Biological life foreign ladies and gentlemen welcome to Championship Court this is Scott golden joined by Jan David and we've got a fantastic matchup you've got Aditya Ela who is playing in the men's singles open earlier and won that and his partner Jan is the eventual the.

Adventure and then you've got on the other side which is the team from Taiwanese let's see if we can pull their names up real quick give us just a minute and we'll pull that up it is I think that's how you say it correct.

Yeah you know I'll do the best I can with the names but that that one actually those aren't too bad but uh we got a good match these guys are very talented players both sides uh The X Factor is gonna be a BTS partner he's young he's talented but can he rise to the occasion of a quarter match quarterfinal match on.

Championship Court yeah I did here in the eventual trained together they have a good good doubles partner or Devil's coach in uh in India so I was just talking to them just before the match they they feel very confident about themselves as a team on the other side we have a fantastic team from Taiwan Edition which is wearing the.

The red hat he's a former tennis coach and tennis player uh a fantastic hands coordination so again the same applies for Taiwanese as was said about the Filipinos this is their first International Event and as we probably know or maybe some of you may know from tennis Taiwanese tennis players never traveled abroad and I remember from my.

Time when I was traveling with my kids whenever they had a Taiwanese player in the draw we were basically shaking so uh lots of knowledge and expertise on both sides let's see how it all goes Nice Shot Through the middle there I believe the forehand has got to take control of that point get a paddle on that middle ball.

You're gonna see a lot of drives from Aditya and his partner and crashing the net they're gonna look to speed the ball up on the third shot crash the net and look for a put away just like that if if they were thinking about it they should actually return to aditya's partner he's got a little less.

Experience and his Drive may not be quite as powerful uh they need to at least test it early to find out which one of them is going to be able to return but you can see you can see that uh Aditya is coming over to take that third shot all the way over like like imposing himself on the other side because he wants to take.

Control of these points early and often yeah Aditya is a very good mix doubles player usually covers the whole court with the men's doubles he really needs to have a partner who really doesn't mind correct and mixed as well yeah he makes usually isn't the issue there um they get out of the way but in men sometimes it can be a little bit of a a.

Troublesome problem to have if they don't get out of the way for you but he plays a lot like like a Riley Newman just very active constantly applying pressure to you to try to make you break under that pressure right that's the drop shot that they need they gotta get to his backhand not that he.

Does like he's got an incredible backhand but when they hit their returns they need if they're gonna go to a detail on the return it needs to be over far to the backhand yeah that's that's the quick hands that you were talking about they're ready for those exchanges actually they they probably prefer that and thrive on those.

Fast volleys on the other side they they also have very soft hands which is incredible and again you know for Taiwanese this is the first truly International Tournament so I think that there will be a new experience for them for sure but so far early they're holding their.

Own against the team from India foreign I think it's three two they've doubled up the score now I think I believe it's 4-2 kataria so far.

Able to hold his own on the court right now obviously very talented so that middle ball could be potentially a problem for them if they don't work that out um I feel like because aditya's um playing.

So active that kataria needs to give him that middle ball that's a good reset right there great great defensive hands nice soft touch to reset go through the attack I I think he should have been a little more patient but you know what in that moment he.

Wanted to attack that ball and he did but boy those resets were really nice we had a nice soft hands yeah it's like uh it's like the ability to take that ball out of the air and cut it back into the kitchen is a very high level shot obviously he comes from some type of table tennis or badminton some type of background in us.

Oh and Tennis there you go a tennis player that that knows how to volley can transition to this very very easily well Eddie Eddie is one of the better players maybe one of the best players in Taiwan right now and uh a very solid person with a good family good values very friendly also on Court and on court.

So yeah these guys are are holding their own but it's six two right now in favor of kataria and rouhela and the reason for that is because they've been the team from India has been applying more pressure than the other team the other team is playing more defensive right now they're they're trying to just stay in.

The point versus what I like to say is like dictating the point and and controlling the the the ball and the movement um so far it's in the favor of Aditya and kataria because they're able to um push the pace a little bit more yeah correct I mean Taiwanese people are on a.

Defense right now they have a beautiful soft hands but they didn't drive too many balls they didn't create too many opportunities there was a maybe a little later call that was a very late call it was after he hit it so so in my opinion Aditya hit the ball it went into the net and then he said.

Out so if it hits the net before you make a call I believe the call should stand as good exactly and that's what is gonna happen because it was a little bit of suspicious call it was very late after he wrote if he would have hit a winner do you think he would still call it out maybe maybe not maybe not we won't know but we will never know I'm.

Always curious about that but that was a nice setup and he's got a nice crisp punch volley from the backhand side if you leave it up to him up high he's gonna power through that ball like that he's not gonna block and reset.

Yeah that that is a problem with Aditya because he is moving so much to the right side that is opening up his his left side of the court and correct and that should be the strategy from their perspective instead of playing keep away from adita you actually go behind him to keep him honest and uh exactly if they knew that strategy going in they would.

Be much more equipped to handle Aditya in his active uh Style unfortunately for them this is their first time seeing these guys probably uh so they're trying to figure it out on the Fly so see how he's so like Aditya if you watch if you were to just zoom a camera.

In on Aditya while he's playing in doubles he's like a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon I mean he's he's looking to pounce at any moment and that's very nice so that's what they have to do take that ball put it back behind him and make him respect the ability for you to go behind him like that yeah Aditya is a very nice a very.

Good singles player he's an awesome mix doubles player uh but because of his style here probably is not uh the best men's doubles player well in in mixed he's much better because the female just kind of stands off to the side and lets him play singles yeah but Daniel Moore was able to win against.

Aditya in mixed doubles simply because Daniel had a high IQ of strategy for mixed doubles and was able to really pinpoint getting behind Aditya um multiple times throughout that match that was but that was a mixed doubles right no no in the mix he beat him in the midst too I I uh played against him with Daniel but in the mixed.

Um I mean Tyson played with him in the men's doubles but my point is in mixed Daniel was able to take him down because he could neutralize his threat the threat hmm and see I I'm just telling you I see this so clear the returns have to go soft to the backhand or deep to the backhand either one over to Aditya going.

Middle like that is not the way to beat him that's that's how you beat a detail right there that shot right there that's that's the one see he's not super it's not that he has a bad backhand yon he's just not super comfortable staying in that dink for five seven nine times.

To drive the ball correct he wants to attack at every moment and if you can keep that ball soft and unattackable he has no option but to try to speed it up because he's uncomfortable in that if I was the coach for the Taiwanese team I would say deep returns to the backhand of Aditya and then soft dinks to the backhand once he gets up and then.

Once you pull him over you can go back through the middle yeah because his partner kataria is just going to be kind of sitting there not ready um for the ball to come through through the middle see how he's backing off so you move him over and then you attack through the middle.

That this pattern that we see I don't even know if the Taiwanese team knows that they're doing that intentionally and that it's gonna work nice defensive play there oh oh did he get that ball in oh it was just out I actually thought he.

Might have hit that ball in let's take a look oh man the replay he was very close to get that ball over let's watch it one more time on slow motion let's take a look I think it was tonight it was barely out but boy it was extremely close extremely close I think he might have a little blood.

You know when you dive on this tennis surface especially a new a newer surface it's gonna rough your skin up yes you won't have a choice in it how beautiful beautiful foreign you definitely don't want to get him comfortable in those fire fights like that he he loves he loves to initiate.

Attacks foreign I was about to ask you I think it's eight to three I know they're switching ends and I know that the team India is getting the ball uh serving on the switch so it's eight to I believe three we've got a nice match going on off.

Court over here there's a lot of um watching over there too there there are many good matches currently going yeah it's very very good matches going on and we're gonna get only better and better matches going forward here that's what I love about these brackets is it it dwindles down to the best teams left and you get to see the progression.

Of the the level of play continues to elevate each round that you go deeper into the brackets exactly I like that return I like that return nice and deep soft yeah see they're they're figuring out I think that they keep going to the backhand.

Yeah that's a good strategy I think they they should continue to do that to see how he responds to that strategy is he used to them attacking his backhand or going at his backhand let's see but see there when they return to that middle area he's gonna he's gone he met he happened to miss that one by a little margin but he'll strike most of.

Those for winners I I love his counter punch he was a little late on that but but kataria needs to be very careful attacking that backhand punch that's a dangerous shot when somebody has that it's like a wall hitting the wall it's like hitting a wall and if they can get down on the ball versus straight across uh you're in.

Trouble yeah so that Ball's not coming back that's a hard-hitting guy right there he can crush a pickleball he hit like the first two kind of okay and then he just by the third one was really the body went just very uncoil the body yeah yeah he was like a snake.

Called up and uncoiled that that body that's a great analogy actually the coiled snake and then he just oh I believe it's eight three still I think it's eight five oh nine five now I was okay nine sorry nine five.

Yeah they're just hammering away right there this was actually I think the first attack ever Taiwanese players uh yeah we haven't seen that very much the the initiation of the attack oh as long as they know what's coming from Aditya then they can be ready to respond.

The problem is if you're on your heels not ready that's when he you pop it up and he comes in and crushes you that's a soft touch shot I love his touch actually both of those guys on the the side from Taiwanese are are definitely delicate soft touch players.

But again I I'm saying this many times but they're they're staying too much in the middle area with his forehand they've got to figure out a way to get the ball out to the corners to neutralize his ability to attack he's literally standing on the same side with his partner in the middle yeah you you've got to control the narrative and.

The narrative so far has been controlled by Aditya doing whatever he wants and you have to change that up like that you've got to go behind them it's it's not you know John it's funny because I'm watching you're watching from our vantage point it's easy to see but when you're out there it's not easy to just make those adjustments on the.

Fly and fix something that's a good attack actually like that good idea yeah yeah a great idea you know the execution missed a little bit I think it's it it's even more maybe uh important to keep Aditya on his on his side of us like this just like that I love that I love that Ernie right there that's a badminton shot did you.

See that that's what I love about the badminton players they tied their jump and once they come down on the ball it's not coming back yep yep they can do the smash from from the jumping position which by the way I don't know if you've ever tried to jump and hit a pickleball hard it's very difficult to do that oh oh.

That's impressive let's watch that on the replay look at that defensive hand he just he just slid his backhand right into the middle where the ball was this this is stuff you don't teach this is Instinct that's pure Instinct right there foreign oh so beautiful just a beautiful game.

High to the backhand is gonna burn you right there Aditya and kataria have to be very careful this is dangerous territory right now they're starting to get a little momentum starting to feel some confidence this could get very interesting down the stretch it's definitely a match which is.

Very entertaining well that's what we want right we want to see a good 15-point match yeah close Final close finish foreign blocking right there he got a ball above the net you've got to use that punch shot to your advantage they don't punch the balls he didn't punch it he he's got.

To step in if you watch it on the replay he just tries to block that he's got to step in and really volley that ball hard oh oh that is a mat these two can hits a massive overheads right there you know y'all in Alabama we say that ain't coming back I'm not sure if that translates over.

Here into Asia that's right but definitely it was a correct statement yeah that's such good um pressure applied for Medica but again it starts with the weak return halfway up the court to his forehand I mean this guy is a a master Craftsman when he can.

Get a forehand ball waist high that has no Pace to keep him low because everything around your waist or it's just you know he's going to drive it but uh but overall I am I'm happy how Taiwanese guys are doing you know they are battling right now I will say one thing also that I'm noticing because the.

Taiwanese team is newer this is their first International Tournament they really have no team or Corner over there to help strategize for them they are figuring this out together just the two of them as they go yeah as they go and I guess you know in some ways that's a great learning tool to just figure it out on your own but if you can have.

Somebody in your corner to say hey stop returning the ball down the middle to his forehand go wide go out wide and that can just click for somebody but I like what they're trying to do right now is like they're experimenting as the game's unfolding okay that didn't work let's go away from that all right let's try this oh that worked a little bit.

Let's stay with that plan until something different happens so um my best advice to them would be pull pull adicha over to the left get him back to his position and then you can attack down the middle or attack the other guy but don't don't go into that middle zone until you have him pull back.

Over exactly foreign I love that touch that that can help win them some points right there just keeping the ball low and unattackable this is what is beautiful and um for Taiwanese people the process of learning you know because they definitely have a soccer game awesome game yes I think I.

Think what they need to work is under the drives a little bit more yeah they got to be a little more offensive and aggressive at times exactly um but blend that in with their nice soft touch and their ability to reset the ball could really make for a great team.

And and let's not count them out just yet you know this game's far from over it's it's definitely been controlled by Aditya and and kataria so far but anything can happen in pickleball anything can absolutely happen in pickleball that is such a beautiful Drop right there look well that one that went.

Straight on him but I love the ability to drop cross-court to aditya's backhand this game's not over yet they're only down four points yeah so again like I like his idea but he in my opinion he's picking the wrong times to attack that was not the time to.

Attack there because they were moving in he needs to just reset down into the kitchen yeah um and I see like Eddie is coming he's down because I think that he is now he has now doubted himself that was actually third on four zero yes so now his mind is affected yes and and that can creep into.

Somebody's game physically you can see it happening even though it's just a mental thing yeah it is most of the time Spencer yeah it's just a mental thing you have to shake that stuff off the best competitors in the world the jokovich's uh Djokovic Nadal Fetter those guys are able to wipe the negativity out of their.

Mind point to point and just focus on the next point and not allow their emotions to take control of them not not sure if you saw the served in here nearly aced direct point from the server but the sir was huge amazing yeah that's really good that's really good I I will say this their hands.

They're ready they're ready for that ball to be sped up at them he's always a showman he if he listens to what we're saying he he's interacting with us you know sometimes when he hits a good shot he'll look he'll look over at us well people even if they don't want to hear you they hear you yeah sometimes uh in in the states I've my.

Voice is very loud and I've had some of the pro players ask me to like be quiet like between the points you know I love the soft touch from these guys yeah it's it's very fun to watch them dink foreign I believe that uh that that's a good.

Strategy but you gotta execute you know I mean at some point somebody's gonna mess up yeah I I don't know how how you say it but um Eddie is not getting too many balls no he's not hardly seeing anything right he's clearly one of if not the best player right now on the court but he's getting very very few balls well this is where stacking would.

Come into play so they've been stuck on that side like that for a while now what did I say earlier the punch volley when you can get on top of the ball it's a dangerous shot it that never I shouldn't say never rarely does that ball get returned because it's got such a hard angle going down with so much power yep.

Uh that's just unfortunate I like his aggressiveness I like his mindset there but again just left it up a little too high when you attack you have to hit down at the body uh below the waist if possible he's really cranking up that serve wow I I gotta tell you that's um that's impressive that's impressive.

The the defensive hands as as Aditya was flying across attacking really really nice yeah he has just damaged that little beautiful that was the AFP one too yeah I I have to say like this has been a very entertaining game even though the score is a little lopsided at the moment.

Not bad but it's been controlled mostly from Team India but it's completely like two different game styles and that's nice basically what is beautiful on it which makes it very entertaining right exactly two different schools and that's why I was so happy that Taiwanese people finally could go out of the country.

After so many months or even years being locked and I think this is this is a great exposure for them and learning process getting information for their next development of the game because definitely they have soft hands oh oh that is there is no doubt about that what'd you say earlier they could hold eggs or something like that.

It's just like look at that oh now he missed that but that's just a beautiful beautiful reset I don't know if you notice when he when he plays forehead and it is so low but with the ball basically his form is excellent those kind of guys that you see like that are very fun to watch they're just aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

That's So Good by both these guys Aditya taking it out of the air I was waiting for that for the drive at the end a little bit here yeah he wanted to attack it so badly he was positioning for himself you know I love that now he tried that earlier and missed so he went back to it though.

Now what's our score we they're closing the Gap here I think it's 9 9 13. maybe yeah nine I think it's nine to thirteen no okay this is another issue this is another issue where the receivers cannot stop the the serve no you have to be ready when the score is called the only way that you can not the.

Only way you can avoid that is by having your hand up before the serve is actually been called that should have been his they should have been a point and that happened to the other Indian team it'll be very very unfortunate if they lose that point because I mean look you never want a cheap point right but the.

Players have to read the rules and understand the rules to the best of their ability and you know I don't know if you were watching earlier but the the game before this it happened where the receiver was not ready but he waited till the serve happened to say he wasn't ready yeah and you just cannot do that ah he was there oh it's there it's it's.

Definitely there
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