So it's probably around five minutes left here in the medical timeout adidia is still seated although he's up in a chair now foreign and to enter Brendan actually but my point is when you unleash somebody like that in a big game.

Sometimes they will they will shock everybody with what they what they did and what they're able to do okay now let's see if the ref and all the players can remember where we're at because I have no idea I know it's six three and there looks like there's some concern up here into what foreign.

Or maybe it's the first second server the deputy referee has taken to the court to try and help resolve this issue I'm gonna walk over there and see if I can hear what they're saying not how Aditya and kataria want to start their seconds uh well the return to the.

Second game they want to stay level-headed here oh right where they left off so you can already see a difference in his demeanor look how he's he's gingerly walking around no that's not how you're going to win this game though so okay so this is the.

Trap he's gonna obviously be the guy they wanna hit at because he's been cramping that's a mistake I think I think you need to still play kataria right now until you can see what he's willing to be able to do well deway is up and about after that one oh.

I'd be super excited about that defense I think the other tactic out here to apply would be just keep dinking toward keep him moving around moving from right to left right making hit a lot of balls yeah working him back back and forth.

But I definitely would not speed up at shoulder-heartedly I still would not go there definitely not oh my goodness a little bit of luck there from adidia but definitely a clear game plan now they kept him back they kept on hitting their shots deep to a DD keeping him back.

Foreign so the score in favor of Jeffrey and Tui right now they've got to close this game out though you cannot give life to Aditya and kataria here in game two you got to close this out so you can see have a chance at a game three.

That's a great return honestly right on the Baseline the pressure that he put on to weigh then following that slice return in that's game two in the box that he slapped that ball right down into the the net I actually think what happened was he went to punch it and it hit the.

Bottom of his paddle so it shot straight down uh but yeah good finish Jeffrey has a very strong forehand attack and that's what he utilized right there to close out game two so just like we hoped we got a game through go to game three let's see let's see what the Indian team have right now it doesn't look like a deta is.

Prepared to do a lot of moving and fully accept that based on the cramping that he's been having katara's got to step up here and I think it Didier has to recognize that and he has to almost allow him allow Qatari to open up himself in this match yeah I agree and the thing about the cramping is it can fool you very easily because you'll feel.

A little better and out of nowhere you make one good push off and your cramp your your your calf will lock back up on you so he needs to be very very smart about the way he plays this third game the thing about this is I'm very curious to see if Aditya can just slow things down.

Control the points with drops and dinks and look for the right balls to attack at the kitchen versus the way he normally likes to play which is basically a rip and run type of of shot pickleball pretty much assault pickleball yeah with that because she loved that assault pickleball and then and then also the adjustment.

From the other side what do you think these guys need to do to continue the momentum from game two carry it over into game three it's hard playing a wounded opponent it really is as we saw earlier in a couple of points there you think you're just gonna attack them and get cheapies because they're injured but they're still going to be fast with.

Certain elements of their game it's not his hands that are lacking so I think they've got to be careful here to play the right game plan still isolate kataria but try to keep a deta out of it maybe move him around a bit as well Brendan you know what I like to do whenever somebody's cramping or they're.

Tired drop that ball right into the kitchen just make them work every Point make them work extremely hard look I don't know if these guys are just like respectful and they don't want to like go after the guy that's cramping or whatever but literally I would be working this dude like a yo-yo up back.

Up back side to side working them back and forth hoping that he locks up again all right but let's see what they do game three it's it's interesting they're putting two e on the left to start the game by the way wow hear that footwork from Toy he is ready to go yeah I noted that earlier in the night.

Oh what a shot down the middle solves a riddle so good sometimes that little soft flick like that it just catches people off guard they don't expect it oh all right.

A DC are moving like a new man up there even tried an Ernie in that point so he might be feeling slightly better but as Scott said one sudden move could cause chaos and that's what you should be hoping for if you're Dewey and Jeffrey that attack from kataria a little high over the shoulder these guys are Ultra.

Disciplined when it comes to letting balls go out of impressive yeah I wish I had that kind of discipline I like to hit the the owl balls oh a bit of luck there yeah that you see I'll take it and you see how kataria he he's bowing up he he he has what it takes to win this he does he has weapons.

And if it DT can still serve oh yeah like that monster serve you can get enough for you three points here and there that could be the difference what a big win this would be for Indonesia oh my goodness in their home Home Country you've seen how many I mean much it means to them making the final kissing the court after all their.

Matches today is that what they do yeah no I see them just both drop to their backs kiss the court roll over oh that's amazing it means so much to these guys I actually love that you know what the momentum has shifted it's in the favor of the home Hometown we're not seeing what we saw earlier on I would not be shocked at all if they if.

They are able to take this game three now I don't want to say that too soon no I think you can never count out a detail in qataria but right now I can't see this changing yeah early in this game three the the the control has been implemented from uh Team Indonesia Dewey and Jeffrey let's do this let's take a quick breather little little time.

Outbreak while they get abreast of air and some water and we'll come right back after this foreign after this timeout I have a statistic Brennan okay 70 of the time the team that calls the timeout wins the next Point all right let's see if that plays out that way.

Filthy from Toy absolutely filthy that point he has come alive from that second set and he's continuing to the third well you see the confidence right now for sure he almost feels he belongs I felt like early on maybe he didn't feel like he belongs but right now he's the alpha on the court yeah he's feeling a big time and Jeffrey playing the support.

Role as it is I think he's perfectly fine with that as long as they come away with a w if you take a look over on the The Far Side near the pole you've got Aditya sitting down during the side change um I just wonder how how much gas he has left in the tank there's not a lot left in the tank but.

What's also on up for grabs here for a D series he's won one Crown he's in the final of a second event and he's the mixed doubles champion from the Asian open earlier this year I wonder if Triple Crown has come into his mind and he's so close he's very means a long way but he's close he agreed foreign.

well you know what but a split second you're 100 correct but in that moment he was one that put away so badly he could taste it on his battle imagine the Indonesian crowd if he made that Ernie I would have loved it though in my opinion this is just me looking at this situation at hand the.

Worst thing that Jeffrey and Dewey can do right now is start carelessly attacking and speeding the ball up you're gonna give the confidence back to Team India if you do that um and you want to slow the game down and just be methodical in the way you play make them work overtime for everything that was nice by kataria.

Yeah I mean look they're gonna start getting some fist bumps they're gonna start gaining some more confidence and I'm telling you if if Dewey and Jeffrey lock up and tighten up down the stretch they will they will regret that later on they've got to play Lucid free they've still got the serve though and.

We know these two can serve he's definitely ripping that serve this is a hundred percent the strategy and game plan that I would Implement right now oh just looking for that counter Punch or this speed up that's not quite there maybe that that one actually was there.

On the on the counter it definitely was there they need to execute that a little bit of confusion down the middle uh it's well done that's the one he wanted before you know kataria he's impressive with those putaways yep he can Hammer that he's got some Firepower it's like this fast twitch muscle fibers.

Of these two both at detier and kataria have yeah and like I love the way they hold it they'll lean they get up on their tippy toes and they wait and then they just crush it down yeah that's that's really good from Jeffrey I you know it's easy for me to say this from the sideline but I could see Jeffrey crouching and and gearing up.

Like a coiled snake and he was just waiting for that ball to get lifted and you see the result right there on the replay Jeffrey look at him he he got ready he said if that Ball's up I'm gonna attack it not good not good you cannot have missed returns at this stage in the game it's it's too crucial of a Time.

Oh yep yeah that Ball's that Ball's gonna get hammered actually he didn't hit it as hard as I thought he was gonna no she took a little off of it all right we're gonna slide out four eight one it's far from over there these boys can.

Get a few points here apply a bit of scoreboard pressure a little bit of luck perhaps oh here comes kataria okay so that's what we were hoping for it's like a little bit we wanted to see from him and he's gonna have to all right this is getting interesting.

Five eight one yeah no this game's well on its way to being a barn burner at the at the end a nail biter oh again it's too crucial of a time of course being up or down five eight you're gonna push a little bit but you really should take.

Your time oh that okay so that backhand volley from Tui was actually high like we've been talking about he keeps the paddle phase two open but because it was a little high he hit into the body it popped up and he was able to execute a nicely hit forehand all right here we go eight five.

On one game three right now every ball is going to Dewey have you noticed that Jeffrey's just looking to get a a little nibble of a ball here he comes here comes that forehand oh that was a shaking baby shaking bike.

Do we coming in and doing the rugby yeah rugby pose but he get Jeffrey under that forehand and yeah you you should be expecting that that volley is probably gonna be popped up and that was great by Tui to be there great defensive block there by kataria yeah.

Very nice this is a crucial time in the game you can't go too many times unanswered with offensive points you can't give the ball back without scoring some points on this series oh that ball is way in well that Ball's way in that's not even close not even close.

Yeah wait weigh in and that was a nervous leave by qataria it's one of those ones you want to go out but it was never going out he was basically wishing that ball to go out do we trying to take control here taking his time Dewey's taking up 60 of the court right now I agree look at him guys I love this little like.

Sumo yeah see my squad double-handed fist pump Martin Clark style Martin Clark double-handed he jumps when he does his I hope Martin's watching this right now name drop love it love it love it and that's it all right I apologize now it's 10-5 10-5.

To Wii has been the star player I agree The X Factor oh my goodness the Indonesians are up and about and there is the kiss of the Court the kiss of the chord both of them you know you talked about it I I am somewhat aware but you were really in tune with how much this meant to the team from.

Indonesia the home team crowd was behind them the whole time the whole day I tell you what do you want to do the interview with them oh are you feeling an interview yeah sure let's let you do the the final one of the night I love it I just fly by the seat of the pants I'm gonna let Brandon Lee do the final interview I think.

That'll be awesome uh let's take a quick break when we come back we're gonna interview the winners and The Losers of this match uh let's start with the losers so let's start with uh Team India uh Aditya and kataria first and then we'll move over to the winners all right guys quick break we'll be right back for the interview.

Foreign foreign all right we are here at the world pickerball championships and we are with the runners up guys commiserations um it's been a big day I'm sure it's a very Bittersweet moment for you both how.

Are you feeling after that three set game um a bit disappointed with the cramps and all but they played such a good game they deserved the win yeah I have no excuse for that but they uh though guys played so much they had a good comeback after the first set so thanks for them.

It was a fantastic effort by the Indonesian team and we will get to those guys shortly how are you feeling you won the first game quite convincingly you guys are really up and about playing some really we called it assault pickleball like you were hitting your ground he's big getting on top of the net really.

Dominating physically it's been a big day for you but I guess how are you feeling right now I played singles today I built also so it was very hectic for me but it's not a finals uh we tried our best and it's not our day physically are you hey are you hoping.

Yeah tomorrow thankfully tomorrow I have no matches day after tomorrow I have mixed our bills so I have time to rest my ankle but yeah I'm gonna be more prepared for that now because the physical condition is very Hardware it's been a tough day that's for sure kataria what were you thinking when.

Aditya went down in that second game with cramps what was your thought process what were you planning on doing how are you going to attack the match from there I just thought that if I did this down maybe I should cover the court and I should play left but yeah he did a very good comeback and he played his best he.

Gave it 100 and I'm very thankful for him it was a great effort by you and we definitely saw you start to do that a little bit more on the third set um and we were excited about that we think you've definitely got the ability to do that and it was great to see well you're almost like a mini adidia you're.

Like a carbon copy of each other almost and we're excited about your future that's for sure so guys anything you'd like to say to the Indian fans back home sorry mate you don't need to be sorry they are proud of you you made the world pick up all championships final there is no need to apologize boys you.

Put a great show today congratulations on the final and we look forward to seeing you for the rest of the tournament all right we are here with the winners congratulations Jeffrey do we what a game find the game I feel uh just do my best.

And uh minimal mistake just do it just do it you came alive it was set and through third you were on fire what sorry you're on fire you were like the dominant player on the court we felt watching from the sideline yeah I feel just the correction my mistake and he said that no mistake.

Let's play that in my uh in my uh they said that okay I play I play Just that's it let's do it let's do my best that's it and that's all you can do Jeffrey it's been a big 24 hours for you single semi-finals winning the bronze in the singles and you're out here playing the doubles final in Indonesia at the world pickerball.

Championships how much does this mean to you I think I know how much this means to you but how excited were you to win just uh do it Maxima in the every game in the single semi-final and the burst and until the final just do it for the next match does this you had a fantastic support crew along here and they're.

Still all out here um supporting you and I'm sure they're going to get some photos shortly but anything you want to say to those guys yeah I want to thank you for the all people Indonesian fans pickleball offer thank you for support guys foreign.

Fantastic day for you guys are the men's championships at the World pickerball Championships here in Indonesia going right with your team congratulations all right guys we're gonna let Susie Lowe talk for a second Susie Lowe how proud are you of Team Indonesia bringing home the gold in the men's open finals uh you got to be ecstatic here.

Ah actually I'm sorry my my voice is loose yeah uh I cannot express my happy today because of today we approve to the world even only three years I promote pickleball in Indonesia no we can show to the world anyways I can do it and then now anyways I have champion in the main double thank you for Jeffrey thank you for doing and special thanks for my.

President pickleball Indonesia Professor Dr Nur Hassan and thanks for all comedy Jen puppy Jimmy or Michelle and all comedy thank you very much all right guys that's well spoken words from Susie Lowe one of the organizers guys we're gonna wrap this up congratulations to the men's open Final Champions Dewey and Jeffrey played awesome all day long they.

Earned this gold medal we'll be back tomorrow for more action foreign foreign.

foreign this is Steve Dawson from proteinx I'm the designer and originator of all proconnect's pickleball paddles.

I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology is proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm-related injuries foreign.

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