work then and and snahal did the put away got the glory but great setup from vishali as competitive is will Yani and Sita have been the score doesn't really reflect that now at 11-2 but they are giving them some trouble at.

The at the front end of it oh that shot's not on and at this stage the match it's you you're clenching here aren't you you're trying to do something you're trying to get back in the match and I as I said earlier I think it's just the simple things they need to do well and they're just over compensating.

Trying to go for a little bit too much right now agreed do you like the fact that she let that third shot bounce stepped back and then took a different shot yeah I like that she did that and it caused us nahal some grief because nahal was looking at coming in and really taking it high but.

The fact she got it soft and low and snahal still tried to attack showed snahal's inexperience but also that these two are clever enough to win those points and that shot good to hit their feet right there yeah that was a good position there what is it about hitting at people's.

Feet in pickleball that is successful makes it successful so I think it's all about being in being on balance in that transition zone and if you're seeing a team that's off balance and they're wanting to get forward aiming for their feet and making them step back on that is going to be key.

It's a filthy angle by snohall awesome hard it's so well to set up that point just missing that high backhand but great energy from the team in black blue you read my mind I was just thinking great energy even though the score is not reflecting how competitive the game is they're still in it mentally they're still engaged.

That ball landed that ball landed she she thinks that her foot was on the kitchen mind but I don't think well behind the case she was she was I agree I think she was well behind it and the ref's literally right there watching but I'm actually surprised for Charlie's I mean they're up 12-2 like why even worry about that at this point in time.

It's a little petty to me to be looking at the ref after that you lose a point to say hey she was in the kitchen um you've made the ref aware yeah yeah not the right choice there especially when her partner's up the net she's a Sitting Duck Right the lob works well from the kitchen line when you can get the opponent kind of bent over and.

Pushing them back off the kitchen and it's set up with dinks you you dink to get them kind of lower and then you can flip it up over their head but just throwing these lobs up is not going to work they were thinking that ball is out but I thought that ball was it was good yeah it looked good.

Yeah angle off the court perfect the player on the right is getting caught too close she when they're sitting them up she really needs to hustle her way back a lot more than she is but he's getting stuck there but you nailed it you said when they lift the ball up I mean that's what's happening point after point which is why it's 14-2.

Is controlling the line you know that's that's the 15-2 difference right there Tim India showing some promise here they might we might be seeing them later in the middle rounds of the performance like that I was expecting that to be a little bit closer but India's showing their skill yeah they're definitely a dominant team in the Women's Open.

Division uh we'll definitely see them again there's no doubt in my mind that we're going to see them on Championship Court uh let's take a break I've got Brendan Lee my name is Scott golden and we'll be back to the action after this foreign foreign this is Steve Dawson from Pro kenix I'm.

The designer and originator of all proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology is proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm-related injuries.

foreign foreign thank you.

Foreign foreign this is Steve Dawson from Pro kenix I'm the designer and originator of all proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology is proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used.

By myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm-related injuries foreign foreign thank you.

foreign this is Steve Dawson from prochenix I'm the designer and originator of all proconnects pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the.

Kinetic technology is proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm related injuries foreign thank you.

foreign welcome back guys we're about to see another match to Indonesian teams about to square off we've seen both of these.

Teams so far I think the red team hasn't maybe been on live stream uh but they were on the court when we were about to start after their batch but we did see the light blue team already um that is Will Yani and Sita and the other team I believe is let's see herlina and nerawali.

All right action about to get underway here we could be in for a good matches got I think these two teams are very evenly matched and I'm sure there's a bit of Pride here with Who's Gonna Fly the flag I'm gonna give a slight advantage to the team in the light blue.

Agreed we've seen some good things from the team in light blue today they're a bit overwhelmed in the last match against nahal and vishali but I think about against these other teams they should be fine do you think it's a mother-daughter team it's it's possible that they are I I don't actually know and and we could try.

To find that out but yeah they're both using Z5 paddles so I would not be surprised big drive there from the team in red unfortunately just missing on that one as well I should also say on record that they could be sisters could be not necessarily mother daughter could be.

Sisters we'll see we'll find out hopefully I didn't offend anyone now why why do you think she missed that dink right there she's well behind that NBA but it could be before this match there in their previous match they were called on a couple of footfalls so perhaps they're standing a little bit further back from where they'd like to.

Be I I was about to uh to ask you if you thought coming into this game they would be more conscious of their footfall potential it's potentially uh correct I think the uh the referees are now kind of watching that on this court so attention to the screen you'll see the.

Referee is off-center so there's not a real good way for him to do that it's going to be hard for him to pick that up but for me it almost looks like a lot of these players on the court right now are actually more comfortable being back off the nvz and almost just driving it to be honest right in some of that.

Do you believe it's from lack of like experience and coaching correct yeah they don't know that the advantage is up at the net I guess yeah you know at the kitchen line and you've seen the the player in red Now who's on the left hand side of the Court take three very big cuts at the ball when she's on the nbz and she's missed all three of them so I.

Think that's just experience perhaps you can get away with it at a home Club but we're at the World pickerball Championships I don't think she's going to be able to get away with that here today and and do you think it's great exposure for these teams to get around like Team India team Australia and like see how.

The games played at like a higher level for sure I think this is only going to help pickleball in Asia Asia Pacific and wider regions I think having having these pickable Global events Whirlpool pickleball championships in Indonesia is such a reward for these countries they're so passionate about this game nice exchange here.

Great little battle but once again caught too far back from the NBC yeah at some point they'll realize hopefully or somebody will will Coach them up a little bit on on that and they'll start leaning in to get the you know get those dinks out of the air and she has she she loves these straw outfit she has not found it yet.

Let's see if she can turn that around sometimes it can elude you for a whole game it's frustrating when that happens well done and she held her feet behind me that was very conscious she was very conscious of that dancing very nicely you know it's.

Interesting we were talking about the respect and everything she actually just looked at us and basically apologized to us and you know that's just a sign of respect like she wants to perform at her best and and not offend anybody correct yeah and they know they're playing on show court now they know they've got my eyes your eyes on them they're kind of.

They're exposed out here yeah it was quite tricky like these guys have probably only played you know recreational pickleball at their home Club this is a big event 100 this is new for them and and what a great thing for us to be able to Showcase them and what a great lob that was yeah honestly that was like um a center fielder trying to.

Track a ball into the lights you know and they kind of lose it I mean these this roof is very high and I felt like it was not far off hitting the roof you know that was one of the first things I noticed about this place how high do you think the peak of that roof is 25 meters I was thinking about like 30.

Meters yeah I mean I'm not good at math I can't judge things very well but it's high I don't think anyone's lob is going to hit this roof no there's not a chance you could hit that if you maybe if you hit the ball as hard as you could maybe Martin Clark could hit the top maybe he has some power or your two-handed backhand.

Great Exchange here I love the reset right there she put it in the kitchen yes oh it's so Good by our friend um will Yani or Sita I'm not sure which one I'm sure who's to find out we do we do and and I want to apologize I mean we don't know all these players and.

Sometimes we're getting familiar with who they are as they as they come on the court but maybe they'll do our best maybe in the chat if you know which one is Will Yani and which one's Cedar maybe let us know yeah if you guys know which one's which um that'd be great I also want to give a shout out to Jade.

Campbell and fifth Reign yeah so Jay Campbell actually hosts the pickleball podcast in Australia so good to see her tuning in and watching this live stream let's go Jade another good luck right on the Baseline did you teach them that no I can't lob that well lobbying is hard by the way it's.

Badminton players do it very well in such a small Court yes are you picking up picking up on the fact that they struggle with that ball that's kind of short hopped right at their feet all of them do they they all struggle with that ball that's like right there it's it for that shot it's just about actually being steady before.

You hit the ball and this team just seems to be running in behind it and trying to hit the ball on the go when they're seeing that ball coming there they need to stop split step balance and and then prepare for and then get ready to hit the shot but they just haven't quite got that skill down pat yet all right while we've got a little break.

Uh I just want to Circle back to this conversation because dream catcher just said did someone talk about vegemite earlier that is so gross we'll pick up on that in a minute and Scott I we actually had a look at the ingredients of Vegemite in the in the break that we had and you were you were impressed with the lineup I was.

Definitely impressed but not in a good way well more like not sure I would want to try it kind of a way if you are playing on team Australia on Saturday mate you'll be trying it on Saturday morning just a little tidbit of information about Brendan he said as a kid he would spread that all over uh toast toast and just.

Eat it like order some of the spoon oh that was what it was it was the food after school yeah loved it great little Point here good poach up goes a lob again yeah she's playing it up for the game yeah she knows I want to know if that is Will Yani or Sita that's that's playing.

It up to the camera okay the player in red now up this end and I don't know her name she has now found that drive the last three points she has hit a very good job to set her partner up for a volley it may be the side change sometimes you switch ends and all of a sudden something clicks and.

I don't mean that joking around I think sometimes that that little mental shift you're down and you need to make some stuff happen and a miss volley there yeah I mean that overhead's a very flat overhead um she doesn't have a tennis background uh I I would assume someone red making a move here too sorry Scott they really.

Are they're they're starting to impress their uh counterparts with these these shots are they're imposing their will more so the team in light blue is definitely gonna have to get that volley down low this team is hitting big drives and the team in blue is popping up that first volley they need to get it down.

She's found that Rhythm that groove on that forehand drive and the team in blue is like hey we'll just feed you some nice soft returns for you to just smack it this match getting interesting right now yeah eight five oh wow I'm loving the paddle oh great Exchange.

The paddles are getting on the ball here I mean like they might be hitting a few out balls or or what have you but I love it foreign great to the team in light blue smiling after that Mist Drive there too I I can't imagine.

These players not being just just hot burning up in this attire that they wear I mean they're long sleeves long pants the I don't know what we gotta look up what that's called but I'm gonna say the head wrap it's incredible oh now that's payback but to the diff to a different team but that's that's a a.

Check back into the bank the TV light blue copped a lot of those in their last match so good to see them get one back they're gonna pay it forward that's all oh do you see that often when there's a ball that's attackable like that you're coming up flying running up to it that you over hit yeah you think you've got a.

Good ball to attack but when you are that close to the net it's actually hard to bring that shot back up and down so up and over the net and then back down the court she's almost better off just rolling that ball down the middle of the core or you know potentially even trying to bring their opponent forward they've done some really nice drops from the.

Other end so and then did you see the forehand attack the forehand is on fire right now she fired that ball into her body the the the other team did not even have a chance at it shout out to my Australian Mentor Keith been great to have you here on the live stream Keith Bing thanks for joining us.

Buddy another one payback but she got it they love to LOB now who takes that forehead or backhand yes the player on the left definitely should have had that ball she had the uh the overhead on the forehand side she had better eyes on it better visual perspective on where that ball was is it.

One of two things is it lack of communication or is it the left side player not taking the authority and just saying I got it mine yeah it's a combination of both and probably definitely experience as well in this situation up it goes again I.

I think she's smiling as if it was a good shot I probably would have called that out but it was very close I mean you thought that you thought it was good I thought I might have got the back of the line all right yeah fair enough we have a great view of that actually we are right in front of that line oh there it is she's just hammering away.

On those forehands that is mean but see this is where I think strategy comes in if I if that woman's hit me with the ball three times in the stomach I'm probably not gonna give her a forehand you know I have seen her back end a couple of times in this match and it is definitely not as strong as her forehand she slices it another miscommunication.

There yeah but also I thought that was a little bit better lob because it was kind of up and over with some Pace versus just a weaker kind of frail LOB the team in red they're they're not doing themselves any favor with these missed returns some cheap errors they were back in it it was actually close it.

Was uh eleven seven now it's 13-7. so the team in light blue hasn't necessarily had the power in this match but they have had the placement and precision some nice little drop volleys some nice little short uh drops to draw their opponents in as as resulted in some pop-ups there it is again they did it again she.

Is seeing that so so clear and of course we see it from the sideline but I'm thinking like in my head I don't know if you were thinking that too I was like why isn't she just dropping it all right a two thumbs up for the thumbs up I'm not sure how this pulls progressed but I'd love to see the team in light blue make it through they are a.

Vibe absolutely absolutely are you will Yani or Sita will Yani or Sita Sita okay nice to meet you Sita great win congratulations all right we just got the winner come over and uh say hello to us that's so lovely was either the sister or the mom I'm not sure so I said it's in the what hat and.

Then uh will Yani is the younger one we appreciate him the younger one in the head wrap yeah presumed a younger one great performance by them as I said uh they've been a fun team to watch I don't know how this pool has progressed or whether they will get through uh but if they do get through to the next round I know they're going to give it they're.

All well you we definitely know Team India is going to make it I mean that team was waxing the other team's uh 15-2 15-3 uh I will be interested to see if they make it I believe they will because they you you picked up on it right away when you watched them you said like this team's bringing something to the table a little different.

Um now do they have some work to still get better of course we all do we all need to keep improving uh but I I thought they showed the most potential of all the Indonesia teams that were in this pool um what were your thoughts on that yeah they definitely had more versatility to their game they had some drives but what.

They also had is they mixed it up with lobs they had some nice little touch and feel around the net they kind of had it all just they just need to keep developing and working on those skills the percentages the Precision being able to do it under pressure and I'm sure this time next year that team will be a different team yeah definitely now.

Brandon we're gonna shift gears uh this is the problem with giving shout outs now everybody and their mom wants a shout out from you uh I guess you're supposed to be a mind reader because we weren't even aware that Tony Morgan was on the live stream until he made a comment uh are you supposed to just know your your people and when they're on I.

Did have a feeling that Tony Morgan was watching so Tony Morgan is also one of the hosts on the pickleball podcast in Australia yeah let's go Tony Morgan so Tony great to have you here watching stay tuned we'll have Aussie Sarah and Beck I believe coming up soon hopefully here on Championship Court we'll see all I gotta say is I I don't know Jade or.

Tony but jade made herself known a lot sooner than Tony maybe Tony was like cooking uh some Vegemite maybe whipping up some Vegemite in the in the kitchen correct sounds like something Tony would do but Jade's all over it or or it could have been making a blooming onion I don't know so so let's address that because yeah we've got to clear this up.

So I had a lot of messages come through uh after our conversation about a blooming onion where you laughed at me for not knowing what a blooming onion was like like I would eat them daily well well let's just talk about it I just made this jumps in that an Australian would know what a blooming onion was because growing up I'm 38.

Years old in 38 years we were always told in America that the blooming onion came from Australia and you have now found out I've been educated so so I okay so this is how this went down if you weren't on the stream earlier I asked about what he thought if if he thought a blooming onion in the United States would be different than a.

Blooming onion in Australia and he literally guys looked at me like he saw a ghost he's like like a deer in the headlight like I I really don't know what you're talking about so at first I thought like all right Brandon's a prankster he's a jokester he's probably just messing with me and then we go off air and then he's like no no I I.

Seriously have never I've no I don't know what that is so we looked it up and he's like oh okay I see and but then in that description what did it say it said something like along the lines of um Americans think that it's an Australian thing but it's definitely a hundred percent not it's an amazing Americans make this up yeah I was like.

Hell no this is not an Australian thing this is definitely a a pickleball I mean a uh American blooming onion so hysterical I I all these years going to Outback Steakhouse and they've been lying to you the whole time David lion and actually I'm not even sure now I'm questioning my whole life yeah well I would too much and everything is Outback.

Steakhouse even from Australia either look our back is definitely Australian I don't know if we've got an Outback uh Steakhouse franchise in Australia I've never seen one but look come to Australia mate we'll take you to the Outback I'm definitely coming to Australia I can't wait to have you there yeah no I'm coming I don't know when or.

Exactly the time frame but I will come to Australia right we can't wait to have you in Australia I I just want to try some Vegemite Sunday morning before teams event we are having Vegemite on toast you know you told me that that something new I didn't know either which is uh Bali Bali is that what you called it yes so I'm fortunate enough to well.

Have Dr Martin Clark as a doubles partner that's something else I learned is that he's a doctor you didn't know had no clue he's still humble yes 100 he is an amazing guy and so Martin has been uh telling me what I can and can't eat this week I mean the food in Bali all looks amazing and I like I like to eat food I'm a hungry lad like I like to try.

Different foods but mine's like nope we've got doubles you can't eat this this because I you cannot get barley belly so I'm lucky I've got him otherwise I probably wouldn't be here right now you'd have barley belly I would have Bali belly I'm surprised I don't have Bali belly actually because I eat whatever the heck I want but I am.

Pretty picky so maybe I've avoided maybe I have that list naturally of what Martin Clark would approve oh but but yeah about Martin he's so humble and so kind um I didn't know what he did I knew he was well off like I mean he built pickleball courts at his house so I just know from life experience if somebody's building pickleball courts inside and.

Outside that you're probably doing pretty well in life so for those that maybe haven't seen on Instagram on my mind or Martin's or Sarah's we are very lucky to uh be both part doubles partners with Martin but also have mine as a great friend um and he has got two pickleball courts at his house an indoor court and he's.

Just built an outdoor court and like I'm talking the best courts in Australia like he has bad no sand and it's it's incredible I know who I'm staying with when I go to uh Australia I'm sure he would love to have you there both him and his wife Nan they're so so inviting and they'd love to have you there they they are the sweetest couple.

Um she doesn't play at the level that Martin does but she supports when she's not playing she supports him a hundred percent yep so we've got this running joke at the moment because Martin and I are doubles Partners when we partner we're partnered up at this event so I am the eldest son and I have been treated and spoiled like an eldest son as well.

Love that but no they're great and uh I I like I said I learned something new I I was not aware that he was a doctor because he doesn't mention those things because it doesn't have any relevance in in him uh as a as a pickleball player he's not going to go around bragging that he's a doctor but maybe he doesn't want you to go into me with all your.

Health problems mate like I'm not gonna sprained an ankle come and help me out I'm cramping can you rub me down Lord knows six years into pickleball I would be going to him with all my ailments but uh no great guy man I I found um the Australian team to be extremely friendly and accommodating when I was at the Asia pickleball open I immediately.

Connected I connected with a lot of the teams but I I had a special connection with Team Australia and you know I've remained friends with everybody uh it's the first time you and I have actually met in person we have kind of kept up on Facebook and Instagram and stuff but uh but they they absolutely just brought me in as like family and and again like I.

Said earlier that's the reason I'm playing with Team Australia this Saturday yeah we've got a very supportive team you know even this weekend this week at the World pickerball Championships we're riding each other's matches we're right there with each other supporting each other 100 we saw a great example of that.

Yesterday in Sarah Burr's final um in the elite women's so that's the rain in the chat just reach out to us via social media we'd love to have you for a game but I I'm wanting to know who you actually are yeah the mysterious fifth Reign yeah I'm not sure I trust anybody named fifth Rain on YouTube you're gonna have to come out with your real name.

Here no I'm just kidding but that's good and then of course gotta address Sandra Kingsley real quick she said hey Scotty I thought you staying with uh you're staying with us if you come over to Aussie the Kangaroos and koalas are waiting you know what I do remember now uh they're on a golf course and uh I did agree to uh to stay there so I might.

Have to switch maybe a couple days here a couple days there I'm sure we can come up to Harvey Bay for a bit mate with me as well Absolutely I'll be up at Harvey Bay as well so we'll make a round of it but uh guys let's take a break uh you you can see we're not getting another match here because I think the pool play is coming to an end and hopefully like.

You said we can get some uh Beck Kingsley and Sarah Burr action on Championship Court I'm sure we will at some point uh and we'll be back for the bracket and some more talk about Australian food when we come back animals as well koalas and kangaroos.

Thank you thank you up this is Steve Dawson from Pro kenix I'm the designer and originator of all proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have.

Kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology is proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm-related injuries foreign.

foreign foreign foreign this is Steve Dawson from prochenix I'm.

The designer and originator of all proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology is proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm-related injuries.

thank you foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign ER and originator of all proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology.

Has proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm-related injuries foreign.

foreign foreign foreign this is Steve Dawson from prochenix I'm.

The designer and originator of all proconnects pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology is proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative foreign.

Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to Center Stage I've got Brendan Lee to my right we've got the team Australia out there and I think the other teams from Singapore we're about to kick it off right now as Sarah Burr serves it up.

I have a feeling we're gonna have some fireworks in this match all right we are getting in to the Crux of the day now eight teams left in the open women's doubles events so eight quality teams and we know the credentials of Sarah and Beck that the Asia pickleball open champions from earlier this year one of Australia's strongest women's.

Doubles pairs and the Singapore pair I don't know a lot about have you seen much of them Scott yes yes I I saw them at the Asia pickleball open and also again this this time uh they're gonna be a team to watch a watch out for I mean they they could potentially pull an upset if they catch fire now there's a lot to that statement.

Clearly they're gonna need to play their best pickleball against Kingsley and Burr but it is possible in pickleball in a game to 15 for them to to pull off a potential upset but again they'll have to play at their full potential to do that and then there's only a first to 15.

Games we have been clear on that quarterfinals and semi-finals are only first to 15 sudden death point at 14 14. so a couple of drives here just gone long from Sarah but we're just settling into this match the Aussie girls just missing a couple of drives here maybe a little bit nervous into the quarterfinal stage a.

Few butterflies in the belly frustrated with herself there she knew where she was on the court hitting that out ball not happy with that one but but I gotta say she's still got a smile on her face which which makes it no less better and that she dropped her battle but it's still she's got the good attitude about it I love it.

All right just when they had a bit of a momentum up this end early on a miser Amanda tiao and Lauren Ling so Laura is in the black shirt and Amanda in the white Selkirk that's correct and they they are more experienced I would say than a lot of the teams in this bracket um but clearly the the favorite and the.

Front runner is team Australia and we have the spin serve of Sarah Burr as well and we saw the Havoc that it caused yesterday in the open women's singles and Amanda actually played Sarah in the uh quarterfinal stage yesterday of the singles and a timeout called very early here from the Australian team.

Yeah I mean like I said we talked about this on on the live broadcast earlier in the match anything can happen in a game to 15 and just because you start hot early doesn't mean that you're going to win and just because you start slow in the beginning doesn't mean that you're going to lose this game will shift up and down with momentum throughout the.

Course of a game to 15. you'll see that momentum bounce up and down quite a bit so don't go anywhere buckle up for this one because it's it's going to be a good one do you think it's smart for Amanda and her partner to get into the firefights a lot they're not going to want to take on Sarah in that instance.

Um look at the round robin play from earlier on today so Sarah and Beck went undefeated four matches one zero lost 60 points one only nine lost across four matches so sometimes that makes it really hard if you've had relatively easy matches all day to then come into a quarterfinal.

Where you're playing a team that's also had plenty of wins and you haven't been challenged it's quite hard to actually settle early effect of the spin serve there though great depth on the spin keeping Amanda pin back to miss return they're on the board they're on the board another one.

Yeah I mean they're gonna need to to really watch out for that spin serve it the key Brendan as you know is to watch the rotation of the ball off Sarah Burr's paddle I am not giving away any tips and tricks right now mate until this match is over who knows who is listening to this slide that's true that's true Amanda's coach.

Could be out there they might have an earpiece in yeah that you can see the visible frustration on their face oh more like a look of bewilderment confusion a little bit why they're not able to return this and Beck has quite an opposite service there it's hard it's flat it's deep yep okay Baron Kingsley finding their.

Way now in this match well we knew that was gonna happen they were gonna you know maybe not start off you know red hot but they're gonna pick up their momentum oh that return just dropping in the thing about team Australia is they're gonna make you win the point at least two to three times further past.

What you want to you're gonna hit three winners probably to actually get a ball past cerebell yeah I mean well she's the Australian wall and Beck is is absolutely as good at defense as well so they're not somebody that you want to uh to really you know take for granted when you go to hit an overhead yeah great too while.

He's there from back first of all he's second and overhead that's some power right there and she's looking in fine form oh I bet Amanda wishes she could have that one again but maybe Amanda thinking she has to do a little bit more you're playing Sarah and Beck she probably knows their.

Credentials and sometimes you can come out here and actually do a little bit too much and you don't need to do that much yeah I agree and look we've now got a a shift change in the score it's 5-3 team Australia and we're gonna see confusion there that's just a bad idea so we had a.

Viewing Point here it's gone I don't think you saw it but Amanda actually they were gonna switch she had an open Palm behind her back and the plan was to switch there but the poor return confused them both because the return went so short here we go oh wow great defense there from both.

Sides water points how was that fast but then slow element there at the end that was exciting that's a little bit more like high level play it goes fast fast fast the net Court slowed it back down and then of course the Miss stink at the end great point from the Singapore team do you think.

The team from Singapore Amanda and Lauren do you think they should slow the ball down and get up to the kitchen or do you think they should try to get into these fights I know we talked about they're not getting into the firefights but they're actually holding their own on the firefights they're losing the edge when it comes to dinking right now.

Yep for me it's going to be tough either way for this team but I think they're definitely looking more comfortable up the front of the court we've had some great fire fights already and we're at a change of ends right now but this this match is closed they are definitely not out of this match but how much do they believe.

Yeah I mean they started out hard at 3-0 they look to be in control of the points and then all of a sudden after that time out from Burr and Kingsley things changed around quite a bit and now we have have a situation where it's eight three what do you think Lauren and Amanda should do going into.

The second half to get back in this they're only down five yeah I think Laura is really struggling with the returner sir we've seen her miss a couple and we've seen her put a couple short in the court exactly like what happened there and and Byron Kingsley were all over it from it was it was a shake and bake essentially a big a.

Big third followed up by a volley to back it up just putting that lob too long but once again they won that point from the mbz respect they're going to need a couple of those to go in their favor if they're if they're going to get back in this game.

You need skill and you need a little bit of luck I want to give a quick quick shout out to Craig Murray he's uh former Alabama uh friend of mine well it's still a friend of mine but I no longer live in Alabama but uh thanks for joining Craig.

Great point there and great finish by Beck Beck is looking fantastic out here Scott yeah I mean she's looking strong and of course you know her counterpart her sister has got some phenomenal hands as well so they're they're really winning that that edge right now good to see Laura actually get onto one.

Of those returns she might have liked it a bit deeper but that short slice return actually caused a bit of trouble good to see so again those unforced errors because I believe that's an unforced error I mean that that wasn't a forced error in my opinion it's like they want to attack that ball but it's below the net.

Frankly I I just don't think they're used to this kind of power coming from uh the teams that they normally face uh the Australian ladies in front of us have immense power off these paddles so we've had a timeout call good I like this timeout uh the match starting to run away from the Singapore team uh Amanda and Laura right now so good to.

See they've called the timeout maybe slow the momentum of Sarah and back here let's see after this timeout what they can come back with yeah and I I've been watching just like everybody at home and I think this is a tough matchup for Amanda and Lauren the the spin serve has been creating.

Tremendous problems even if it's not an ace it's getting a weak return forcing them to stay back and then the third shots are a lot a lot better from Burr and Kingsley all right so Sarah looking for the shake and bake there this is their bread and butter and doubles whoever's getting onto that.

Third shot is really looking to drive it generally Center and one person the other player is sneaking towards that now looking for that higher volley from their opposition Amanda had that one teed up she just messed she was up a little bit more than maybe she wanted and she hit straight down.

She has a pretty flat attack it's a lovely drop there there's just no no power behind that that overhead do you find that allowing a team to stay in a point like that because you're just not putting that ball away um is that an issue is that a problem or is it better to play it safe and not hit.

It this hard just sitting that one up there yeah look I would go for placement you know looking for that person who's in the transition zone maybe putting that overhead at their feet um rather than going all out on it but it's hard they're versing a top team here.

And just some ill-time shot selections hesitation there probably on that shot by Laura not knowing what to do that ball dropping really quickly Scott if you look behind the court we've got the Indian team of snahal and vishali actually probably getting uh checking out Sarah Burr and Beck.

Kingsley here yeah they've faced them in the past but they're definitely scoping them out trying to figure out a gameplay that might work there it is what a good finish and and that is their bread and butter they finished it off with a shake and bake talk about the reason that's so.

Successful for them um especially being that Sarah Burr is a lefty yeah I think I it's the overwhelming power that both these girls have on their drive but the other part is they don't hesitate They Know Each Other's games but these girls have played together for you know 18 months now every doubles tournament they've pretty much played together so.

They have that knowledge of what's going to happen but their movement and their athleticism from what I've seen of the rest of the field here they're A Cut Above they move quickly forward they move quickly across the court they stay low they use their legs really well and that is an exciting all-around team to watch and I'm.

Expecting big things in the next round yeah they're gonna move on to the next round and speaking of that I actually misspoke earlier I just realized I said 16 teams I met 16 players which is eight teams which is the quarterfinals so it's actually quarterfinals semi-finals finals so there's actually only three rounds to this uh two round two wins.

Gets you into the um the finals so um and we're just looking at the draw now and um the semi-finals were projected semi-final opponents from these guys for Sarah Burr and Beck Kingsley uh looks to potentially be the Taiwanese team and I think they were third and fourth am I correct in the singles I believe so.

That's young sin sang and Xiao Yuko versus Angel lonto and no fulan adyani so they're going to be playing in the winner of that match will play against Rebecca Kingsley and Sarah Burr and then on the top half of the bracket you've got Macy guo and Michelle Lim that's the two tall yes.

Players that we mentioned uh at some point and then Penny Lee and uh varsha Maj mudar now just stopping you there I've seen Penny Lee and varsha play yesterday in the advanced and I was impressed with them pennies and over 50s player she has a lot of success here in the over 50s events she has great skill and I wouldn't be surprised if they.

Actually get through that match yeah I agree she's very good I saw her at the Asia pickleball open as well very strong on the court a lot of Court awareness and um experience and then on the other side uh snahal patil and rasali takari will play Ari or have played Baby Ari Adelia and dasak bija and considering that was scoping out this match I think.

Snahal and vishali have moved through to the semi-final round we're just refreshing the draw now but we are on track for some hot semi-finals out here yeah so you know this is where things can get very interesting because as these matches continue it's two rounds to get to the to the last one um again to 15 like we said many times.

Can anything can happen during that match so we're gonna really see some tight matches I believe I still and this is not just because I have a an Aussie in the booth with me right now I still feel like Beck and Sarah are are the Front Runners to win this but just like we saw yesterday in men's open I projected you guys to win that that.

Men's open it didn't pan out that way so we know that anything can happen in in a bracket yep it's it's a net chord here or there you know an ATP or an Ernie that can really change the momentum of things out here and look I think you've hit the nail on the head Anything Can Happen who knows what to expect from these semi-finals but I know it's.

They're going to be good definitely so that Notch that we talked about with Penny Lee and varsha uh majmudar they are off Court just behind us uh squaring off right now so after they get finished we will see the semi-finals coming up in just a minute foreign foreign.

Thank you foreign thank you foreign thank you thank you foreign thank you.

foreign foreign foreign this is Steve Dawson from prochenix I'm the designer and originator of all.

Proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology is proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm-related injuries.

foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign.

This is Steve Dawson from Pro kenix I'm the designer and originator of all proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology is proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for.

Arm-related injuries foreign foreign foreign foreign.

all right everybody welcome back to Championship Court this is Scott golden here at the 2022 World pickleball Championship we're in Bali Indonesia and we've got a great men's Advanced doubles final coming up actually Brandon this was the the draw that we were trying to get into couldn't.

Quite make the cut I thought we were too good they said oh that's what it was they said we were too good my bad I got confused on that uh but no we if we were gonna be able to get into this one we were a little late to try to sign up but uh this would have been the the draw that we would have been in but but these guys played in the.

Men's open as well all four of these guys so this is these guys are no stranger to high level play um these guys I would say are are all five 5.0 players I mean they're all very good quality players um Leander made the finals in singles in the men's open Kim played singles did very well did not.

Make it to the finals uh but but you mentioned it what does he bring to the table yeah he is an absolute Vibe I'm expecting big things from Kim out here he's a big time player he's gonna like being on the show Court he's exciting we're going to see tweeners we're gonna see behind the back we're going to see.

Earnings we're going to see atps you name it we're gonna see it and then across from Team Philippines you've got Team India which is gurav and um Kasha car shop yeah I think that's his last name yeah so Kasha oh no cash up is the first time yeah and he's the he's the shorter one in the blue and gurav is the taller on the back I think.

Car shop is the more experienced doubles player yeah whereas gorev is more of a singles player um he might be offended if you said that he was not a doubles guy though and maybe he's a double specialist and I didn't realize that I mean he's in the finals he he is he is but I'm expecting a very high quality match out here squat.

Scott I think the skills of these players are exciting and we're going to see some contradictory Styles out here as well yeah don't let the the name Advanced for you final for you this is gonna be very high quality high level play expect some really nice drives from Kim Iver in the blue that's serving and expect some nice third shot drops from.

Um Leander his counterpart of course oh that's a sick oh that's a secret drop though oh my goodness the the lob was incredible the drop off that lob was really getting better unbelievable by Kasha uh and two lefties on one team you don't see that very often it's like a spot in.

A unicorn foreign look at the footwork from Kim Iver working around that backhand there's the come on right there he's in it his energy is huge and he kind of did like a little Filipino stare down right there I mean he was really kind of giving them the stink eyes in.

Your face in the face we like it he's not afraid to bring it all right a nice exchange there very impressed with gorab's skills with those dinks he has delicate hands yeah I'm impressed so far with all four the energy level is good here we've got a good crowd watching and uh.

The Philippines versus India is is definitely geared up to be a good one here as well this is a best of three game match we should make clear yes that was the one reward that you you get when you make it to the finals here at the world pickleball championships and then she from the Indian crowd.

Giving it to their team here oh that's a great mystery so that's what gurav brings to the table he's a lengthy reachy Lefty that has Mr Rex did you catch all that I did that was a mouthful but we've got the the tall and the short of it almost up that end some would say oh no pun intended that was a good one.

Don't let his diminutive frame fool you he that is some silky smooth skills there to get up to the nbz well you tell he's very confident he just takes his time getting up there to the net the only thing is if you lift the ball up to either one of these four players any of these four players you're gonna it's gonna get hammered back at you.

Foreign stare down yeah because they're giving it back because Kim Kim invites the fire you know what he bought the fire and we invited the fire yesterday with an Indian team and we came off second best and Kim's gone hard early here with some Commons like I'm talking in the first.

Three points here he gave two Commons and the stare down with it so it's not just a command but the stare down love the soft touch dinking there he is look at him they've got to be careful with kashup's backhand flick he he catches it and just flicks it down really hard with a good angle very hard to defend that because even if you get a.

Paddle on that it's gonna pop right back up oh the lobster haven't seen that much I haven't seen that this week at all oh a lot but now I was gonna say this I'm not gonna be surprised because of car Shop's stature if they tried a lot I think Leander and Kim may actually look for a few lobs here but what they have.

To remember is he's actually very explosive and they love middle gorov's going to be I'm going to have his overhead down the middle as well yeah I remember that's the two lefties so it's a little different oh the little hair come on back to him the stare down.

Nice body bag there so when you invite that you're gonna get it back you better be ready to Bow up because they they know what's going on yeah yeah boy that was close that was a very close in that returned oh it's not the right ball to speed up is it no a loose ball bear from Leander.

He's better than that he knows that he won't do that very often I think he's just a little amped up all the commands have got him a little excited here and Leander doesn't strike me as the guy to actually get involved in that type of behavior either he seems quite chill quite mellow Fierce competitor.

Yeah you've spied on with that assessment you've got him pegged that's the that's the little inside out that he does he he doesn't hit where you traditionally would think he would go and he's very smooth when he does it gorov has been dangerous with that ball down the middle thus far for me who's the player at the moment.

Also little known fact everybody in the Philippines calls Leander Ian e-a-n really anytime you see go Ian that's Leander I confirmed that last night can we get a bit of story behind that maybe from one of the people that are commented I think it's just his nickname yeah go ahead and give us some some feedback on that guys if you know the.

Story why they call him Ian but yeah maybe it's part of Leander EA yes that makes sense sorry a bit slow well that's not even I don't know if that's factual I just know that's what it sounds like he's doing it again so this is what I know when the perceived better player of the team.

Doesn't see a ton of action when you do get that action you try to do as much possibly as that you can with it he needs to just relax and let Kim settle in and uh do his job and then hope that he can get involved Kasha putting that uh volley along but what I like is car shop and gaurav look like an experienced double steamer I.

Feel like they've been playing together for some time that there's no miscommunication down the middle gorab's generally taking any ball that's laying in the middle thus because it's on his forehand but they just look quite smooth quite silky absolutely that's a great attack oh now that was the right one to attack and also he.

Caught it at its peak right there instead of letting it drop a little bit lower that was the first time in a while Leander had been on the left though too previously Kim had been on the left oh those hands are butter and what a shot there what a great little off-pace role I would say what's helping Team.

India right now is the ability to keep Ian and Kim on their heels we've seen some incredible dinking thus far in this match team is now starting to look at trying to uh lots of thinking down the line too so some of these players are now trying to offset that pattern with some Ernie attempts another great return there by Kim himans.

Painting that line up that end down the middle solves a riddle great volley there by car shop Team India looking so smooth Kim with the Ernie fantastic move there and that's what they're going to have to do there's a lot of dinking happening line and if they're going to disrupt that pattern.

They're going to have to look at faking some earnings or doing a half Ernie one foot outside the core one foot inside the court over the nvz great reset there by Leander to keep them in that point yeah he didn't really roll that back anymore punched it okay bit of momentum here it's a great.

Spot all right we got a timeout from Team India car shop and gurav taking a moment to breathe as they have found themselves now with a comeback from the Philippines we'll take a quick break as well and we'll be back to the action in just a minute.

Foreign we are back serving at six nine look at the reach there from gaurav reaching well into the kitchen to take all three of those volleys that was terrific play he is lengthy can we get a measuring tape on those arms they're at least two meters long at.

Least two meters oh deflection off the paddle into his face but he seems to be okay I'm gonna tell you right now they need to stay away from gurav that he he is dangerous with his shots very offensively aggressive and really Mis misleading with his shops.

He's very deceptive not the play speeding up down the middle onto that forehand uh you know what I'm noticing is fantastic of an athlete is Ian is and and he's he was a tremendous singles player he made it all the way to the finals he's still a little unrefined in doubles right now he still has some some.

Work to do um he's obviously good enough to get to the finals here but she's making some decisions that are questionable in my opinion some ill decision there to finish off that game there by the car shop we're in control they were sharp what did Graven Kash up uh Team Up.

In the Open men's doubles yesterday I I believe so and also I think they they were the team that won the advanced in men's last uh April I believe or this past April in um in the Asian pickleball open either they they made it into the finals I don't remember looking one or not but they surprised we didn't see them with a deep run yesterday from what.

I've seen in this first game here yeah forever is incredible absolutely they both look really sharp and uh like you said earlier you alluded to the fact that they they must have experience together because there's less mishaps and miscommunication than what a team you know teaming up for the first time would have they look so polished right.

Now like there's no miscommunication there's discipline with all their plays when the Ernie's on the other players moving well across to cover it it's it's fantastic I wasn't necessarily expecting that from this team but full credit to them they have played a terrific first game yeah I mean you see why they're in the finals both these teams are are.

Excellent teams but um the team from India right now it just has the upper hand they look more confident more cool calm and collected I will say another aspect of the team from India that they bring over is that they they all coach each other like and I don't mean that in a bad way I mean that in a good way like they're they're there.

On the sidelines and they're showing not only support but they're actually watching intently of what that team needs to do if they're having issues or struggling and and they're always so quick to give some some tips or advice on how they can quickly correct anything that's unraveling so very interesting Dynamic and it's no.

Wonder that these teams from India win a lot the other thing that was costly there I think for Kim and Leander in the first set was Kim brought the fire and car shop responded and Kim came off second best I think if they can stay level-headed and maybe not give the Indians a motion.

To play with I think they're going to stand a better chance in this second game those hands are soft like butter Dead Set yeah he's smooth on his backhand he's got Kim feeling a little uncomfortable on these dinks even though he's getting him back over he just doesn't look as confident.

Uh oh yeah you can't leave it up on car shop like that he he's I'm gonna nickname him the Indian Hammer because he just died with that fire right there let's see if that sticks okay very loose Folly there by Kim they're gonna need to tighten this up Indian's gonna India is going to run away with this game if they're not.

Careful yeah this could get out of hand in a hurry if they don't tighten it up they're finding a little success returning to the backhand of gurav he smoothed with it but he's trying to almost be too perfect on that shot so they might need to revisit hitting those returns to him you would definitely.

Rather that drops and he got a little higher than a little low so you're seeing that they're trying to get to his backhand I think they've they've picked up on something there Ian also super silky smooth with those Dinks that is I play and a half you could tell Leander doesn't like getting beat on.

Those exchanges but right now cash shop and kurov are the better end of those exchanges are going to them oh I like it just not sharp enough to stay in that's the danger of lobbying is that you have to basically get it up and over the opponents and inside the Baseline it's an extremely difficult shot to.

Execute on a fairly regular basis and although car Shop's small in stature he is big in power and he is quick getting back well he's just quick in general right he's got a good first step his agility side to side is second to none and and I think one of the things that sets him apart is his ability to focus.

Each and every Point without losing that that edge such a good flick oh they did the hard work to get back into that point Lander will be disappointed with that so I noticed a little something could be nothing but I don't know if Ian and Kim picked up on this but the middle ball.

They tend to fight over it a little bit um Kush off and uh guroff so you know that may be something they need to visit you know going to that middle ball having them kind of fight and you know when I say fight I mean just like decide who's gonna hit that ball I felt early on they're actually really disciplined with that I felt like gorab was taking.

Majority of those balls maybe as the match goes on and they're they're cool shot's starting to feel a little bit more he's wanting to maybe hit more of them but why change a winning tactic yeah I agree and I think one of them's got to take control of that but they did fight over that little that little bit of high ball in the middle not nothing.

Major just could be something little to pay attention to um thank you right now game two in the favor of Team India 5-0 is what it looks like Kim and Leander definitely have to change something here they're gonna have.

To find something special to disrupt this Indian team because right now they are looking great first rare Miss there we've seen off that first volley by the Indian team is that what Kim and Ian needed can they get on the board here in this second game no they're really struggling with these.

Resets right now they're either coming up short or they're lifting them up a little too high and they're getting hammered they've got to figure out how to get that ball down into the kitchen soon foreign no that is not going to be good enough.

So so here's what I know from the the lengthy amount of time I've watched pickleball at the higher levels you really can't lob these guys unless you catch them in a in a compromising position they're too good and and two good at hitting those overheads they anticipate really well my point is I feel like they're.

Scrambling over there a little bit they're looking yeah they're desperate they're trying some some things that they really shouldn't do because nothing else is working oh he's just so fast with that first step though I feel like maybe when he first started pickleball people continually lobbed him.

Because of his stature and he just works so hard yeah on that ability to um not be lobbed ever again yeah you know humans are are stubborn and I'm sure he still gets lobbed all the time even though he's proven that he can hit a nasty overhead foreign into this position and these dink.

Rallies India is winning this 90 of the time that ball just missed but if we're getting up to the all getting four players to the kitchen India is winning this nine times out of ten I feel right now absolutely Kim and Ian have to find some offensive.

Power right now they've got to dig deep figure out a way to unlock some success on offense it's it's only half the battle to get side outs you've got to put points on the board to win oh off the line there that made that ball really difficult yeah that was a good shot but at least they're putting some.

Scoreboard pressure on here Scott they've got two points now it was looking like there for a while they made India may have ran away with their second game but at least Kim and Leander have put up a fight here actually one of the strategies that I think they can make it employ is if Kim takes the third he drives middle and let.

Leander come in and use his athleticism to clean up the next shot that might be something they should explore Leander hasn't imposed himself on the match like he could though he's as you highlighted earlier he's a fantastic athlete I'd expect someone of his calendar maybe whole middle a bit more and be a bit more aggressive with that.

Volley but to probably the quality of the Indians uh feel around the net maybe it just hasn't been sitting up high enough for him to do that a lot of the time yeah I'm noticing they're not making many adjustments from game one to game two um boy I tell you that's a good coverage from.

All right that's that they ended up winning that point but you know that that was a good slice drop on the forehand side from Kim Iver yeah that was very good grew up quick enough to track it but ultimately not winning that point with those legs two steps and he was there okay we're back in this dinking Exchange.

That's a nice attack and of course Kim getting back to those commands uh we he lost that edge for a little bit but he's getting it back quickly and I felt like the Indians were always on top of that exchange when all four players were up the front but Kim and Leander starting to get on top of those it's not a great idea to lob from the.

Base on there you know what they're defending this pretty well here oh I I think honestly I think you just keep at that point you just keep throwing that lob up when you've done something keep going why not seven I mean he tried to reset which I respect that he tried to reset that but it.

Wasn't really the quite the right opportunity yet um you have to kind of wait for a little bit of an awkward shot that they hit that you can reset foreign some of this is just execution I mean Ian had the ball on his paddle right there for the for the smash but he just.

He just missed it Kim making some noise up there now it's a tennis thing it's really good really good you know what I I've we've seen him miss a couple of those forehand dinks in the last uh three or four I I think they need to revisit that yeah leander's backhand to his forehand might.

Be working it might be a little bit nervous as well like this is still a big occasion you know we're in a gold medal match here final of Advance men's 4.0 and above the finish line is in sight I really think they need to stay on that shop forehand yeah right there.

Oh all right that's a good speed up that's a good speed up a little bit of luck there with the net core but they're going to take it at this point in time well you know you got to have a little bit of luck too you know you can be skilled but luck is part of this game and yeah.

Car shops dink is sitting up off that forehead and that's why Leander was able to speed that up there and as you said did create that luck yeah when somebody's struggling a little bit with something you've got to go back to it you gotta make them really think about that shot he did the he did the old chassis bomb.

Yeah come on the stare down the other thing I'm thinking Scott here is behind our backs we've actually got the sun setting now when players are going to turn to their side uh with gaurav and car shop to hit their forehands is that sunlight coming through are they starting to look into that sun yeah it could be a potential factor I spoke.

About that the other day also not right now as much of a factor but sometimes when you lob and you look up into those lights or that ceiling up up above you can sometimes lose the ball but I can tell you the Indian team uh kushab and gurav did not seem to be bothered by any of those factors uh when they were hitting those 17 overheads earlier no.

That wrist snap especially from carshop was incredible dude you can you can now both of them had good overheads but you can tell a distinctive difference between cost Shop's overhead and gurops I mean guravs is more smooth and he just kind of he makes sure he gets it in where Kasha I believe is like a snapping like a uh badminton like a Batman type.

Shot like I have some badminton backgrounds they almost do this little hitch where they they jump and hitch at the same time and then they lock and load and unload on the ball so all right let's see if the team from Philippines can get something going here out of that timeout keep this momentum.

But you need to be happy with that exchange uh Leander on the left I'm not sure is the play they want I think they sorry Lena on the right they're gonna want Leander on the left here's the player he's he's more of the alpha up that end interesting you picked up on that I noticed they had him on the right they're not stacking.

They've got to figure out a way to get him back to the left side and there's that exposure right there Kim just out of position on the left all right and you're looking to make a run here trying to put a stop to this momentum well this is a huge opportunity for Kim and Ian to to stifle this momentum more.

And get the ball back if they get two quick stops they can reel this thing back in I I agree with you 100 I don't think that the the strategy is to have Leander on the right if they're gonna have uh Kim on the left he's gonna need to step up and move forward and not be a meter behind the amazing he's got to be more.

Assertive for sure foreign big come on there from Kim I do love the come on of course car Shop's like okay what what in the world we're up a game like he he was like wow okay all right that's how we're gonna roll but we love to say it he's still emotionally invested in this match you know yeah you.

Know what it can get in their head sometimes oh my goodness that was filthy Drew Rob just made Leander look silly on that one it was already by him before he realized it my goodness but how they defended the.

Whole way the Indian team there's some amazing drops to get back in that point and to finish it with that he's filthy it was those two meter arms you were talking about truly though that was impressive and uh he does it with such fluid movement you don't even realize it's getting on you like that until it's past you and.

They've opened up a 7-3 lead here now in the second game incredible how fast this thing can get away from you good return they're into the backhands a little less of a come on but still a come on he's still fighting energy wise and emotionally they're gonna get the ball back down.

Four it doesn't sound like a lot but when you're playing a team right there is an easy and that's in as a server you love that when an opponent releases a return Happy Days.

Oh and another gift come on and stare down and he gave a glance over to us to see if we were paid all right five seven one this is getting tight oh so good just that little flick right there unbelievable we're going up again.

They've got the drop they're coming in point back to neutral let's take him up a little bit closer to the net here that's a really good shot some off-pace volleys here slightly rolling them up at the shoulders has got them back into this game and it is on now you know what we talk about this so often but the the.

The momentum swings the the ups and downs the Ebbs and flows of this game are incredible it's what makes this game so addicting yes and gaurav giving it back now what a backhand volley Cross Court that was I'm telling you he's very deceptive in his shots he doesn't hit the same way that most people hit he's got a little Inside.

Out movement on his ball that's hard to read foreign there that was a good put away you know that was very close though I was tempted to say that he might have hit that out but I think it did clip the line but man he's playing with fire right there and they need to stop that momentum Kim and.

Ian had everything there they needed that ball back and they've got it what can they do with this I believe they got it back to 7-7 now oh and his car shops missed it long you know what though it's not that he just missed it long he was actually trying to basically body bag Leander but I noticed right away Leander moved to the side of.

Immediately recognized very quickly high level recognition on that those dinks are staying up from Kim but Leander able to recover yeah it but it it started with that lob again they've got to stay away from that lob Kush up is one of the best I've seen here he gets up hammering overheads it's just not a good idea against these.

Guys I would have attacked that ball Ken Kim hold his nerve when it's come got to this last few times he has set the dink up that's another one that should have been attacked probably they're staying patient they're looking for the right one I think they're.

Waiting for him to pop this up let's hope he can stay strong here come back off that line and let him bounce he probably should be getting him out of the air like that but nice defensive recovery from Leander oh and unfortunately Somebody's gotta mess up at the end of a point and it.

Happened to be Leander there but man what a great dinking point right there all right Philippine team is tiling off for just a minute want to give a shout out to sue Brooks who's watching giving a her own shout out to uh the Aussie Brendan Lee oh smooth third shot that is something that they've got to go.

Back to I don't know how they haven't picked up on that his forehand dink is a little sketchy right now yeah it's not even that it's always sketchy probably but right now he's sketchy with that forehand they've got the ball back they need to pull it back here a bit at least get one or two points on this side out.

I'm telling you right now they have the wrong game plan they're going cross-court with gurav who's the king of dinking and they need to go back to the guy they just missed the dink on his forehand grabs looking the most comfortable out of all four players right now I mean are you not are you seeing it like I am it's.

Like it's like they're missing the the boat here look he's going cross-court with guruv when he he needs to be getting the ball they need to get the ball Cross Court to the other guy right there and stay there foreign the angle they're getting on a lot of these things I've been impressed they.

Haven't actually set the team up for an ATP by going too wide on these dinks agreed the measure has been fantastic this is what I want to see though the dinking to the forehand of car shop all right that worked when Kim has sped up that ball on gurav though he has actually tagged him a few times yeah and at the least he's Jam in a month yes and.

He's made him miss that volley that is the play I think as well we're at eight seven eight nine sorry eight nine eight nine yeah really really big couple of points for the Philippine team they're down a game and down a point they do though however have Ian on the left now.

So my my whole thing would be right there Cross Court Dinks keeping that ball to the forehand it's really good actually that's that's good execution from Leander recognizing that he could flick that ball into the middle all right it's a tight one here in game two.

How do you think they close this out gurev trying to actually calm car shop down but I think car Shop's getting a bit worked up grev seems like a level-headed player here he really is it's like it's like he's you know ice in the veins type guy like nothing really bothers him he's always doing the commands like relax I got we got this.

I feel like gorab's gonna actually make the difference in this game but that that's why gurov shouldn't even be seeing the ball right now they should be dinking Cross Court two car Shop's forehand a hundred percent I don't think guruv's missed that oh my goodness I pulled up too early yes I was just about to say that he hasn't missed.

It I know I could hear that coming from your mark and then he misses a dink honestly I didn't even get the words out it's 10-9 it's ten nine it's game point right here in game two how Ian and Kim have turned this around just a few loose errors from the Indian team but some inspiring play by Kim and this is so fun they were down 5-0 before they started.

Making this run he had to hit that one nice reset though so you gotta get up they're just sitting back at the Baseline those are your opportunities to come in uh well it's a conservative overhead yeah but at least yeah at least you did it to gurav and not cash out no not Kash up no.

Conservative as well they're nervous oh they're losing they're losing right now that's why they don't want to mess it up you don't want to play scared though you want to play go they gotta get in there I have to say that's very very non-traditional play from Ian and Kim not a point that you would generally see.

But in this moment car shop and gurab have to play to win not play to lose yeah you notice that their overheads looked very different from when they were winning in game one and in control what do you think that is is that a mental thing is that a mindset like playing scare to to not lose versus yeah 100 they've been so strong overhead.

Today like they have not I'm gonna put the term puddled and overhead back they have been super aggressive great wrist snap and they really should have put one of those balls away and being more aggressive with it this is going a little deeper into the mental side of the game but isn't it interesting when when they're winning they're crushing.

Overheads when they are down in game two tonight they're down 9-10 their mindset is thinking about the score they're thinking we can only give up one point and if we do we're gonna lose and so they play Ultra conservative I don't believe that's the way that you should play because you you're good like look at ultimately they ended up losing.

That game too anyway so why not go out the way you were swinging in game one to get the W so isn't there a lot to be said for that there is and it's gonna make for a very interesting game three out here I cannot predict right now which way I wish I was a fortune teller but right now I cannot predict which way this game is going to go maybe Leander.

And Kim will run with the momentum I still feel like gorov and car shop have been the better team for majority of them 100 100 that they're cleaner they're cleaner but when the game gets tight you see that they when they're under pressure they're not performing to the level that they really were in game one so I I like Ian on the left like you.

Were saying let's see if they stack or if they just stay regular most likely they'll stay regular there's that sneaky forehand creeping in again yeah gorab definitely has to take control of his end car straps definitely looking a little tire right now no he's looking tight and tired right yeah he's looking.

Very tight I I just I just think they I don't know if they even know how to stack maybe that's not something they know how to do but putting Leander on the left is going to be key for them so a pretty messy start to game three here some really error some really loose.

Errors early on the errors from game two have creeped back in early in game three here great hands there from car shop that's a great reset that's a high level reset no need to overextend on that ball and hit it too hard he just has to put that ball down at the feet of his opponent he had grub out of position there garage.

Was well into the middle according a simple roll up the line would have sufficed so hard in the moment it is we've got the easy seats here mate it's easy for us you know I'm batting a thousand from the sideline or a big gamesmanship there by Kim actually rolling the ball over to the side of the Court yeah you noticed.

That yeah he's done that a couple of times in the past that's the shot right there long ah car shop getting in their faces that ball was up that was long okay it's hard for me to see it I don't have my glasses on but it looked like it it was long but I couldn't tell oh that middle ball is a good ball.

Along as well that's the second one that I can remember that he's missed long on that easy forehand but it's because of his stroke he's big on that stroke you know he get he has long arms so he's kind of a whipping motion um he's not very compact but we also saw halfway through that point was the miscommunication and we haven't seen.

That from them today so just a sign of nerves here let's hope they can really settle into this game three and produce some quality pickleball and right now we're setting ourselves up for a great point gurav and Kasha are playing much better now after a slow start in game three.

Some great athleticism by Leander well done I do like that Insight in forehand attack he loves it it's always nice when the ball's going out but you hit it for a winner it's like you should get two points for that you should get at least another half.

Point if not two points that's incredible his little his little Antics afterwards it you know it can rattle the other team it really can yeah the sun now creeping in just slightly on the court not sure if it'll play a factor at all that's see that's an attackable ball I.

Believe it's interesting which one he chose to oh Leanne Leander actually got that ball and then it hit the back side of Kim's paddle so he like he blocked his own partner shot on accident of course pretty much quality picking up right now in this game three and there is the overhead.

That we've seen all but one of the points today if you looked up massive overhead in the dictionary I'm pretty sure it's got car shops massive overhead right there with the picture you just don't want to love to him kashup is five foot two five foot one but with his legs he's like six foot six when he gets off the ground straight.

Up he can jump incredible all right the Indian fans getting in the point a little bit to try to get back at Kim for his little Antics he's pulling so a timeout called here what do you think about that timeout right there good I think it is good I think the Indian as you said the the Indian team getting.

Involved from the sideline so a good way to not just slow down the play on the court but also slow down the momentum on the sidelines it's tight here early on I think both teams have a they started a little bit slow in this game three but the energy is definitely picked up they're they're playing to playing to win almost not playing to.

Lose we saw that in the second game where harsh up and grab at the end of that second game were playing not to lose and that's not the mentality you want to go with yeah I agree you're spot on with that assessment of course it's it's a take game three right now but as this game gets closer to the Finish Line you're gonna see one of the teams bow up.

And finish and you're gonna see another team not finish the game um and that's going to be the difference I believe I think this is going to be a tight game down the down to the wire just the the feel of this game it's been going back and forth uh but we're gonna see which team.

Tightens up and which team plays loose and the thing is all four of these players have an X Factor they're all very different with their intricacies but I feel like any one of them could actually be the difference in this match I agree nice touch but that might be the wrong.

Guy to do it too wow grew up going for the Home Run swing so in your opinion he's got that big looping swing should he tighten that up and just punch it yeah he look he had his opponents back maybe just one more volley to keep them uh push them back a little bit more would have been fantastic but he's got a split second to.

Decide what he's going to do there and another backhand Miss volley and Kim in their faces right now he is a big Personality yeah he really is now that's two unforced errors on the paddles of kush up because shop and gurav nice recovery what a great gift by Leander.

That's the athleticism bad I did a lot of kush up but sometimes it works foreign just leaning too much for that volley he was too far away from it he ended up being on one leg maybe it's a sign of fatigue maybe to sign a nerve so he wasn't moving his feet enough but he.

Needs to get in behind that ball more that missed time just a bit it almost hit Leander in the top of the head but luckily he ducked out of the way that would have been a fastball in the corner pocket right there I am so surprised that the Indian team have now missed two overheads in the last three points Four.

Points they've been so strong they're over there all over this match and I'm Gonna Keep I'm also surprised that Kim and Leander keep going back to the lob yeah they're they're loving the lob right now okay we're just a little lull here on this match a couple of overheads missed a couple of drops missed they've got to tighten up this is game three of.

The finals you cannot just give away free missed shots and and give the ball back to the other team and we're all taught up here at Floral just some missed opportunities by both teams I mean these are balls that should get put away and they're just fine fine these guys make these balls.

But it's definitely the occasion great reset that might grow up to keep this temp in that point this is what you want to say Scott that day car shop there it is I'm I'm listen I'm I'm not saying that they should just go there every single time but when they have gone there they've had success and.

That's what I'm saying is like you've got to go back to the well you know what what's working is what you have to stay with he's he's thinking about that forehand think right now oh wow really good but we're not playing cricket haha.

Did you see the Antics from Kim after he body bagged kashyap he's not he's not here to make any friends either is he no way but what we saw earlier on this match when Kim got car shop wound up car shop brought the fire back to Kim okay another missed shot okay Leander has been fairly quiet this whole match I felt like.

Leanne has almost been the one sitting back but right now in this last five minutes stepping up he's doing some incredible resets and pulling the trigger at appropriate times Leanna definitely the difference right now and that's why his team is up 6-4 at this change of ends Can You Feel the intensity in the air right now like I.

Can just feel it with it's like the tension it could be cut with a knife look the points of being on gurab and car shops paddles like the other team that has missed the most high balls the most putaways in this third set it's unforced errors that are costing them I think they've set up their points beautifully but when pushes come to.

Shove they've actually missed the put away if they can Reign that in I still believe that they are going to win this game but they're gonna have to write it in yeah I've seen this trend with the teams from India at times they miss a ball and it's almost like they get focused hyper focused on that Miss.

Instead of shedding that that missed air um you know the air and moving forward they kind of get hung up a little bit for a few points hopefully this in change will get them back on track they're they're going back to this LOB or a big forehand drive here by Kim but defended well Leander Leander wants that one back he.

He had it teed up for a winner but you gotta execute both teams missing some unconventional shots what I also didn't like then is how Kim looked at Leander actually after he missed that shot as a partner like I know they're up in this game but you still have to be supportive and all right an outcall there by the Indian.

Team but the Lion's man calling it in Kim getting the crowd going after that that ball just to clarify that ball was well in it was inside the line up this end so it was a great call by the Lion's man to overrule that yeah really glad we had the lines been here Kim not appreciating that outcall either he got the crowd going after that yeah.

You gotta love his energy a bit high but they can reset off of that because kushop and gurav have missed a few shots that they traditionally wouldn't miss they're playing a little more tight and conservative like you were saying a good finish overhead there from gurav but.

They've got to loosen up and play like they did in game one a good drop four players are in oh great reset there and Kim just missed hitting that off the edge of his paddle.

five seven one okay grev looking strong again hopefully it's not commentator's curse but gurav and his partner Kush up have been missing some of these exchanges by just a hair it's it's creeping back into their mind they're.

They're getting tight I can I can see it oh that's uh must have just dropped in yeah I believe it did oh nice touch right here we'll get that guruv's undefeated on that yes what a point how gorab can chase that down and control that ball it's incredible three steps and he's from well behind the Baseline to on the net it's.

Incredible and the soft touch to put it back in the kitchen so it wouldn't get attacked just finite dinking oh he's reall